Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice

Currently, the strip is not just a fashionable trend in clothes, but also the main trend in interior design. It is used very often simply as a decorative device that sets a certain rhythm, making the interior more dynamic and lively. A strip in the interior is an alternation of contrasting colors that attracts attention.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Yellow vertical stripes for spacious neat bedroom with black metal framed bed

Striped Walls

Such “strokes” on the walls, as well as strips can be used in almost any interior. Neat stripes on the main wall in the room or on all walls not only look exquisite, but also allow designers to experiment with the visualization of space.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. gray upholstered sofa and coffee table with storage boxes and glass top

The stripes can be completely different – moderate, sophisticated, intricate, fantasy. The most important thing at the same time is to choose a design that is suitable for your room, so that each detail looks harmonious like a painting by one artist.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Green horizontal large lines for kids room with studying zone

One of the most common design solutions is the use of blue stripes in the bedroom. This graphic linearity is very well combined with the straight lines of the furniture. Also, you can use striped patterns in bed linens.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Proportional decoration for girl's bedroom

Broad strips will bring the spirit of modernity to the interior of the room. You can use matte or metallic shades with such strips.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Different color and width of stripes in the vintage styled living room

The success of any design project, in which the striped walls participate, depends on the correct choice of color. Here is an example of a very effective combination – olive greens and a light emulsion of a gray metallic shade perfectly complement each other.

  • In order to achieve an even “line of separation”, you can use a mounting tape.
  • First apply metallic shine, and then paint. When painting, brush from the center of the tape to the center of the strip, but not vice versa.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Colorful decoration for enlighted corridor

Choose strips for walls

Vertical stripes on the walls will bring symmetry into the room, and also visually “stretch” it to the height. Horizontal ones, on the contrary, will make the room wider, but the ceiling will visually appear to be lower.

Broad and at the same time, the contrasting stripes look not just elegant, but also exquisite and fresh. And the more their width, the more insignificant will be the visual “compression” of space.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Spacious mid-century living with play of colors

Remember that narrow strips at a certain distance can merge into one color, so they may not be noticeable. Wide bands, on the contrary, will attract attention, will look spectacular and fashionable. In this case, the colors of the stripes can be either from the same color scale or from contrasting colors.

If you want to use the wallpaper for painting, then your walls should be perfectly even, otherwise you will only emphasize all the shortcomings with such approach.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Blue, green and white colors for modern designed kids' room with bunk bed

In order to implement such an idea as a striped wall in an interior, remember that they are combined with almost all interior items, except for those few styles that do not support straight even lines by default.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Large vertical stripes for living with low furniture in Asian style

If you want, you can “decorate” only one wall (the strips must be wide and not contrast). This arrangement will make your interior more solid. Interior will look harmonious, if there will be present wallpaper in the same color or stylish accessories.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Yellow curtains and dark upholstered armchair

How to Paint the Walls in Stripes

  1. In order to make your walls striped, you will need: paint tape, matte varnish, paint, a narrow brush, and a roller.
  2. To begin with, you need to mark the wall a pencil where you will have strips, then paste the paint tape so that the pencil marks are subsequently painted over.
  3. After this, apply a matte lacquer with a thin brush. This is done to fix the tape. Also, the varnish will help to avoid getting the paint under the tape.
  4. Then you can safely apply the paint with roller between the strips of tape.
  5. Do not hurry! Remove the scotch only after the paint dries completely, so that there is no staining.

Wall Stripes Interior Design: Photos, Examples, Advice. Loft designed children's room with large white bed

Striped walls – photo in the interior: not Every Stripe is Equal

When creating your own interior, do not be afraid to experiment. You can change the direction, thickness and color of each stripes’ layer, making really unique decorations on your walls. Of course, more daring fantasies entail bigger challenges. However, this is genuine way to bring something absolutely new to the interior of the whole apartment. Sometimes, the most daring design solutions look especially refined and beautiful!

Blue color scheme with darker stripes in the large nursery Simple but original design of the dining room with orange chairs and colorful stripes on the accent wall Black and white vertical thick stripes in the bathroom Pale gray and white stripes on the wall of modern looking nursery Neat fresh look of the contemporary styled bedroom Yellow vertical stripes through over the bathroom Dark and light contrasting horizontal stripes for the mid-century styled living room Living room in beige tones with original round decoration items Red thin horizontal stripes in the kids; room with storage and functional windowsill Vertical lime stripes for casual dining room with white wooden furniture

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