Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas

The porch is the construction that we see first before entering the house. At the same time, it does not matter if we mean a suburban or urban home ownership. The porch is needed for the building not only to conjoin it with the street, but also to ensure a smooth transition from the ground level to the floor level in the house. Country house porch performs sanitary role as well. The dust and dirt that we carry on the soles do not get directly to our dwelling, but passes some hygienic zone – the steps and the platform in front of the entrance. If the porch is connected to a terrace or veranda, then it ceases to be only the dominant of the main entrance to the dwelling and can become a place for rest, eating, organizing a barbecue and even a second living room. But how to organize the main entrance to the house in such a way that to transform appearance of the facade of the building, herewith retaining the functional component of the structure? We hope that an impressive selection of design projects of various versions of the area in front of the entrance will help you to plan the construction of the porch correctly or to transform the existing structure.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Simple casual style of the private house's facadeCountry House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Eco touch with the plant at the doorCountry House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden latticed canopy in front of the building

Architectural features and design variants of the porch

As a rule, the design of the porch is planned initially, during the estimating of the entire building project. But its expansion and possible transformations can occur much later, when during the operation of the house it becomes clear that you want an open veranda in front of the house for evening tea parties or a terrace for taking air baths. Or maybe all together, an additional all-season room that increases the area of ​​the whole country house.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Open and tiled terrace Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Concreted space in front of the door Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Light wooden area and glass to protect from wind Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Sunbeds at the entrance

Depending on the size of the country homeownership and the needs of the owners, the porch can be a simple two-or one-pitch overhang, a small area in front of the entrance door and several steps (all depends on the height of the basement of the house). But even such a simple design should be maintained in single style according the execution of the facade of the whole building. Even if the visor in front of the entrance door was decided to be an accent element of the facade, the material of execution and the overall style of design should remain.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden materials for the low based entrance Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. American style in gray tones with rattan wicker armchairs Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Tropic cane roof Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Lattice of the wooden beams to protect gacade from the sunrays

Even the smallest porch is able to perform not only the functions of an intermediary between the street and the house. In addition to the fact that the roof of the porch securely hides the area in front of the entrance door from the rain, it is possible to equip a compact segment for rest in this zone. After all, the charm of suburban life is just that you can be in nature, without losing the level of comfort at the same time. A pair of compact garden chairs and a small coffee table is all that you need to organize a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. White neat English style and rocking chairs Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. American wooden wall panelling style and wooden constructions Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Semispheric vent at the open air Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Broad modern space in minimalsitic style

Porch combined with a terrace. Sitting area, place for meals and more

The logical desire of the owner of a private house is to expand the area of ​​his own home and create the smoothest transition from a land plot to the house interior. That is why most of the owners of country apartments (whether a small garden house or a large mansion) do not stop at the construction of a small visor above the front door and a compact platform. The construction of a terrace or not glazed veranda is a logical continuation of the improvement of country house ownership.

White wooden lightweight construction at the porch Concreted porch of the modern private cottage with the canopy over the entrance Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden columns and canopy of the white panelled house

Living room in the open air

Recreation area at the outside, but at the same time under a reliable canopy protecting from any precipitation and almost entirely from the wind, is an excellent opportunity to improve the level of comfort in a country house or suburban area. Moreover, for the organization of a comfortable and beautiful living room on the terrace, comfortable garden furniture (a sofa or a pair of armchairs) and a small table-stand would be enough.

American country style house with broad porch and relaxing zone here Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Open balustrade, furnished porch and brick chimney create a real composition altogether Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Ecostyle tropic home with wooden canopy and platform Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden partition and living plants at the relaxing zone

It is impossible to imagine a more organic integration than wicker furniture installed on the covered terrace of a country house. It is wicker furniture that creates a special charm for the atmosphere of a country holiday. Light and mobile, diverse in design and color solutions, aesthetic and practical furniture with a woven frame will be an indisputable adorning of the relaxation area of ​​your terrace, connected to the porch.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Eco design and rustic style of the composition Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden dome at the rest space Nice designed patio for two with a coffe table at the front door of the private house Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Nice patio in Mediterranean style Nice Greek style canopy at the private house Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Open air leisure zone with panoramic windows

Another no less popular way to create an atmosphere that is maximally close to nature is the use of furniture made of wood. In order to get the maximum level of comfort in the outdoor recreation area, you can use furniture with a wooden frame and soft cushions in the area of ​​seats and backrests. Table of any design can become a complement to the composition of such chairs or sofas. Wood is perfectly combined with other materials.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Nice construction of the roof transitional into patio wall Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Matted white styling of the entrance Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Sand color stone trimming of the facade Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. White and blue Marine style for the furnished area Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Modern styled patio

Often, on the open veranda, the space from the roof to the railing is covered with mosquito shields so that you can not only rest in the fresh air during the day, but also enjoy the coolness in the evening, or even spend the night in a place safe from insects…

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Different from the facade color solution for the entrance canopy Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Patio at the high platforn with handrails Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Tropic style with sliding doors

You can also use light translucent fabrics. They will help not only protect you from insects (100% result is not guaranteed though), but also create a special, romantic atmosphere for maximum relaxation.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Cozy backyard patio with tulle curtains Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Gray modern style for the outdoor patio at the private house with curtains Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Seaside pastel colored style of the entrance area Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Unique construction of the coffee table in the form of plant cube

Do not forget to decorate your living room in the fresh air. Ideal option is living plants that can be placed in large pots, grow in wall shelving or be placed on special grilles, creating a “green wall”.

Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Wooden white colored arch at the entrance of Casual styled house Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Utilizing of maximum space for leisure Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Almost fully closed area Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Fully wooden trimmed facade in deep rustic style Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Green wall at the patio

A dining area on the open veranda

Any food seems tastier if you enjoy it in the fresh air. Having a country house, it would be strange to deny yourself such a pleasure. That’s why most of the owners of country houses try to organize a segment for meals outdoors, but with protection from possible precipitation. A covered terrace or a platform with a canopy, an elongated porch – any option is good for placing a dining table with chairs.

Table set and gray chairs in front of the modern style suburb house Nice enlighted two-level area at the front of the private house's entrance Country House Porch Decoration & Design Ideas. Nice walk-through architecture of the patio

In order to equip the dining area on the open veranda, garden furniture is most often used. It can be made of the following materials:

  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Plastic;
  • Rattan (natural or artificial), vines, bamboo or hazel sticks;
  • Combining materials to create original models and increase the strength and durability of structures.

Large open air hall at the porch of private house in Marine style Experimental and spectacular design of the open terrace at the porch with black house facade and light wooden platform and roof Casual American style in gray tones and wooden roof over the leisure zone of the porch

The choice of the material for the dining group will depend on the covering of the terrace platform (not all floor coverings will withstand the pressure of metal legs of the table and chairs), the maximum weight of household members (plastic and wicker furniture has a low threshold of maximum permissible weight), stylistic design of the porch and financial capabilities of the owners.

Casual open air space for having parties and meals outside with a fan Cute pale blue and white stripes to decorate the porch with platform for relaxing and gathering with friends

Metal garden furniture is durable and long lasting, withstands the highest loads. It’s an investment for many years. But it is important to understand that the veranda base for this kind of furniture needs a corresponding (ceramic or stone tile; solid, dense types of wood only). Another nuance is that metal chairs are very cold. They can’t be used without fabric or soft seats. Especially, when it comes to cold seasons.

Causal style of the porch with coffe table for two and two yellow tables Mediterranean style for the porch area with open beam roof Wooden platform with roof at the backyard of the house with table and chairs for leisure time Place for leisure at the window of white colored house facade

Garden furniture made of wood is a trend for all time. Wood can perfectly fit into any environment – it all depends on the style of furniture. If you like simple, concise solutions, so choose a rectangular dining table and benches to it. It is a durable, reliable and stable kit which is ready for any tests – starting from a normal family dinner to a reception of guests in the fresh air with a meal.

Minimalistic construction of the small platform at the porch with white plastic panels and dark wooden construction of the roof Gorgeous boxed cottage with concreted porch and green lawn in front of it Seaside orivate cottage with nice white wooden porch platform and latticed roof over it Wood panelling for the summer porch zone

Wicker furniture can also be used to organize a dining area. Only for the execution of the table it is necessary to use a combination with other materials – a glass, wooden and even acrylic worktop will look great on a woven frame. But alike models have certain weight limitations – it concerns both chairs and a frame for the countertop.

Wooden logs house construction with stone laid platform in fron of the entrance door Greenery drawn house with open wooden terrace and place to sleep Open wooden terrace at the forest side private house White styled porch with dining zone for large company

Garden furniture made of plastic is incredibly mobile, democratic in price and extremely easy to care for. Chairs made of plastic are easy to carry and hide in case of severe weather. The average sized plastic table can be lifted by one person. Plastic furniture is also designed to be putted one into another for extreme compactness. But plastic has its drawbacks – limitations in weight and short life. Because often manufacturers use techniques that improve the strength and durability of garden furniture – put seats and backs of plastic on metal or wooden frames, legs.

Gorgeous green lawn with concrete slabs to pass through Classic styled porch with brickwork facade and lifted platform Spectacular white house facade, wooden pathway and glass panoramic windows

For some large-sized buildings, it is possible to organize such a spacious terrace under the roof that its space would be sufficient for a rest area and for a segment for meals. The space will remain even for a barbecue set. The advantage of such open areas is that the platform can be located along the adjacent walls of the building (the main thing is that one side does not exceed 7-7.5 m in length).

Nice platform of the porch with glass roof and metal carrying construction Wooden trimmed facade of the house and partially covered wooden platform of the porch

Swing on the terrace. The advantages of suburban life

The location of the hanging swings under a canopy or on the terrace is a wonderful opportunity to arrange the most comfortable outdoor recreation area. After all, with the suburban life, many of us associate the joy of easy rocking on a swing as suspended structures have long become an indispensable attribute of a comfortable holiday at the garden or summer residence. Roomy hanging swings on the terrace can serve as a sofa in the relaxation area and even combine the options of a dormitory for those who like to take a nap in the fresh air.

Modern casual styled porch of the private house in gray tones and with broad panels of the slightly lifted platform Casual style of the big private house Open design of the porch area at the tropic zone located house Pale yellow wooden panelling of the house's facade and a rug at the wooden platform of the furnished porch

Unlike the swings that can be hung on the site to a solid tree branch, the models for the location under the roof have a high bar of weight restrictions: this couch-swing can accommodate several people. Suspended structures on ropes or metal chains can be selected according to the size of the terrace or veranda of any modification.

Classic styled Southern house with classic lanterns to enlight the porch Swing bed on the rope at the speckless white deocrated porch Nice white wooden trimmed porch with rope swing bed to nap at the nature White design of the semi-closed porch area with real fireplace with chimney and furniture to take parties

Porch with glazed veranda – additional living area

Most often, the addition of full-fledged off-season premises to the porch of the house takes place after some time of exploitation of a country house. When it becomes clear that the owners would not mind setting up a place to rest or hold meals with an excellent view of their own site or the surrounding nature. But you probably want to do it all the year round, in any weather. Veranda or terrace will require not only glazing, but also work on the installation of waterproofing and ventilation systems.

Minimalsitic style of the closed porch terrace with furniture Rustic styled porch area with large rug

You can glaze even a very small space (by the size of the roof cover). Modern panoramic windows allow you to create not only a light space, but also reliably protect the room from any manifestations of bad weather. The resulting premises can be used to organize a place for recreation, a greenhouse or a reading corner – the sunlight will be more than enough.

Narrow minimalistic design of the porch are with panoramic windows Classic and even typical design of the porch with a terrace to rest

In a glazed room, the use of which is expected throughout the year, it is necessary to create a source of heating. The ideal way to create not only a source of heat, but also a special atmosphere of a suburban home, is the installation of a fireplace. It is not necessary to build a full-fledged hearth with a chimney. Electrical appliance, which perfectly copes with imitation of living fire, is enough. Perhaps, the electric fireplace is not able to convey the entire atmosphere of rest at the living fire, with the smell of burning logs, but this method is definitely better for a glazed veranda from the security point of view.

A real relax zone with fireplace and furniture at the backyard of the private mansion Nice stone decoration of the fireplace wall at the porch terrace Dark noble wood to trim modern styled porch terrace

Organization of a dining area in a closed all-season room is no less popular variant of arrangement of a glazed veranda. You can enjoy delicious food all year round, admiring the surrounding nature. Modern double-glazed windows with a panoramic view can set this up.

Leisure zone for the summer at the porch of the modern cottage Nice open design for the porch terrace with large table and chairs to take parties Small relax area near the entrance to the house

In some cases, after the addition of the patio to the porch, the owners do not even have to finish the surfaces that were left to the new room by the building’s facade. Stone-lined walls decorated with siding or wood will give a special charm to the interior of the glassed-in veranda.

Wooden panels of the terrace's floor and gray panelled walls Nice open beamed roof of the terrace at the porch of the tropic house Wooden porch zone with spectacular play of colors

But the room still needs finishing in some cases. For example, for a very narrow veranda, you need to use light tones to visually increase the space. Of course, the abundance of glass surfaces reduces the risk of claustrophobia, but the support of white color will not be excessive.

Touch of eco style at the neat ligth colored porch terrace Modern white Scandinavian design for the large porch zone Classic gray tones for the furnished narrow porch with latticed windows White and gray tones for the open terrace at the porch with latticed windows

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