Shipping Container House Design Ideas

In the hands of talented designers, many items coming out of the goods can become works of art. But art objects interested people to a lesser extent, but the ability to get the original, functional, and modern shipping container house design ideas containers were relished by customers worldwide. At first glance, it might seem that it can be arranged just only a small country house or a temporary shelter for one person from a cargo container. But after reviewing our amazing collection which presents the exteriors and interiors of houses of metal containers with large windows, terraces, verandas, and other architectural features, it becomes clear that this building method is gaining popularity and it could become mainstream for the production of affordable and original housing some parts of the world.


Unusual black construction for the cargo shipping containers' house construction

The climate of our country is so diverse that it is difficult to assert the possibility of permanent residence in the houses created from shipping containers with large panoramic windows. But such structures can be used in many areas of our vast state as country summerhouses. All the more so with the help of modern building materials, container houses are easy to warm up or vice versa to protect against overheating in hot summer.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Large living room of the modern construction

Single-Story House of Shipping Container

Placing the structure of the metal containers outside the city, on a country, or a smallholding, it is important to take care of a secure and durable frame arrangement. If the building does not have a foundation (and often happens that way), then you`ll have to install it on the piles. Usually reinforced concrete structures used as supports. In some cases, it is possible to use wooden elements of dense timber.

Shipping cargo containers house on the hill

When you first look at the building built of containers, it may seem that it is impossible to organize a full-fledged home inside, organically distributing all the necessary functional segments in narrow rooms. But, firstly, the containers can be connected to each other, to assemble them as puzzles and create really comfortable room from the operating point of view. Thanks to the large windows and glass doors, the space filled with sunlight and seem visually larger. Besides, panoramic windows help to relieve the psychological problems of being in small spaces. And secondly, there are many techniques to help you create a cozy atmosphere, comfortable, ergonomic, and attractive interior design even in small rooms.

Inside the shipipng containers house with the glass panoramic windows

You can set the design of the old freight container on a wooden platform on the plot. In this case, it suffices to arrange the canopy to the platform width to provide not only a comfortable place to stay but also a place of outdoor recreation with shelter from the rain.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Yellow facade

Such a bright, sunny house does not look less attractive inside. The bright finish on all surfaces; comfortable, but light furniture, and competent layout in small spaces results in a comfortable, cozy, and modern interior. The use of glass and mirror surfaces helps to visually expand the space and give lightness to the image of the room.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Laminate floor and white trimming inside

Here is another example of the bright design of the container-roofed house, located on the platform. Sheets of waterproof fabric are attached to the metal frame canopy, which can be removed on cold and hot days. They give shade and coolness to everyone who is in the house and around it. You can relax and eat outdoors, in the shade, enjoying views of the surrounding landscape.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Orange theme and canopy

There are several functional areas arranged inside the “orange” house. Rooms are modest in size, but with the help of bright finish, ergonomic arrangement of the furniture of medium-sized dimensions, and use of the panoramic windows with sliding glass doors they have managed to create a truly comfortable space.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Glass panels and a terrace with wooden floor cover

In continuation of the “orange” facades, the next house is composed mainly of glass surfaces. A small house on stilts with a bright orange facade and large windows offering incredible comfort inside.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Adjoined glass and steel balcony

Finding yourself in the cozy atmosphere of such a house of glass and metal, you can have an impression of complete unity with nature. The abundance of sunlight and finishing surfaces in light tones, the use of furniture in pastel colors with glass and mirror planes – all of this has allowed to create an original, practical, and attractive, from an aesthetic point of view, design of the home.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Glass perimeter of the glazed terraceCargo Container House Design Ideas. Glass pnoramic windows and roof for unique metal construction

Similarly designed house with glass walls, sliding glass doors, canopies, a platform in front of the building, and the whole flower bed full of flowers located directly on the building roof.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas with own garden

Another small house is an option, which used a container as a covered canopy where two walls have been partially removed. A convenient and practical place to relax in the open air, protected from sun, rain, and other weather disturbances in the disposal of the hosts.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas trimmed with corrugated facade

Multi-Level Structure with Glass Walls

For buildings with two or more levels of shipping containers, we need to think about the presence of the foundation. Often people leave the old wing doors in these homes as doorways or upgrade them for better usability. But the most common option is the use of glass doors to provide a maximum of natural light inside and visually expand the space.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas in the forest

The two-story building looks quite respectable inside. An open-plan helps to place several functional areas within the same space while maintaining the sense of spaciousness, freedom of movement, and airiness of the achieved image of the interior.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Nice living room interior

The original facade of the building is assembled from several units and decorated with large glass windows. Reflective and energy-saving surfaces allow to provide the inner space of the housing with the maximum amount of sunlight, keeping the heat in the house in the cold season and the avoid heat flowing into the building in summer.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Glass mirroring surfaces of the panoramic windows

Non-trivial approach to the use of not only containers as a frame of the building, but also as an organic combination of surfaces of different materials, the game of shapes and lines allowed to create an original and advanced functional structure.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Nice terrace and wooden flooring and ceiling material

The huge household was achieved after the combination of several metal containers and the use of a large number of glass surfaces. But this practical, beautiful and incredibly roomy building requires not only protection from subsidence of the foundation or platform but also protection from the sun’s rays that can heat up the roof to a high temperature.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Eco designed roof in the modern concept

The interior of the building is no less interesting than its facade. For example, the living room as if located under the open sky, because the abundance of glass surfaces creates a feeling of room’s weightlessness and incredible lightness.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Couple storey building with glass roof

The household looks incredibly spacious inside. A snow-white finish, glossy, and glass surfaces add visual scale to the rooms. Everybody will feel comfortable in such an interior – the members of the household and their guests.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Dining room trimmed whiteCargo Container House Design Ideas. White finishing for the light roomy space

The combination of white and dark surfaces. Contrasting elements of the interior allow creating a dynamic and modern design. And herewith it does not matter what materials the building’s frame is composed of – metal containers, glass, concrete, or wood.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Unique wall texture almost untouched

Depending on the climatic conditions of the location of the container house, part of the walls can be left without insulation. And the pristine texture of the freight container will be visible in the inner rooms. With this approach, designers prefer an ordinary painting of corrugated walls to create an interesting, non-trivial image of the room.

Wall texture repeats the untouched cargo shipping containers in the kitchen Bathroom interior of the cargo container designed house

In houses with large panoramic windows and sliding glass door openings even bathrooms and bedrooms are left undraped, providing maximum space sunlight access.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Folding windows for the shipping house

The combination of metal, glass, and wood surfaces at the facades of houses with the assembled modular design make it possible to create attractive, interesting, and at the same time incredibly harmonious architectural objects. This household won’t definitely mingle among conventional facades of houses on a city street, or among the suburban areas with buildings.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Nice utilitarian home from metal

Here is another original building, the design of which can not be confused with one another. Long and narrow spaces, connected by glass transitions look futuristic, original. But attractive at the same time.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Unusual form of the three element combination

Inside the house, a feeling of unreality does not leave you. The original interior with all its simplicity allows us not to forget what is the house consists of and how non-trivial its design is.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Low ceiling spacious construction Cargo Container House Design Ideas. Absolutely unique form of the white shipping blocks in the mountains

And finally, the whole complex, consisting of shipping containers conjoined by glass transitions, balconies, canopies that protect from the sun, and a convenient platform at the entrance. Containers of different colors and an abundance of glass surfaces blend perfectly, creating an interesting, modern, and positive image building.

Cargo Container House Design Ideas. A whole living quarter of shipping homes

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