Dark Wood Floor for Genuine Sophistication and Taste

Contrasting interiors are almost always magnificent and attract increased attention. This effect is due to the psychological effect of neuro activation when exposed to some extreme drops of stimulating effect. For example, if we taking a contrasting shower in the morning, our activity increases. The same is true to the play of color contrast. However, overstimulation can lead to a reverse effect. Thus, it is very important to design a contrasting room correctly. And what are the main options of making the area play with color? Of course, they are, first of all, walls, floor, and ceiling. Today we will talk about the dark wood floor as an exquisite and natural way to transform any room into a cozy place with a relaxing atmosphere. Let’s explore how to use a dark hardwood floor for genuine sophistication and taste in your apartment together.



Casual styled bedroom with large bed, soft headboard and dark wood floor

Black and White Living Room with Dark Wood Floor

In the photo above you can see the dark laminated bedroom. And this is the only contrasting bedroom we have in this collection because many designers and psychologists would not recommend you to arrange the bedroom in agitating black and white contrast. Primarily, it is because you don’t want to be emotional before sleep. Second thing is that you will rapidly get used to seeing contrasting colors and they will lose their effect of adding extra motivation and mood. So, that’s why it is not recommended to add contrasts or garish colors to the room you spend a lot of time in. Reversely, it is completely fine for the living room. Here we met friends, play games, chatting and have a good time. So, why don’t we organize black and white living room flavored with a few bright colors?

Dark floor and light colored walls for open layout condo

Using the platforms in large or open layout apartments is another trend to zone the area and to make a differential of colors. Just have a brief look at how pronounced can be the library within the living room.

Podium library zone in large open space apartment

Or vice versa, the podium can be also dark. Many designers use dark floor in the interior to correct the space in large homes.

Stage designed dining zone in the open layout apartment

See how effectively designers use carpets. Their presence not only contributes to functionality, zoning and comfort, but also dilutes the sharp drop of colors in the room. And pay special attention to the creative and unusual coffee tables. That is also the latest trend to be caught in modern living rooms.

Contemporary gray colored living room design with light rugDark accentual floor, fireplace and sofaFurnished living room with gray color notes and oak laminated floor


Dark floor kitchen is relevant for almost any style and combination of materials. The fantasy is really boundless. You see the organically inscribed dark wood parquet in the Classic kitchen with appealing creamy furniture facades…

Dark wood laminate for contemporary styled kitchen with triangle island

… at a moment you see the combination of dark ceiling, floor, furniture, and island top with light wooden kitchens set…

Nice black and white wooden accent for the modern kitchen

… and then we see organic and balanced modern French Provence with a steel glance and carved wood island.

Black and white kitchen design with an island

Dark wood is relevant not only for floors in the dining room. Rough treated large table will suit any interior and will be only complemented by dark noble laminate.

Light wooden chair set and black rough-treated black colored table in the diningNon-traditional modern kitchen with black furniture and dark wood laminate


Indeed, the hardwood floor in the bathroom is rarity. However, if you don’t mind of such extravagant option, it can turn a real zest of your home. Dark wood floor in the bathroom can be used in combination with ceramic tile. Or you can process the wood with special compounds that increase water resistance of the natural material and watch of water spillage after bathing to save the floor for many years.

Classic bathtub with black side for eco designed bathroom   Stunning bathtub with LED backlight in the black floor

Entrance Hall and Corridor

It will not sound unexpectedly that dark wood floor is magnificent way to emphasize your style right away. Any visitor will appreciate your taste just entering the house or apartment.

Barrel curved corridor with panels and dark floordark wooden floor for the lobby of the houseClassic design entrance and stairway in the house with black accentual floor

At the end of this article, it would be necessary to enumerate the advantages of the wood itself. The wooden floor is much better than a concrete floor with its unrepeatable structure, natural warmness, and uniqueness.

Close-up view of the dark wooden laminate

It is equally suitable for luxury apartments and utility rooms

Colorful kitchen laundry room combined

It can be prolongation of the open deck or porch of the private house or apartment with terrace.

Dark wood terrace deck of the New-York open space apartment

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