Tips On Where To Place Your Greenhouse

You want a greenhouse. It’s an easy choice, right? Wrong. There are several things to consider when deciding on a greenhouse, from materials like plastic for a greenhouse to where to put it. The most crucial consideration is the placement of your greenhouse. Where should you put it at your site? Continue reading to learn how to best position a greenhouse.

Where to Put Your Greenhouse

Consider what you want to cultivate in your glasshouse and the type you want to build before deciding where to site it. If you plan to grow for personal use, your greenhouse will most likely be smaller. Alternatively, if you wish to start a business, it will have on a larger scale.

Tips On Where To Place Your Greenhouse. High structure on alluminum frame as the central piece of the backyard with stone cages as the decoration

While the size of the structure determines where in a greenhouse, so too does the sort of plants you wish to cultivate. Sun exposure is typically critical, however, afternoon shade may be a consideration when placing a greenhouse. The site for the greenhouse also influences the sort of construction that will be most effective, as well as the direction and amount of sunlight it will receive.

The maximum temperature inside the building is determined by the size of the walls. Consider whether you want to protect your greenhouse from wind damage or neighbourhood hoodlums that enjoy hearing glass break! Also, consider how easy it will be to maintain not only plants but also the structure itself.

Greenhouse Placement Considerations

Do you require access to water or an electric supply? When putting up the greenhouse, keep these points in mind. The greenhouse may require extra heating in the form of electricity or even gas, depending on how much sun it gets.

Greenhouses may be placed against a home’s door, window, or basement wall to take advantage of the heat from the house. This will also raise your heating bill, but it may be less expensive than if you built the potting shed separately.

Tips On Where To Place Your Greenhouse. Classic royal English exterior design with sash windows and gabled roof as the annex to the house

The ideal location for a greenhouse is on the south or southeast side of the home in a sunny region that receives the most sun from September through March (November to February in most regions). If this option isn’t available, the east side is the next best location for a greenhouse. The southwest or west side is the third and second-best location for a greenhouse, respectively. The north side is the last resort, with the worst possible site for a greenhouse.

Instead of lining the structure east to west, try orienting it north to south. This placement gives the structure more light and less shade than if it were lined east to west. However, while solar exposure is crucial, afternoon shade might be just as essential depending on the type of plants cultivated and the season they are harvested.

It’s possible to position the greenhouse near deciduous trees that will shade it from the summer sun but allow more light in the winter when the leaves have fallen. Of course, leaves, sap, and sticky honeydew droppings will fall on the exterior of the structure if you put it near trees or bushes, so that should be factored into the decision as well.

Finally, avoid constructing the foundation of a building on a slope where cold air gathers and is prone to frost. Make sure the terrain is level and the ground drains properly.

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