Choosing the Furniture for Children’s Room: Arrangement for Boy, for Girl

The choice of furniture for the children’s room is a very important, crucial step. All parents want the child’s room decoration to be beautiful. And the pieces of furniture themselves should be as practical and inexpensive as possible. But this is not all – the furniture should, among other things, be safe, functional, and please your child.


Furniture for the nursery and children’s room must necessarily match the age of the child. Therefore, the necessary criterion for its choice will be the duration of its use. The child grows very quickly, and it would necessary to change not only the interior itself but also to do its redevelopment after in his room only a couple of years. The play area gradually tapers off over time and the work area increases. And if your financial capabilities do not allow you to completely change the furniture in the nursery every 3-4 years, then it is worth considering the options for its selection more carefully.

In general terms, the basic requirements that must be met when choosing furniture in the nursery can be identified as follows.


Requirements for Children’s Furniture

  1. All items of furniture should be selected in accordance with the growth of the child – this applies to chairs and tables, beds, cabinets, and shelves. It is very important that children do not experience difficulties in using all these pieces of furniture. The child must reach all the shelves and be able to open all the doors on its own. Today, an excellent option for children’s rooms is furniture that “grows” with the baby from a very early age – for example, adjustable chairs and tables, beds that slide apart to adult sizes, hinged shelves, etc.
  2. A necessary condition for children’s furniture is its environmental friendliness and safety. This refers to the materials and design elements of furniture. First, only environmentally friendly materials should be used in their production. In this regard, you can hardly find something better than natural wood. Varnishes and paints most often contain toxic substances. Pay attention to it when choosing the furniture. Upholstery should also be breathable and easy to clean. The best solution to this problem is to require quality certificates for furniture in the store.
  3. Secondly, the issue of the safety of furniture in terms of potential injuries of the child is of fundamental importance. The instability of furniture, its excessive lightness or, conversely, the excess weight, the protruding sharp corners – all this can be a source of injury to the baby. Therefore, the furniture should be chosen not from the catalog pictures, but in the store, personally checking the quality of its execution.
  4. When organizing the space in the nursery, it is very important to allocate several main zones in it – a recreation area, a working, and a play zone. Each of them is furnished according to the tastes and preferences of your child. It will let him or her feel more comfortable in the room. If it is not possible to frequently change children’s furniture sets, then you should pay attention to the modular walls and transforming furniture. Thanks to this technological innovation, the child himself will be able to equip his little world as he will be more comfortable.
  5. Furniture must comply with the nature of the child and be chosen according to his taste. You should always remember that children’s selection criteria are different from those adults have. When buying furniture for the kids’ room, be sure to consult with the child, specify his or her preferences, suggest choosing one of several options that he or she personally likes. The room should bring joy to your child, to become his or her solitude corner and a source of pride in front of friends.

Types of Children’s Furniture

Children’s cabinet furniture is very much appreciated for its durability and practicality. Its elements can be replaced according to the age of the child without disturbing the familiar atmosphere in its room. For example, a children’s bed is replaced by a teenager’s one, a bedside table by a coffee table, and a chest of drawers and a wardrobe are left unchanged in the interior. Variety in the room is made by changing accessories – curtains, carpets, decorative elements.

Choosing the Furniture for Children's Room: Arrangement for Boy, for Girl. Orange and yellow combination for the room filled with functional furniture

Cabinet Furniture

Children’s modular furniture includes tables, chairs, beds, and wardrobes. Such furniture is similar to the construction model, which allows you to create an individual situation in the nursery. A flexible system of compartments and many sections in the cabinets makes it possible to more efficiently use the space of the room. In addition, the modular system can be supplemented and modernized over time, can change its configuration, and be adjusted to the changing needs of the child.

Choosing the Furniture for Children's Room: Arrangement for Boy, for Girl. Colorful combination for full-fledged kids' paradise

Modular Furniture Set

Children’s Room Furniture for Boys and Girls

The stereotypes that the boys’ rooms are arranged in blue and girls’ room should be pink are outdated. In the interior of the nursery, you can harmoniously fit in almost any color as long as it suits the child itself. The only recommendation is to offer only to consider calm colors as possible options – they have a beneficial effect on the child’s psyche and development.

Boy’s Room

Furniture for the children’s room for the boy should be functional. In the interior of the room, it will be good to beat the themes of robots and cars. Cabinets should have numerous spacious drawers, where the boy will put his toys, cars, designers. The nature of boyish games also imposes requirements on the strength and durability of furniture, the use of non-marking materials for upholstery.

The Room for Girl

Furniture for the children’s room for the girl should include a spacious wardrobe for the young fashionista and shelves on which you can put all the toys of the child. A chest of drawers for a young princess will also be very practical. Do not forget about the various accessories – printed blankets, bright pillows, fluffy rug, and beautiful curtains. Any girl will be delighted with beautiful vases, caskets, flowers, and interesting figures.

How to Furnish a Children’s Room for Two Children

When arranging a children’s room for two children, you must first focus on their age. It is good if the difference between them is small and the needs of the children will not differ much from each other. Children’s furniture for two children, in general, is presented in furniture stores in a wide variety. When choosing a bed, parents are often guided by a two-tiered (bunk) version, the cabinets are spacious, with many shelves and drawers that each child will use at their discretion.

But what to do if the difference in the age of children is significant? And it is impossible to allocate a separate room for the older child? It is best to delimit the space of the room with a rack, wardrobe, or other suitable furniture. The best choice, in this case, would be the acquisition of the so-called loft bed, one of the options for a two-tiered children’s corner. A sleeping place is equipped on the upper tier of such an “attic”, and a working area is below. In order not to be puzzled by the choice of children’s furniture for two, you can arrange two such corners in different parts of the room that most closely meet the needs of each child. The use of such furniture significantly saves children’s room space and allows you to free up more of it for games and other recreation.

An excellent solution for arranging a children’s room for two children will be modular furniture. The changing of its configuration will not become too burdensome.

Game Furniture for a Children’s Room

There is another category of furniture for the child’s room – children’s furniture for games. It is represented by a wide range of various slides, swings, children’s houses, kitchens, miniature buildings, factories, car parks. All pieces of furniture from this category are designed to create fun, relaxing atmosphere in the room and allow the kid to immerse himself in his fantasies and play a lot. Such furniture is not only a source of positive emotions for children, but it also becomes an indispensable assistant in their development.

Play furniture is designed to recreate a special comfort in the children’s room, where the child will be more interesting both play and do homework. And maintaining order in such a room will be much more pleasant for your child, which is also an important factor in the development of a child’s sense of responsibility.

Furniture for the children’s room can not only be purchased in the finished version, but also ordered at a furniture factory on individual projects. This will allow you to more carefully consider the situation and create comfortable recreation areas, training and games targeted at a specific child. A set of children’s furniture, made according to the sketches of the customer, will be fully adapted to the size of the room and the needs of your child.

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