Classic Living Room Design Ideas

Everything changes in this world, time does not standstill. And for the interior design has been devised a great variety of options. But the classic remains unchanged. Classic style is always the most popular and inimitable. Of course, every style is beautiful in its own way, but the classics are always comfort, elegance, and luxury. But it is not a luxury, which catches the eye and looks pretentious but light, unobtrusive, and noble one, which underlines the status of the hosts.


Classic style is the rigor in the poshest its manifestation. Regular geometric shapes, the perfection of a variety of patterns, natural materials, and colors are fundamental. And all this splendor is a perfectly suited living room. It is in the very living room often enough space to accommodate all the necessary elements and decor, which is in abundance here: pictures in wooden frames, large mirrors (in frames), fireplaces, and, of course, chandeliers.

Modern classic in the living room interior of the country house

All furniture is from solid light or dark wood with gilding or thread. It differs by curved backs and wide armrests. Be sure to use padding made of natural fabrics: namely velour, velvet, tapestry, and other fabrics of natural origin, decorated with elegant patterns. Furniture made of chipboard or MDF is not suitable for this style, it will look vulgar and incongruously. Decoration of the ceiling is always difficult and beautiful; it can be fretwork, friezes, and painting. The windows surely must have curtains of the same natural fabrics adorned with tassels or fringe. If the room is large enough that it can decorate with columns and pilasters, which will create a truly majestic atmosphere of palace periods.

Crystal royal chandelier and the fireplace with big mirror above in the classic living room interior

Note. I would like to say, that the classic interior is a very general concept, so there is no clear guidance on the creation of classical ambience. The fact that a classic can be considered plenty of historical styles: classicism in the reign of Catherine II, the Italian Renaissance, the Stalinist Empire style, Baroque and Rococo, and so on. But one thing is for sure: the classic living room is the wealth of decor, natural materials, symmetry and harmony. Nothing artificial.

Living room colors on the nild pink textile in the discreet Victorian classic style

But why is it that many are so fond of the classics, what are its advantages over other styles?

  1. Classic unchangeable, universal, it is always current and not being exposed to criticism;
  2. majestic classics that make a strong impression on the guests;
  3. Classic emphasizes wealth and good taste of the owners;
  4. classic in its present form is very versatile: originality and comfort at the same time.

The Requirements to Follow in Creating a Classic Living Room

So, the most important requirements, as it was mentioned above, are harmony, symmetry, and only natural and high-quality materials. This applies to everything: finishing materials, furniture, color palette, decor, and accessories. As decoration in addition to paintings and mirrors often appear figurines, moldings, candlesticks, sculptures, vases, reliefs, massive crystal chandeliers, or expensive glasses. Very nice and in the spirit of classics looks chandelier with candles or their imitation.

Making a classic living room is important to remember that this style, even though it is rich in decor, but does not like the congestion. Too many parts, accessories, would be inappropriate. For variety, use decorative plaster or painting. A vintage piano is simply an inimitable attribute of the interior.

Everything has to be solid and respectable here, every detail, even the smallest one is chosen carefully, because it is the little things that make the big picture. In order for the interior was quite strict but elegant, take a closer look at porcelain, as well as antiques. Many designers consider an integral part of the style the paintings of landscapes and portraits, as well as bronze and marble accessories. The classic material for a classic living room is wood.

Leapard fur on the classic armchair in modern living room interior

It can be trim the ceiling, for example, caissons may be fully or partially made of massive wood. It not only plays a decorative role but also a constructive one. Also, this improves the acoustics of the room. Walls could be lined with wood paneling.

Crystal chandelier imitating candles and the fireplace with the natural textile on the furniture makes interior classic


In addition to wood, walls can have other finishes. The first one is fabric, wallpaper, or decorative painting. It should look expensive and pompous. No cheap wallpaper or synthetic fabrics. The main emphasis is placed on the quality and texture, but not the bright color. Another option would be to design the walls of self-colored expensive pastel colors. There are already moldings and other voluminous items can be used.


As for the flooring, it is better to avoid the standard board or laminate. Only noble coating. An excellent choice would be mosaic parquet with abstract compositions of large sizes or floral patterns. All this is to cover the glossy lacquer. And, of course, the most appropriate coating for the floor is considered marble in all its classical forms, namely designs, patterns, and natural shades of stone.


For classical interiors, especially the living room, it does not fit the simple design of the ceiling, there has to be a masterpiece. And the most common way to achieve this is molding. You can use it to create an unrepeatable painting, decoration that can be monotonous and gilded (bronzed). Another way is painting. There are fully abided all the rules of classical interiors. In addition, it has an amazing view. By the way, there is one important subtlety – classic style involves high ceilings, the right atmosphere creates such way, fully disposing to the solemn reception. If the ceilings are low, the entire massive furniture will look not gourmet, but cumbersome. A stucco, columns, curtains with lambrequins will create a clumsy feeling. But do not despair if the size of your apartment does not meet the classical standards.

Classic Living Room Design Ideas in Small Premises

In the case of small rooms, you`ll have to make all the attributes in a slightly smaller version: the furniture can also be made of precious wood, but should have a more modest size; curtains made of natural fabrics, but a little more light than necessary. Even the stucco may be present, it also just needs to be done more lightweight, although it better suits painting in this case. And what to do with the columns, if they still want to be placed in such a room? They should be arranged along the walls for an organic look in the low room. The wall rack will brilliantly blend among them.

Small living room ideas in classic style with red furniture

Another way is the location of the columns in the doorway that separates the dining area from the kitchen or living room. It turns out, that the columns will be the decoration of the entrance to the living room. We have already said that this style is characterized by the voluminous chandelier. But in the case of the low-ceiling living room, you can use spotlights. It must take the form of a circle, which is characteristic of the classics, as well as it is possible to cover the top with canopy, which will create a diffused light.


And, of course, the classic living can not do without a fireplace, this is the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, with which is impregnated the whole atmosphere of this style. The best option would be a real fireplace, lined with stone, brick, or white marble. But if this is not possible, you should not shun of its imitation or modern bio-fireplaces in the classic portal.


It is most often preferred quiet palette, flashy colors are inappropriate. Shades of beige or cream are chosen most often. As well as other neutral warm tones: soft shades of brown, olive, sand and all the shades of the wood.

Fireplace in the calssic contemporary living room

The white color is also good, but it creates a softening muted and diffused lighting.

If you want to have more vibrant colors (red, blue, green), you should stay at their muted and soft hues. There should not be anything flashy, juicy, otherwise, it is not a classic. Because the classic colors are used to convey the character of this style in the living room, which lays in the sense of wealth, grace, and solemnity. That is why only soft and muted tones are selected.

Alternative color gamma for classic living room design

Another subtlety is considered to be a combination of pastel colors with gold leaf. This emphasizes the luxury and presentability of the room.

Light and pastel colors in the living room of the villa

As we have said, the harmony is above all here. Therefore, the color scheme of the walls should be in harmony with the design of furniture, curtains, floor, and ceiling. Everything must be kept in the same style and impersonate the overall picture.


The lighting in the living room should be multi-leveled: and abundant, and soft and muted. In the center, there are always intricate chandeliers, and for the effect of multiple levels floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, etc. are added to the main chandelier. Some people consider additional lighting of paintings on the walls the top of refinement.

Lighting from crystal chandelier in the living room is making the fairy atmosphere

A Modern Living Room in Classic Style

In our time it is not so easy to create an interior of a natural classic: too many modern equipments there is in our neighborhood. But it is quite a solvable problem. And if in the kitchen – where are too many household appliances – it will be difficult to disguise them, then the modern living room is much easier in this state of things. A small plasma panel (LCD TV screen) can be placed in a niche, and other fashionable accessories (air conditioning, sound system, etc.) you can “hide” in the cabinets, drawers, mask as the paintings and pieces of furniture, and so on. But the classic style in its purest form is becoming increasingly rare lately, it gives way to eclecticism in the living. Here is a combination of classic and modern intrinsic elements: luxury furniture made of natural wood, noble interior, etc., with the computer desk made of natural wood, plasma TV on a mahogany pedestal, and so on.

Modern design for the living room in classic style

It is a sensitive issue in a classic living room is a modern type of windows and balcony doors. Reliable and relatively inexpensive type is plastic windows and doors, but their whiteness does not fit into the overall atmosphere of the classics. And then there are only two options: the first is wooden windows and doors, which have reliability, integrity, high quality, good thermal insulation, and environmental friendliness. But their only lack is a high price. But there is no place to save on the creation of the classical interior, everything is steeped in luxury and costliness here.

Nice black and white living room ideas in classic style

Although there is a second option to address this issue, which is a bit cheaper than the first – is the plastic windows and doors, made with wooden imitation. They are more expensive than conventional plastic but much cheaper than natural wood, but the quality is also at a high level.

The main task of creating a classic design in the living room is to thought-out every detail carefully. Every accessory must be in place. Because of one extra element and all the splendor of the classic disappears. For all this, a truly delicate taste is needed, which helps to feel this fine line between nobleness and pretentiousness. But spent effort won`t be wasted – the grandeur of classics is timeless.

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