Home Improvements: How To Handle A Chaotic Garage

With the world becoming increasingly cluttered, keeping your home neat and tidy becomes increasingly tricky. For most people, a garage is a place where you store your car, collect general clutter and often forget about it until you need something. However, in such situations, the garage can become a chaotic, cluttered, and frustrating place. The good news is you don’t have to let your garage get out of hand, and there are plenty of things that you can do to keep it in great shape while still making use of it as a storage area.

Home Improvements: How To Handle A Chaotic Garage. Tool set at the wooden organizer

Consider Installing Ceiling-mounted Storage

The ceiling of your garage is likely underutilized. This is common because most people don’t even think about storing things above their line of sight. Nevertheless, this is the perfect place to store the kind of things that you don’t need to access regularly. For example, you might have seasonal equipment that you only need once a year or when you go on holiday. In addition, you can store things like BBQ gear in the summer and Christmas decorations in the summer. The possibilities are endless, which is why ceiling storage is such a great idea.

Furthermore, in some places around the country, property prices are soaring, meaning that any wasted space is wasted money. For example, in Tucson, property, and rental prices have been increasing year on year, all of which makes investing in garage storage products in Tucson, AZ, a very sensible option. In other locations and with the general economic climate being what it is, you need to be as efficient as possible and waste as little space as possible.

Wall Storage Part One (Bikes)

It takes up a large amount of space to store bicycles, but they are necessary for most households. Additionally, the space they take up is wasted due to their awkward shape, making it almost impossible to use the area around them. Nonetheless, there is an exciting solution that some people are already taking advantage of, namely, hanging them on the walls. The idea is a good one, but you must implement it properly to reap the benefits. The same problem arises when they are hung up at waist level, in that you cannot utilize the space around them, just like if they were left on the ground. Because of this, you should store them high up on the walls, out of the way of other things. You can hang them vertically or horizontally, it doesn’t matter that much, but the critical point is that they are out of the way. Despite this, you should store them in a manner that allows you to lower them safely and efficiently when you need them.

Home Improvements: How To Handle A Chaotic Garage. Nicely styled space with the windows and armstrong ceiling

Organize Sports Equipment

If you are a sports fan, this option is for you, since it is likely that you have a lot of gear that you only use once in a while. This might include clothing or balls, and bats. If you have many balls lying around, you could build a ball corral, which is a half-open box with an open-top and one side made with bungee cords. Ball corrals help keep a herd of balls organized so that you and your children can quickly grab those at the bottom without dislodging the ones on top. It keeps things neat and orderly while still looking great.

Wall Storage Part Two (Garden Equipment And Tools)

Yes, your walls are such a valuable space to organize things that it has to be mentioned twice! Aside from storing your bicycles, you can utilize your walls to hang up your tools and gardening gear. You can buy off-the-shelf products to attach to the walls, or you can make it yourself; the result is the same. You can further separate the wall into two areas, one for your general tools and the other for your gardening equipment. Gardening tools often take up a lot of space, and by hanging them on the walls, you can keep them out of the way and easily accessible. This also goes for your tools. By putting each item in its own section, you will be able to access them far more quickly than if everything was on the floor. You won’t only save time, but also avoid getting completely stressed out if you lose your tools all the time!

Home Improvements: How To Handle A Chaotic Garage. Contemporary interior finish with balck swivel lamps on metal guides and with storage cabinet

Create Easy Access Storage Solutions

Some things spend themselves stored away and forgotten about, while others need to be assessed every day. These could be bags, shoes, or any number of things. The items are usually stored on the floor next to the door, creating clutter around a vital entry and exit location. Instead, you can place easy access, open-faced cabinets next to the door so that when you or your family go in and out of the garage, they know where you should keep these things. It saves time and keeps your garage looking tidy.

Only Store Things That Belong In Your Garage

Laziness or convenience often leads people to clutter up their garage with lots of items. However, some things shouldn’t be in your garage for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Paint: In most domestic garages, you will often find paint cans; however, this is not advised. Extreme temperatures can ruin the paint, rendering it useless. Either store it somewhere else or get rid of it.
  • Propane: You should never store propane indoors, even in the garage, due to the risk of explosion or fume inhalation. Instead, it should be located outside where there is no danger.
  • Paper: Garages can get damp, and dampness causes paper items to degrade and grow mold. This, in turn, can attract unwanted pests.
  • Refrigerator: You will find that you will save a significant amount of money by moving your fridge indoors.
  • Pet Food: This can attract critters and rodents that you don’t want to scurry around your garage. In addition, it is only a matter of time before they will make their way inside.

As you can see, there are many ways to go about organizing your garage so that it is a little less chaotic and a little more orderly. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you, and you can go about getting and staying organized.

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