Modern Living Room Design Ideas

As we reflect on the reconstruction or remodeling of a living room from scratch, we often can not decide what style of the interior to prefer. Many people gravitate to timeless classics, but most people want their room to be dynamic and modern. Virtually any modern living room design ideas are based on certain technological innovations, all kinds of gadgets and their presence must also be taken into account and be harmoniously integrated into the living environment. But not everyone agrees with the room in the style of high-tech. Designers have found a simple and logical way out. By combining in a single space such styles as minimalism, modern, high-tech, and classic, they called it a modern touch.


Original black and white living room interior with minimum of furniture

It does not mean that the design of the living room should certainly contain elements from all styles. We can take the most attractive style for the homeowner and develop it by adding notes from other stylistic directions.

Full of decoartive stuff modern interior if the living in mild color tones

There are no strict canons, everything is limited only to flight of fancy, your ideas or design solutions, professional assistant, and, definitely, the budget. Before you begin to develop a design project of the living room, you need to assess some features of households and the lifestyle preferences of your domestic partners. For some people it is important to organize a reading area within the living room, someone needs a place to put the playing area, and for someone, you`ll have to find a space for a piano.

Black electronics in the creamy living room colors

We offer you a selection of design projects of modern living to suit every taste, which is used for completely different purposes and meet all kinds of requirements.

Fireplace in the Living Room. A Tribute to Tradition with a Progressive Trim

When imaging a living room with a fireplace, we often associate this room with a classic style, with traditional furnishings, discreet luxury. Here are several variants of modern living, which appearance and the functionality proves that the interior can be of any kind. The main condition – all inhabitants of the apartment should be convenient and comfortable in the family room.

Scandinavian style in the white living room with wooden floor and wooden beam on the floor

The space near the fireplace is made with some pomp and glamour, but the whole atmosphere of the room is more like a contrasting minimalist with bright furniture spots. The bright finish of the premises perfectly coexists with a rich upholstery color, creating a fun and festive mood in the living room.

Fireplace in the small living room with light wooden colors and white paint

This luxury living in a modern style with active elements of Modernism is a vivid example of how using only three colors, you can create a harmonious, comfortable, and elegant atmosphere. A modern fireplace perfectly fits into the atmosphere of luxury and designer decor items.

Decorative interesting cross bars at the ceiling of the spacious light living room full of furniture and silver furniture

In this impossibly large living room fireplace is presented in the form of a huge oven, with an incredibly high up chimney. The whole range of shades from snow-white to deep black is represented in the interior of the living room. Only warm wood tones in the decoration of the ceiling are “warming up” the atmosphere.

Yellow and brown dotted sofas as main parts of the modern discreet interior

Soft in every sense furnishings of the living room with bright light furniture on a neutral background is diluted by the luxury of the antique design of the space near the fireplace.

Fireplace in a form of hearth in the vaulted living room

It is difficult to call the device in a dark corner of the room a fireplace, but it gives a feeling of the fire and its informal design supports the overall concept of the living. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the room, deprived of any pathos, tunes to rest, and the home comfort.

Many windows and plenty of light in the living room with silver textile if the furniture in the modern living room

The traditional and neutral interior of this common room is entirely aimed at relaxation and rest. Nothing will distract or irritate you, all the colors are harmoniously flowing from one to another, creating a nice looking calm alliance.

Wooden floor and pastel colors in the finish of the high spacious living room

The interior of this eclectic living room contains, inter alia, the elements of industrialization, but the warmth and comfort of the room do not suffer. They rather acquire a personality and flavor instead.

Gold theme in the luxurious ultra-modern living room full of chic elements

The living room design with warm colors is more like the ambiance in the suite five-star hotel number. Thought-out to detail interior of the living room, which includes a dining area, warms not only with the fire of the modern fireplace but also with the warmth of the selected color palette and texture of used materials.

Villa living room interior in the modern minimalistic style and soft light colors

For such a huge living room and fireplace, of course, a large area is needed. And a great view of the huge panoramic windows, doors, and the fire in the hearth. And the ultra-modern furniture and a piano`s black gloss, and an unusual lighting system – all together is creating an incredibly festive and even a chamber atmosphere in the living room, where you can not only relax but also meet dignitaries.

Mirror and fireplace near the armchair in contemporary design of the livin room

In this living room of modern minimalism style, nothing is superfluous. Modest furnishings, neutral color palette – everything`s for lovers of elegant simplicity.

Organization of the Playing Area and a Reading Area within the Modern Living Room

For many homeowners living rooms is space where it is possible to implement the required functionality for family leisure. Some people like to read a book while sitting in a comfortable chair, for someone is necessary to have access to board games, and some just need a large space for active interaction with children.

Wooden thematic for the attic play zone of the living room

Often the playing area is organized at the attic space. This is due to the fact that the game area, as opposed to living rooms, is not in use every day, and nobody wants to lose precious square footage at the top-level for storage room or closet. But who says you can not build living within there?

Multifunctional living room with reading and playing zone

For example, the living room, which combines the functions of the playing area, just needed a light surface finishing, and a few bright elements, to take the family members and their guests.

Billiard table and eclectic color mixing in the contemporary countryside houseBeautiful pictures and reproductions in the low-floor living room

Big gaming polygons within a living space can virtually displace all the rest of the functional areas, focusing on the preferences of the homeowners.

Reading zone in the library living room with comfortable chaise-longue

For somebody, the living room is a mini-library, decorated with admirable minimalism, taking into account, however, everything you need for comfortable reading. A comfortable chair, plenty of natural light in the daytime, and the lamp or lamps for the evening twilight.

Playzone for children at the villa house

To organize a reading corner in the living room, it`s enough to put an armchair near the shelves with books – and the cozy seating for bibliophiles is ready.

Enormous and luxurious crustal chandelier in the modern living room interior makes it look grandeur

Not just open shelves for books made of natural wood are eye-catchers in the living room, but also ultra-modern technology and designer chandelier, and lowered furniture.

Nice animal`s pelt at the wooden floor in the erading zone of the living room looks fresh and modern

The bright and non-trivial design of this living room can tell us a lot about the hosts of the room. And not only that they love to read books, but also boldly dare to experiment in setting up their own interior, not afraid of bold colors and bright decoration.

Nice metal staircase in the two-leveled modern living room

A cool palette of pale gray living is diluted with warm shades of the walls, stylized as a wood imitation. Open shelves with books and a twisted wrought-iron staircase are adding luxury and chic comfort to the room.

Modern living room design with partly eclectic style and original decorative mirror

Even within a very small space, you can arrange a comfortable and practical living room full of contrasting elements and bright objects.

Modern Living Room in Bright Colors. Ode to Freshness and Comfort

It’s no secret that the bright colors chosen to furnish the room, visually expand the space. But not only for small areas designers choose bright and even snow-white tones.

Wooden interior in the modern living room of the house

The neutral light palette is perfect for living close to the minimalist interior. The freshness and soulful ease of the furnishings only occasionally are diluted by dark spots of electronics of decorations.

Panoramic window in the creamy colors decorated living room if the seaside house

For the living room of modest size snow-white decoration and light colors in textiles and furnishings is one of the most common options, due to the limited square area.

Ceiling window in the modern interior of the living room

Sunlit living room, whose decoration is almost entirely composed of bright colors, diluted with bright décor and furniture. Two or three deep, colorful hues can enliven the room, adding an unexpectedly positive and supportive atmosphere to it.

Unusual hat-chandelier in the mere progressive and stylish living room interior

This living room is not devoid of designer finds. Unusual lamps, curtains nontrivial design, originally selected furniture – all works on the individual character of the room for the whole family.

Nice leather sofa makes the living room design posh

The recreation area in this modest living room has just needed snow-white walls and ceilings. Only the bright palette of the top-tier level of the premises affords to sustain such depth and darkness of the lower plan.

Nice galss panels and fur carpet in front of the angle couche in the designer`s trick of the living room

The soft zone in the bright living room under the roof of the transparent ceiling lures into its comfortable and cozy embrace.

Gold "oscar" figurine and the wooden multifunctional wall in the eclectic living room interior

Bright finish of the living harmoniously neighboring with woody storage, shiny decorations, and lighting. The room is not full of details, but its interior is unforgettable.

Steel case as the coffee table in the modern interior of the living room Two soft pear seats in the minimalistic living room interior

A cozy sitting area in a minimalist style with elements of the country is difficult to call even a living room. Simplicity and comfort on the background of white space is a dream for many homeowners.

Nice cozy atmosphere in the living room is made by dark flooring and contrasting light walls and trim

The snow-white living room design of this living cannot be called peaceful. Bright decorative flooring, an abundance of glass surfaces, and ornate decoration create an atmosphere of luxury and elegant charm.

Red chair as the contrast to the wooden theme of the living room floor

Only the decoration of the walls and ceiling, light wood for flooring, can blend almost black curtains and the similar support beams. Several of the bright colorful items are diluting this monochrome.

Dark blue sofa as the delimeter in the living room

In spite of pastel colors in the decoration of almost all surfaces in this living, active soft colors of furniture and decor create a very festive and elegant atmosphere of the room.

Unusual use of the stairs in the white and wooden theme of modern living room interior in the private house

Not once in this spacious and extremely bright room, you can find a living room with a dining area. Minimalism, conciseness, and simplicity composing a design concept of this room.

Bright Living Room Design Ideas. Cheerfulness and Creative Energy

There are many homeowners who do not like a boring neutral design for the common room. Homeowners, who are inclined to use eclectic techniques in the design of the space, will be able to learn a lot of interesting ideas from the next collections of images of bright and creative living.

Orange stools as the bright blotch on the face of contemporary living room interior in dark wooden noble colors

The game of contrasts, bright saturated colors, mirrored surface, a variety of textures and sizes. It’s just a celebration of the designer of some kind. But at the same time, an unsuited living room looks incredibly comfortable, you will never want to miss in such an interior.

enjoyable yellow tones in the comfortable living room with a lot of textile

Juicy, vivid colors on the background of monochromatic finishes are a wonderful way to create a festive interior room.

Nice cozy interior of the living room with combined wallpaper wall trimming and black and white carpet

This interior will be an unforgettable event for all who saw it once at least. A variety of colorful brush strokes on a neutral background decoration is the key to a bright and nontrivial design.

Open steel shelves eith a lot of stuff for adveturers in the contrasting and brisk living room

The design of this room wants to be considered very carefully. An incredible number of interesting elements and items collected in a single room is a non-trivial solution of resettlement living space.

Outside wooden terrace also can transform into cozy living room thanks to modern furniture and a bar

And sometimes the living area can be successfully placed on the glazed terrace providing stunning views for the residents, which can be enjoyed while relaxing and getaway. A complex and elaborate environment is not required, seating and a coffee table would suffice.

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