Bathroom Interior Lighting Ideas. Why is It So Important?

The bathroom is a multifunctional room. This is not only a place, where you can take a shower or a bath. Here you can relax and after a hard day’s work, and resorting to your thoughts alone. Therefore, the atmosphere of the bathroom should be appropriate.

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In pursuit of comfort, everything possible is done: expensive tiles and plumbing are purchased; the room is decorated with decorative rugs, shower curtains, shelves. But often we don’t into account such an insignificant at first glance detail as the lighting in the bathroom. But without the right lighting support any of the above mentioned facilities lose their appeal and look rather dull and uninteresting.


Lighting in the Bathroom: How to Choose?

To choose the right lighting is not difficult, it is enough to adopt a few simple rules:

First, the bathroom should be refreshed more than all the other rooms. The second condition is security. The lighting device must be outside the area of ​​the bathtub or shower cabin, and at an altitude which is higher than the height of the arm extended upwards.

Do not allow water to enter the light source. Therefore, the ideal option is ceiling lighting. If there is a need to further highlight the mirror zone, it is better to arrange the lighting devices on each side of it. In this case, the most suitable are wall sconces with a closed casing. Their lamps should not be too bright.

When installing lighting in the bathroom, always remember the constant companion of water procedures – humidity – the “best friend” for non-specialized lighting devices. Therefore, experts assume that they carefully treat the moisture-proofness indicators, stated on the package of any self-respecting manufacturer. This number for the bathroom should be four or more.

The number of light sources depends on the area of ​​the room and the height of its ceiling. Proceeding from the rules number one, which says about the greatest lightness of the room, it’s easy to guess that the larger the room, the more lighting equipment should be used.


Bathroom Interior Lighting Ideas. Why is It So Important?

For fans of a romantic atmosphere, there are design solutions in the form of floor lighting, which, however, does not exclude the presence of other light sources in the bathroom. Also, fans of non-standard solutions in the interior may be interested in adjustable lighting in the bathroom, which allows changing the power of the glow of the lamp depending on the purpose of staying in the bathroom.

Perhaps there will be those who consider the issue of lighting in the bathroom insignificant, not worth the time. But this is not entirely true, because correctly selected light can have a beneficial effect on a person’s mood. Even if this influence is limited by time spent on washing hands or cleaning teeth.

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