Dark Floor in the Interior to Beautify and Correct the Space

Dark floors can be the first touch of … no, not Gothic and gloomy, but quite classic design. Unexpected, isn’t it? In fact, indeed, the dark floor in the interior sometimes looks depressingly, but only if deliberately or by inexperience is diluted with unsuccessful details. Therefore, if you decide to acquire such a somewhat “whimsical” surface, you will have to take care of the color of walls, ceiling, furniture, and accessories. With the right approach, you can surely use a dark floor in the interior to beautify and correct the space.

To the category of “dark” you can refer the floors of a huge number of shades. Chocolate-brown color looks expensive, visually radiates heat and gives comfort to the room. Black floor is more extravagant, serves as a wonderful background for modern stylish interiors. Dark gray color is able to give the floor covering a “coldness”, which relaxes and creates a feeling of alienation.

The choice of the shade of the dark floor will depend on the nature of the entire room. One thing is for sure: dark floors always look more expensive than light ones if they are made of the same materials. Therefore, you can create a noble interior even on modest budget. It is enough to choose a dark floor and not to be mistaken with the details that complement it.


Color Combinations – Play on the Contrast

The dark floor needs a contrast, without it the interior will merge into one colorless mass, it will be lost. You need adding bright spots that will adequately set off background dark color.

The easiest way is to make up the interior in coffee-beige tones. Brown, milky, light gray shades of walls, ceiling, textiles, combined with a dark floor, create a cozy atmosphere. Even without the presence of delicate taste, it is very easy to cope with decorating in such a style.

Dark pattern of the wallpaper and white leather sofas for living

Coffee, caramel and beige tones soften the color of the brown floor, making it “warmer”

Another traditional option is black and white. This combination is very strict, ideal for modern minimalist interiors. In its “undiluted” form it is too laconic and more suitable for serious, cold and straightforward personalities. Therefore, many designers prefer to introduce a number of beige and straw hues into the black and white interior. They will make the design more emotional. And geometric patterns will give it dynamism.

Gorgeous modern kitchen with steel surfaces

The dark floor and white furniture give the monochrome kitchen austerity and laconicism

In combination with a dark brown or black floor, red and orange shades open up spectacularly. The bright red color becomes even more pretentious, aggressive. Orange, on the contrary, strengthens its cheerful character.

Black wooden floor and orange walls for modern styled kitchen

The tomato shade of the walls becomes deeper in combination with the darker floor of the wenge color

Gold and bronze against the background of a dense brown floor are a solemn classic. Perhaps, there is no better way to declare your high status and good taste than such interior design.

Quilted headboard of leather and Gothic dark chandelier in the bedroom

Luxurious bedroom in brown and gold colors

The interior with a dark floor will only benefit if you include elements of a green palette. This is an incredibly harmonious combination, just like earth and grass. The basis of the color scheme, of course, will be a dark brown or black color of the floor, and it will be complemented with olive, lime, light green, rich green colors. Consider a successful addition to this company by adding small light yellow details (pillows, curtains, accessories).

Green low tier of the kitchen furniture

The combination of green and gray brings freshness and naturalness to the interior. In the kitchen, this color scheme has one more useful meaning: it strengthens the appetite!

The duo of a dark brown floor and purple hues is one of the most mysterious and mystical combinations. It fills the atmosphere with mystery. It fits the bedroom best.

Violet bedroom interior with large bed

Purple and brown is interesting and popular combination. It is especially appropriate in the bedroom, as it visually darkens the room and allows you to completely relax

An unusual design option will be obtained if you “dilute” a room with a dark floor surface with elements of the sea wave, turquoise, and aquamarine colors. This range adjusts to relax, soothes, so it is ideal for restrooms, bedrooms, terraces or balconies.

Turquoise interior color scheme for Classic styled house with white furniture and dark floors

The dark floor effectively shades by the turquoise color. Interior at the same time looks light, fresh and calming

Optical Illusions for Adjusting Space

The dark floor in the interior can serve not only for beauty, but also for adjusting the proportions of the room. Designers often use this technique, expanding or narrowing the space to get the desired visual effect.

By the way, the dark floor, despite the widespread opinion, does not always reduce the space. Conversely, in combination with a light ceiling and walls, the dark floor will help to increase the room – both in width and height.

Fresh accent interior decoration for modern black and white living room

The dark floor in combination with bright walls and ceiling visually expands the space of a small room.

An interesting effect can be obtained if the walls are made light, and the floor and ceiling are darkened. It will seem that the room has become wider, and not without a reason, but due to a visual decrease in height. Therefore, even if you are delighted with such a combination of black color at the top and bottom, it is not worth to embody this idea at low ceilings.

Chocolate color decoration for modern designed living room with open ceiling beams

Dark floors and ceiling expand the room, but at the same time reduce its height.

The dark floor with dark walls and light ceiling is another designer “chip” that makes the room look like a well or a cellar in which light falls only from above. Gloomy! The situation can be rectified just with a large and bright window or transparent doors.

Modern living room with functional wall with shelves

Transparent large doors level out the “basement” effect of a room with dark walls and floor

Sometimes, a dark color is used for the floor, walls, and ceiling. This approach makes the room formless, without clear angles and lines. It is used, as a rule, in nightclubs, photo salons, apartments of Bohemia and Gothic style lovers.

Absolutely dark living with black ceiling and yellow accentual rug at the living zone

Meet the mystical room in dark colors with a gray ceramic granite floor and a glossy black ceiling. Boldly!

The dark floor can help you in creating completely different interiors: aristocratic, solemn, strict, laconic or bohemian. The main thing, in this case, is to be able to take advantage of the complex color, open it, and not lead it to the shadow.

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