Black and White Living Room

Your interest in the black and white design in the interior speaks of a fairly active and emotional life, your desire to somehow compensate for the stress of everyday life, and its psychological pressure. And you just saw a kind of protection against this pressure in the monochromatic interior. This is the right way. Black and white interior, thanks to the unique properties of its basic colors, allow your body to relieve psychological help, to restore its strength. So, what are the properties of these paints, which help a person in crisis situations of his life?


White furniture in black and white interior of the living room with wall expressionism

Experts Say about the Black and White

On the superficial, and the most common approach to the black color is a symbol of evil and negativity. But on the other hand black color mysteriously attracts humans. Wherein man associates the black color with the strength of the spirit, the special significance of all that is black. It symbolizes peace and aristocratic power, and, to some extent, superior to the environment. The black color in the interior gives the weight and gravity of what is happening around in the room. The strength of this color perfectly manifests in combination with white color.

Hi-tech contrasting wall in the living room with built-in electronics

The white color, in contrast to the black, is always associated with something beautiful in life, the pristine purity of its owner. On the other hand, this color in the interior can cause a feeling of coolness and even a hostile sterile atmosphere in the room.

Because of these properties, the black and white interior of a room, for example, the living room, allows a person to feel more confident, than outside of it. To feel even a slight superiority over others, his importance within this space. He gets what, perhaps, he lacks in the outside world. However, like in any business, when you make a black and white living room, you should follow certain rules. Otherwise, you can get the result directly opposite to the expected.

What should I know about the Black and White in the Living Room?

Just want to warn. The main rule of the design is not to use black and white colors in the same proportion in any case. One of these colors should dominate. No matter what – black or white. This is your choice. It depends on what you want to get as a result. Otherwise, such an interior will have a negative impact on the present people in the room. Furthermore, such a combination of white and black, its high concentrated contrast should tire your eyesight. You also can not use the black color for the ceiling, even a part of it. The black ceiling will put pressure on the people, causing their unpleasant associations, and thoughts following these associations. It is unlikely that this living will be the subject of your pride, at least in the eyes of your guests. If this is not your aim certainly.

Modern hi-tech minimalstic urban interior of the black and white living room design

Choose a Dominant Color for the Interior of a Black and White Living Room

Selecting a dominant in this combination is an important point in the living room interior. From what color will prevail in your living room, depends on the psychological atmosphere in it and its human perception.

unusual and peculiar floor-like ceiling construction in the black and white living room interior

If you prefer privacy, if your circle of friends is limited to a small number of close people and colleagues, you`ll likely prefer black in the living room. It will create quite a comfortable atmosphere for a friendly conversation in a narrow circle of close people. But here we must note that the illumination plays an important role in such a living room.

Black and white interior with the silver colored carpeting

The white color has the ability to visually expand the space of the room, it adds a feeling of impeccable cleanliness and freshness, will cause positive emotions. Naturally, it is preferable in the small living room. His domination of the area will help eliminate the deficit, at least visually. White color has also compensated for the lack of lighting in the living room. The above mentioned does not mean that the dominance of the white color in the large living room is not welcome. Such a ratio is very popular are for large rooms.

The Black and White Living Room is Stylish and Practical

At first glance, it may seem that the interior in black and white is more suitable for office rooms. They look pretty formal and strict. But all this only at first glance. In fact, the black and white living room interior is quite a dynamic one. It is known that a combination of white and black, easily and harmoniously can be added to other colors. This means that you can optionally transform a monochrome living room into something less formal and more cozy and warm by adding yellow, orange, red, blue to its interior. The room for the flight of your imagination is immense. It can be furniture, curtains, and lamps. Anything. But for this to be possible, it should be examined in detail, in what proportion your black and white proportion will be used. The predominance of black hardly allows it to perform the desired effect, especially black walls and ceiling. And one more detail. It is desirable to dilute the black and white living room with one or two bright colors.

Green curtain to dilute the overall black and white ambiance of the room

Even a slight inclusion of green plants in the black and white background of the living is able to revive its primness. A couple of the plants have never been superfluous in any interior of any style.

Austere black and white unusual but very stylish interior

The dominance of white color in monochrome interior making it more comfortable for a family in which there are small children or pets. The fact is that the dominance of white color is good enough in masking the possible clutter and dust, which has always been the natural accompaniment of a big family.

Minimalistic design in black and white themed the living room with ornamentations on the waals

Choosing which color will be the main, it may appear that the walls and ceiling will not be sufficient for the effective and stylish design. Here the curtains and furniture can add variety. They can dilute one or another color in the living room, thereby eliminating the excessive contrast of black and white.

Austere scandinavian design in th white and black tones for the living room with wooden floor

As for style, the black and white interior is most often used in the design of the living room in a minimalist style. The black and white background, as it was specially created for this style, enhances its personality and asceticism.

Black and white interior idea for the small but roomy living room

The black and white combination in the form of zebra skin stripes look great in an exotic style interior.

Black and white living room with unusual light construction, angle sofa and carpeting in front

Despite the fact that experts do not recommend mixing the interior styles when using a black and white combination, you can still experiment.

Warning Instead of Conclusion

If you have an inexplicable and irresistible desire for the predominance of black in the interior, you should seriously think about your state of mind. Concentrated dominance of black in the interior of the room says that you are in a state of crisis. Psychologists do not recommend the use of black color in more than 50% of the room. Visual human receptors cause the color biochemical reactions in the brain – positive or negative. No need to be an expert to see what reaction causes black color. So you shouldn`t overdo with black. It was always been a symbol of evil and sorrow. On the contrary, white will help you get out of a crisis state of mind, if you are in it, to find and maintain vitality.

Let your living room be the embodiment of harmony in all its manifestations!

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