A Guide to Pick the Right Shed for Your Garden

Are you in the market for a new garden shed? If so, this isn’t a decision you can make lightly. There are various factors you have to think about. Why? Well, if you get the decision wrong, you could be left with a shed that isn’t practical or suitable for your outdoor space.

If that happens, you’ll have to make the expensive and laborious decision of replacing the shed with another one. Alternatively, you might decide to stick with the mistake for many years to come.

A Guide to Pick the Right Shed for Your Garden. Grass roof simple wooden greenhouse with large sash window

However, you don’t have to experience either of these scenarios. To make sure you pick the right shed for your garden, this guide covers the main topics you need to consider.

Shed Size

First of all, you have to decide on the shed’s size. This begins by assessing the amount of space available in your garden. If you’ve got loads of room to play with, it is advised you go with the biggest shed you can find. It’s easier than you may think when it comes to filling a shed, so the extra space will be instantly appreciated.

If your garden is lacking in available space, this is where you have to be more conscious about the shed’s size. Fortunately, you can find sheds in various sizes and shapes, so there will always be one to fit your requirements.

Shed Purpose

What are you hoping to use your shed for? Your answer will go some way to deciding which shed type you will select.

For instance, say your shed will be used to store some foldable furniture, a small mower, and some small garden tools. This isn’t that demanding, which means you won’t necessarily require a robust shed with the best security solutions.

A workshop shed, however, is a much different story. This will need to be well-sized, preferably with a skylight or window for natural light, to allow you to work in comfort. If you’re keeping expensive tools and machinery in the shed, it’s also wise to incorporate security features and double glazing.

Material Type: Resin, Wood, or Metal?

It’s fair to say most in the market for a shed won’t pay too much attention to the material used. Yet it’s vital you know the difference between resin, wood and metal sheds. Each option has its own pros and cons, and these will determine which is the best fit for your needs.

As an example, say you are basing it primarily on budget. In this case, a wooden shed would be out of the equation, with metal typically being the cheapest choice. Yet if you’re searching for an inexpensive option that’s also weather-resistant and easier to maintain, a resin shed is the best fit.

DIY Skills

Another point you could account for is your DIY ability. Certain sheds are much easier to construct than others, and this can play a role in your decision. Resin sheds, for example, are the lightest and generally the easiest to assemble.

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