Kitsch Interior Design Style

Kitsch interior design style is regarded by some as a symbol of the denial of art, but that does not stop designers from creating interesting kitsch interiors. This term has come to a design environment from the sphere of culture, it represents a focus on extravagance, hype, anticlassic apotheosis.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Parody on the shabby chic style in the tight space

Fashionable interiors in the Kitsch style can emphasize consistency and hide poverty equally well. This is a kind of protest related to the well-established stereotypes of planning and housing the environment, which is expressed through the use of, on the one hand, standardized elements of decoration and, on the other hand, exclusive accessories and finishes.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Bright colors in combination with the white pompous decoration

Recognizable features of the kitsch style are disharmony of color palette, plenty of accessories belonging to different styles and cultures, mixing of mutually exclusive decoration techniques. For example, mixing classical and country finishes, deliberate emphasis on what is considered to be consumer goods and “pops”. For example, painted bright blue paint and pasted over with silver stars ceiling in combination with flooring of mosaic tiles is an example of the kitsch style.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Pseudo Scandinavian minimalism in the living room

We should distinguish among pseudo-luxury kitsch, lumpen’s kitsch, designer’s kitsch, and some other types. The first case is based on a desire to gather all the “best and beautiful” within one room. The second has the emphasis clearly on primitive things. And only in the third case, it makes sense to talk about the canons of style and specific techniques.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Eclectic imitation for the large stuffed living room

  1. Glamour interior is often emphasized by draperies and curtains, reminiscent of the classic ones, albeit made of lining fabric, as well as the “classic” chandeliers and mirror frames, an artificial fountain with backlight.
  2. Finishing materials are always “imitating”: upholstery – imitating antique fabric, ancient columns and arcades are often made of Styrofoam, plastic “wooden” cabinets, laminate flooring “something like” marble.
  3. The kitsch style in the interior includes many accessories, but they do not have to carry artistic value – figurines of ancient cupids, can be combined with the Egyptian vases and momentary souvenirs, such as bright candles.
  4. A huge chandelier of, for example, Czech glass would successfully complement the composition, diminishing the “ungenuiness” of the luxury.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. tender calming decoration in the cool white space

Kitsch is Fake… But Sheer One

Will the creation of the kitsch interior turn into bad taste is determined by the personality of the owner of the apartment. “Golden toilet bowl” is a figurative description of the extremes to be avoided even in the most unusual combinations of materials and objects.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Yellow aspid color and vintage elements for the home office

  1. The kitsch interior is inherent in the exploitation of other styles’ features: a pointed shape of the windows, a huge electric fireplace, wall panels in the bedroom upholstered with flower pattern, the color of the walls in tacky colors on the edge of acidity, graffiti, huge things in a country and oriental styles.
  2. The living room can accommodate bar furniture of bright colors.
  3. Wall design can be stylized as the picture gallery, which exhibits a “revolutionary” web or as the hotel reception.

Kitsch Interior Design Style. Unusual round bookshelf made of wood

Simple chic is a criterion of this style. The interior can be considered successful if along with all peculiarities and pretentiousness it leaves a feeling of an environment conducive for living.

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