Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos

The problem of the arrangement of small and extra small bathrooms is familiar to many families. The standard and small one-bedroom apartments, built over forty years ago, often allocated no more than 3,5 square meters under utilitarian space for having water and sanitation procedures. To equip such a small room with all necessary plumbing, storage systems and accessories is no an easy task. Maintenance of the interior and exterior aesthetic appeal, not forgetting the ergonomics plan, is probably even harder to provide. But the designers had a lot of time to invent the best ways for placing plumbing, the development of compact models of baths and showers, suspended sinks, and toilets. We have gathered the most trendy of them in our nice collection of small bathroom interior space optimization ideas & layout photos. Both as finishing materials manufacturers expand their segment of ceramic tiles product lines year by year. Their color and texture solutions are ideal for the design of small spaces.


Nice deep blue arctic cold interior design for modern bathroom

Nowadays, the design of the bathroom with a small area, taking into account all the personal tastes and needs of the family, is not an impossible mission anymore. Moreover, a host of modern small-sized bathroom designers offer a range of solutions to optimize the space, visual increasing of the room, and creating truly practical, comfortable, and beautiful design. We hope that we have collected a selection of small-sized bathrooms design projects that will help you in creating a unique, practical, and attractive interior of the multi-functional space with a special microclimate.

Accord of the modern technologies for small modern bathroom Small homey and cozy bathroom design 2017

Where to Begin?

Before planning a renovation of small-sized bathroom, you must decide several dilemmas for yourself and answer vital questions:

  • what set of sanitary ware will be necessarily placed on the available space. It is understandable that within the framework of a modest number of square meters you’ll have to restrain yourself and not think about installing a bidet and double sink, Jacuzzi, and steam rooms;
  • does your family need to install a washing machine in the bathroom or it can be transferred to another room (e.g. the kitchen); is it possible to mount this important household appliance;
  • following architectural regulations, the door of the room should open into the room, but in the case of small spaces you can move away from the canons of construction and set the sliding or opening to the outside door (to the hallway, bedroom, or hallway);
  • whether there is a need to transfer basic communication systems to create an optimal plan. Now you can almost arbitrarily carry water pipes, sewage, heating, electrical wires wherever you need;
  • Are you principal about the presence of the bathtub in the room or replacing it will not infringe on the needs and desires of households? Because the angular compact hydroboxing can significantly save valuable space in the bathroom.

Bright accentual and vivid decoration of the modern styled bathroom Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 spectacular look outside the window Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 metro tiles Solid and strict design ideas combined in one small bathroom

Ways of Increasing the Visual Space

The smaller space, the more carefully it is necessary to think through the design. Given that the count goes to centimeters, the design of the modest-sized bathroom should be considered to the last detail. Experts recommend using of total selection system especially for small spaces. All the elements, including the smallest accessories, are thought out at the planning stage. Such an approach will help not only to create the most efficient and comfortable design of utilitarian space but also to protect themselves from unnecessary expenditures.

Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 flat and long dark brown tiles New design in the old motiffs with the polyethylene curtain and mirror in the form of basin Retro style in the 2017 - Classic interior with almost red wooden vanity surfaces

In the creation of ergonomic, aesthetic, and practical design as part of a small room, the owners have three allies:

  • Colour;
  • Lightness;
  • Form.

Marble tiled bathroom Neat bathroom vanity with light wooden surface Gorgeous turquoise tile in the shower zone of the bathroom

These three components need to be properly disposed of that small room seemed not only more spacious but could really contain all the necessary elements: plumbing with communications, storage, additional accessories, which are indispensable for the implementation of sanitary and hygienic procedures.

modern top-technology bathroom interior with the accentual shower cabin of glassVintage urban design ideas for small space fo the bathroomSpecklessly white and spirited design of the small bathroom

Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos

If we consider the ready-made design projects of the experts which were created for even the most modest-sized bathrooms, it can be noted that there are several features for placement of plumbing. Unfortunately, there is no ideal way for planning, so you’ll need to choose the right place for plumbing devices based on real characteristics of premises:

  • the shape of the room and the location of the door opening (windows – in the bath of a private house);
  • transmission of communications systems;
  • a number of plumbing (WC bath requires the location of tub or shower, toilet, and sink).

Top close-up view at the combined bathroom and toilet Nice and functional solution for small space One sink and two taps combination

When creating design projects of bathrooms, experts are trying to have a sink with a mirror above it in such fashion that they should appear as the first things that you see, coming into the room. But in the reality of a small room, we can step aside from this rule and move the sink closer to the bathtub and the toilet can be placed as close as possible to the sewage system.

Marine style touch in the urban apartment Nice idea of shelving in turquoise color gamma Marble surfaces for small suburban house

The Internet contains a considerable number of programs that can assist you in composing the layout of the premises on specific dimensions of the room and sanitary ware location. Modern sanitary ware manufacturers have no strict concepts of the standard dimension. You can find the correct size for a bath, shower, sink, or toilet. The same applies to the design – a spectrum of performance variations is incredibly broad – from classical forms to elaborate ones.

Bathroom with nice bluish olive color dilution Modern contemporary style bathroom design solution for small space

The minimum set of plumbing will allow you to create the most functional and comfortable design of the space. The toilet, sink, and bathtub is a standard set of sanitary ware, which can accept an effective replacement. When taking a bath is not the principal hygienic procedure for your family, replacement it with a shower will optimally distribute the usable space of a small room, because the size range of the angular device starts with the parameters of just 70 cm. This replacement will be more than needed if you plan of placing a washing machine within your small bathroom.

Shower cabin with hydromassage Clioht to zone the space Full white gamma

If a bathtub replacement with a shower is not your option, then, at least, it is necessary to use this massive plumbing object to the maximum extend. Combination of a bath with a shower is an effective method that allows organizing the maximum amount of water procedures at a minimal cost. A transparent glass wall will not allow water to penetrate beyond the water treatment area without weighing the image of the interior at the same time.

Checkmate tile style for small bathroom 2017 Light hi-tech interior Gray middle color in the light bathroom with arched window

Choosing a bath for a small space must be based on the width (about the smallest wall) so plumbing could fit into the available space. Unfortunately, in this case, neither the growth of family members nor personal preference does not count in the arrangement of space for water treatments. We have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of rational planning in small areas. And bathtub, which is built-in a niche (for the width of the room) is the optimal use of available square meters to accommodate such a large-scale sanitary ware.

Large underground tile finishing in the Classic bathroom Suspended vanity and glass screen for shower Lightweight design in the modern bathroom space Minimalistic design for small bathroom

The use of suspended structures helps in saving precious centimeters in a small bathrooms. Suspended toilets and sinks are not only ergonomically positioned in the room, but also bring practicality and comfort to the modern design of the bathroom of the room. Besides, it is much easier to carry out the cleaning of the premises with such fixtures, which is mega important in a small area.

Awesome bathroom design of functional wall with all necessary accessories Spectacular adding of the steel surface to the modern design Never fading white color decoration White design in the modern bathroom with built-in toilet

Massive storage systems not only take up much space in a small space but also a visually heavier images of the space. The effective replacement for cabinets and pedestals may be open shelves, where you can put all the amenities. But in the pursuit of providing ourselves with the necessary number of surfaces for storing, it is important to stop in time. Clearly define the required number of shelves. The abundance of such structures can lead to the opposite effect. A small room can look overloaded with details and stuffed with trifles. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle – between how much you need for storage and how many can afford in a small bathroom.

open storage systems for white small bathroom unusual artificial tile style to achieve new fashion in bathroom Marine style and eco details in small modern bathroom

The Color Palette and Choice of Finishes

All owners of small apartments or condos with small utilitarian spaces are well aware that light colors are preferred for the finishing their premises, as they contribute to the visual increase of the space. But when we came to the store building materials and see the bright ceramic tile with a colorful pattern, we make a decision about purchasing this product from the colorful collection in spite of all the advice of designers.

Peculiar blue tile design Gray marble tiling for shower zone Mix of finishing materials and techniques in the bathroom

Light colors reflect light perfectly, spreading it over a small room and creating a visual extension. From a psychological point of view, all shades of white will help to create a soothing environment in which everyone will be comfortable. It is so important to be able to relax, retire and take a bath in the room, where nothing will irritate your eyes after the day’s work. But this does not mean that absolutely white bathroom is the best among design options.

White 3D surface in the bathroom Creamy full of light bathroom rounded tap within spectacular bathroom design in white Classic design for the small functional bathroom space

The rule of colors selection to increase the space says that the ceiling should be the lightest spot. The walls should be painted slightly darker (or brighter) and the floor should be the darkest part. This color situation will help not only visually increase the height of the room, but also to create a favorable, in terms of emotional perception, background.

Functional vintage design of the small bathroom green theme for small bathroom Cells on the door and oval bent bathtub

A colorful bezel, located on a light background will also visually increase the height of the room. Place a border or a mosaic insert not in the middle of the room, but a few centimeters higher, and the visual effect will surprise you.

White decoration of the contemporary styled space Shower zone with mirror White neat functional bathroom Classic styled bathrrom with dark blue vanity

Bright interior accents are required. Experts recommend diluting the white surface of a bathroom with a natural wooden pattern. Whether it will be a light wood such as pine or maple, or contrast solution based on shades of wenge, it is an important thing that such a design will not appear dull, sterile and repulsive snow-white, uncomfortable. The easiest way to use wood (or its nice-looking analogs) as material storage: cabinets under the sink, open shelves, or a small wall cabinet.

Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 light brown stone finishing Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 dark noble wooden finish Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 Mirror glass surfaces of the shower Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 Wooden plank decorated bathtub

The easiest way to create a colorful accent in a bright room is with the help of textiles. The bathroom is no exception. And though the curtains on the windows and even the mat near the tub or sink are options of giving brightness, which is available not for every utilitarian space, you can always use bathroom towels.

Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 white small tile and rounded counter of vanity Gray and white small bathroom contemporary style Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 rainbow at the bath curtain Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 vivid pinky window curtains Small Bathroom Interior Space Optimization Ideas & Layout Photos 2017 grayish decoration

Creating a bright accent with the finish is possible to be with the help of conditional zoning of the area. For example, all the surfaces could be painted in a light tone, and a backsplash over a sink or shower area would be logical to decorate with colorful mosaic tiles. But in this case, it is important not to overdo it with accents, to avoid the emotionally depressing image of the space, which is supposed to complete the atmosphere of relaxation.

Interesting green inlays in bathroom finish Vlassic interior with ceramic tiles imitating stone Blue marine theme for the small bath Red and white design combination Mint top and dolphins as tap faucets

The shape and size of the finishing slabs are equally important. Experts recommend choosing medium-sized tiles for small spaces. Oversize items would be misplaced, and too small (especially the square tiles) would visually reduce the volume of the room. The vertical arrangement of rectangular tiles will create a visual increase in the height of the ceiling in the bathroom. A diagonal arrangement of the elements will increase the visual area of ​​each of the surfaces. Floor tiles laid diagonally are especially recommended. It will require a little more material than the standard layout, but the effect of this design is worth the cost.

Small decorative tile to finish all the bathroom surfaces gray and white color combination for really successful dominating hi-tech interior

The glossy design of vertical surfaces in small rooms is more prioritized than matted. If you are not ready to create a color emphasis, just dilute the light colored room with texture. The small convexity on one wall of the bathroom will not disturb the harmony but will help to diversify the design, to bring originality into the light interior.

Mere classic white atmosphere Dark sand tile imitating brickwork Different sorts of tile combination look good Nice modern bathroom example

Mosaic tile is great for zoning the space using finishes. Use mosaic as a decorative material for the shower area or over the bath, sink backsplash. Such an approach will not only provide reliable protection of the walls from moisture and temperature changes but will also diversify the image of a bathroom, will bring an element of originality.

Marble shower finishing ni the bathroom Sand natural mosaic brethes with eco style Lilac mosaic at the water side

The Lighting System and Other Elements of an Interior

Create the required level of illumination in a room of modest size is not just a mandatory point in the task list of designing but foreground work. Lighting plays a special role in a small room. That is why you can’t limit yourself only to the central lamp or built-in lighting around the perimeter of the room’s ceiling. Wall lights near the mirror or LED lights will help to create an additional light accent and visually expand the zone.

loft small functional bathroom of Modern style Gorgeous gray accent wall in the bathroom Bright blue accent wall in Modern styled galley bathroom White textured tile finish

The use of mirrors for visual expansion of space’s volume is the old design method, which is actively used in the rooms with the most diverse range of functional loads. Such a way to “erase” the boundaries of space for the bathroom fits perfectly because no bathroom is complete without a mirror. You will not recognize your little room if use a mirror surface over the entire space of the sink backsplash instead of the usual medium-sized mirror.

Tile imitating pictures to dilute white atmosphereBirght accent wall as a mix of colorful tilesStunning gray interior of modern bathroom

It will not be difficult to build wall lights or faucets in such a mirror these days. The mirror surface can accommodate shelves or a small embedded LED strip. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, needs, and budget.

Bathroom design of dark gray palette Gray color of the walls and wooden surface of the bathtub Different zones and combination of materials within bathroom interior

Hanging lockers with mirrored doors located above the sink will help you not only place the necessary stuff in storage but also to increase the space visually. Such cabinets are often made shallow, but this space is sufficient to accommodate the medicine chest, cosmetics, and even a hairdryer on the shelves. Mirrored facade-mounted storage systems can be either smooth or provided with fittings.

Carved glass shower zone Leveled zones of the modern rounded forms of the bathroom accessories Mirror and wood in the Classic styled bathroom space White marble in the bathroom 2017 Mirror surfaces of the bathroom vanity

Small Bathroom in the Attic

What to do if your utilitarian room can’t not only boast of a large area but also located in the complex in terms of the geometry architectural space of the attic? Of course, do not despair. There are many examples of design projects of bathrooms with efficient design, even in areas with a large number of projections and the abrupt slant of the ceiling. When you create interior space design of the utilitarian space, located in the attic or loft applies all the same rules for increasing the visual space, as in conventional bathrooms. With only one amendment – taking into account the architectural features. Locate storage systems in places with the most sharp ceiling bevel. And place the shower area within the highest point segment. It is impossible to avoid transferring plumbing if initially there was no decision on the location of the bathroom under the roof of a private home during planning and construction.

mild tone of olive in the natural style of bathroom with text Dark floor to dilute white space Skylight to the white bathroom interior Loft bathroom space with white enlarging color palette loft bathroom with combination of dark tile wall finish and white ceilinf paint

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