Small Bathroom Space-Saving Vanity Ideas

When it comes to the economy of small bathroom space, we often stumble in meditation on what accessories to buy to provide the most harmonious visual appeal of your utilitarian area and to do it in the easiest way in addition to the lowest cost. It’s not a secret to anybody, that every slightest detail of the interior can affect the overall mood and perception of the bathroom, so if you have imagined the concept of the bathroom renovation including the tile finishing, shower cabin or bathtub, form of the sink, and tap, you can proceed to the next step of bathroom designing. Let`s review some of the most effective and stunning small bathroom space-saving vanity ideas.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Unique hovering lime vanity with two drawers

The unusual modern high-tech design of the bathroom vanity can be very relevant for the classic style of the interior, as we can see in the photo above. Lime, nice-looking vanity has created the luscious accent is rather a monotonous interior with the classic small tile of the bathtub.

And we could not pass by the photo below. It is not the receipt for small spaces, but still, you can take the concept of the “hovering” airy designed surfaces with utmost practicality and functionality. Even the tap is mounted on the aluminum shelf for hygienic accessories. And the wooden vanity is the only contrasting detail in the bathroom to match the nice natural structure of the wooden trimmed ceiling. The backlight of the mirrors and the lighting under the sinks complete and finish the futuristic image.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Absolutely gorgeous design of the hygienic area

Round niches and forms are the ideal space-saving formula. The small nook hiding in the wall was able to accommodate a nice-looking round sink built into the vanity with chrome handles and tap. Here we can also see a hanging vanity with a mirror, so this place can be considered as the full-fledged area for morning and evening hygienic procedures.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Round wooden furniture set in the tiny room

The fall theme of this small bathroom is complemented by nice pebble mosaic tile and the universal vanity with an open bar for the towel and the open shelf at the bottom.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Nice combined under-sink piece of furniture with opened towel storage

Wooden stylistic, as we can see, is very popular in the mix with white marble or ceramic surfaces. It brings a note of contrast into the calm interior and blends well with natural stone tile on the floor.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Wooden airy drawer case under the sinkSmall Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Wooden trim of the drawer surfaces in the light utilitarian space

The unusual form of the sink, tap, and vanity, and shelf for accessories continue the general contemporary minimalistic plot of the bathroom design. White surfaces dilute nicely the dark pastel colors of the wall finishing.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Unique design of the sink and the storage under it as a one whole

The complete wooden furniture set in the bathroom also looks appropriate in the small light bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Light wooden execution of the bathroom furniture

Wooden vanity looks perfect even in the background of the unique image of the mosaic tile. So, we can use such vanities even in the boldest designs.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Dark wood for unique trimming in the contemporary styled area

The fully white interior doesn’t annoy and bore with its monotonous surfaces due to the picture at the wall and gray floor. However, we would recommend you avoid finishing your bathroom in one color only. It will lose relevance and neatness with time, and any other accessories would seem inappropriately bright splashes of color here. In addition, such an interior would be very sensitive to the frequency of cleaning.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. White glossy ceramic sirfaces blends with plastic drawer

It is better to decorate the white interior with printed water repellent wallpaper.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Nice boudoir and wallpaper with the print

And here we can see the decorating option with an accent wall and a wide mirror. The vanity is in the form of the console in the center of the composition. The lamp is mounted separately from the peculiar design of decorative color gradient in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Airy design of the MDF panels

Crude timber treated with water repellent paint and the solid vanity console is representing the totally unique and fresh design.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. A whole complex of drawers

In the photo below we can see the small built-in vanity cabinet with chrome inlays and spherical sink which fits well the creamy bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. Nice small construction near the glass shower cabin

As we have seen already, the absolutely most used material for bathroom vanities is wood. Despite the abundance of finishing materials for walls, floor, and ceiling, we can receive absolutely gorgeous and various vanities made of wood.

Small Bathroom Space Saving Vanity Ideas. contrasting top and body of the wooden drawer

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