100 Best Children’s Room Design Trends & Ideas

Designing a children’s room is a difficult task in every way for any parent. You need to not just find and ergonomically positioned zones for sleep and rest, play, study, and work, but also to interlink all of these components into a single, harmonious image. And the most difficult in this case is to refrain from setting your own preferences above the desires of the child, no matter how unrealistic they may seem at first glance. Of course, the interior design of a child’s room, as well as any area of our living space, is influenced by constantly changing fashion. There are new opportunities in the creating of planning and we have collected about 100 best children’s room modern trends design ideas for you in this article. Manufacturers of finishing materials offer more practical and safe solutions, furniture designers are looking for new ways to create eco-friendly, beautiful, and practical models, and designers offer modern options of connection of all components together under the guise of the popular colors.


Modern functional and cozy atmosphere for little host wigwam and striped white red carpet as the playground

Being aware of the events taking place in the creation of children’s rooms design projects is necessary to all parents. You will face the renovation or reconstruction of your child’s room several times with respect to his/her growing, changing priorities, activities, and hobbies. Designers, in their turn, understand that no parent will choose as the base color that one, about which all the experts of the world are crying out in one voice if the child does not like any of the shades of the trendy color solutions. And if all children’s rooms will be equipped with swinging chairs, which are very popular, but scaring your child, you will not acquire a new-fangled piece of furniture. That is why there should not be strict recommendations about arrangement or trendy furnishings, decorative materials, or decorative elements in the field of the interior design of the child’s room.

Ascetic setting and the map for young geographist Kitsch styled interior for the child Vintage design of the modern styled kids' room with canopy bed

Meanwhile, there are a number of features that will never go out of style when you decorate a space for children of all ages:

  • the safe situation in terms of injuries;
  • environmental safety for human health and the environment;
  • ergonomics of the interior elements;
  • ease of operation and cleaning for all participants of the children’s room of the situation;
  • decoration of the room in subject related to the child (favorite heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, and personal dreams);
  • compliance with conditions of age, gender, and personal interests of the child.

Zebra rug and orange floor in the children's room Classic and vintage mix of styles in the nursery Neat creamy atmosphere created for the child

The Color Palette for the Child’s Room. Not an Easy Dilemma

The first question that occurs to parents before the start of the repair planning – “what color should we take to arrange the room?” It is believed that the use of standard colors (blue for boys and pink for girls) was a sign of bad taste. But it’s not of public opinion and fashion trends. If your little princess loves all shades of a pink or teenage girl like the gentle pastel colors, why not present a story, embodied in her own room to your child? If the boy close to a nautical theme or just like all shades of blue, this chilly palette, diluted with other shades, can be the key to creating the perfect place for the growth and development of your knight.

Small bed and storage system for the kid Spcious and opened to the nature kids' room Canopy bed as the playing zone with canopy

Coloring experts assert that the children’s room can be painted in virtually any color. The main thing is to choose the right shades and skillfully combine them with each other. And parents who have decided to create their own design or the room for their baby can face problems exactly at this point. We are looking at options for palettes on the Internet, combine the elements in special programs, come into the store, and realize that in fact chosen colors to have quite different shades and do not harmonize with each other. Or order the furniture and decoration materials on the Internet and then trying to put together the available “ingredients”.

Wigwam-like bed for the young adventurerGlance wooden floor in the children's room

Experts recommend not to be afraid of using bright colors which are capable to attract attention and create the correct accents for years. It is important only to use colorful hues adequately and stick to natural colors:

  • choosing green, stick saturated “marsh” colors (the color of moss, olive, mustard green, khaki);
  • If you choose to use yellow, so give preference to cream-lemon, pear, pale-yellow shades, ocher tones. The yellow color is very active. It is not recommended to use it in large quantities in terms of creating a specific emotional background for the child;
  • red and orange colors are about the same active color group that you should use carefully dosed. Problems would not arise with the carrot and burgundy shades, terracotta tones;
  • Many girls love pink, but also this shade of red has many variations – warm pastel colors can create the perfect backdrop for any furniture and decor;
  • All shades of blue are related to a cool palette (like most greenish tints), so you need to be cautious in using them if your room facing the north side of the building and has little natural light.

У set of bright stains as the children's room decoration Gorgeous and successful interior decoration with theater for children Pop-art interior for children 2017

The simplicity and conciseness, practicality, and ease of use of all elements of the interior, comfort, and convenience reached with the minimal amount of furniture and decor – these are the main reasons that are inherent to space designed in a Scandinavian style. If you like the “cozy minimalism” which conquered all the Nordic countries, the design of the room for a child can be a successful embodiment of your ideas about beauty and practicality. Almost in 100% of the rooms designed in Scandinavian style are decorated with white color for the walls. Small room with a small (standard) window often in need of such a light color scheme. White color will help to create not only a visual increase in the volume of the room but will also contribute to the spread of natural light. It is the perfect backdrop for any furniture and accessory.

Classic styled room for children 2017 Gray color palette to finish the children's room 2017 Vintage looking room for kidsFirplace in the major kids' roomUnusual ceiling rhimbic cinstruction for successful design of the kids'

Scandinavian style with its tendency to snow-white finish is suitable for decoration of the room for a hyperactive child, who can be induced an even more activity and even some aggression by bright colors. The light room looks a bit cool, so experts recommend using wood for bringing not only colorful accents, but also raising the degree of the interior character. The bed or storage, a desk or easel for painting made of light wood will become a safe and harmonious addition to the simple in the sense of planning, but cozy by the emotional perception design of the room.

White color palette and colorful toys to dilute the interior 100 Best Children's Room Modern Trends Design Ideas 2017. Unusual American style Scandinavian style acetic interior Dark bluish floor carpeting in the white atmosphere

Such a design method as the use of accent walls does not lose its popularity. The light room has one of the vertical surfaces finished in a bright or dark color. The widest usage has achieved magnetic thin canvas where you can draw with crayons, attach pictures, crafts and express your creativity in many different ways lately. And even the use of photo wallpapers does not lose its popularity. Photo printing with cartoon or movie characters, fabulous scenery, world map, or a starry sky – any variant which is similar in theme to the interests of your child will decorate the interior and bring a variety of colors in the bright image of the room.

100 Best Children's Room Modern Trends Design Ideas 2017. Almost interactive map wallpaper Black chalkboard and plenty of bright toys spectacular hi-tech chandelier sets the mood in the alternatively decorated kids' Black accent wall in the kids' room Gray accent wall in the room for senior pupil or high school student


It historically happens that people decorate the room for the baby with soft pastel colors. And there are several reasons. At first, the child will not see the situation, but only catch the mood of parents and react to it. Therefore, we can surely say that the peaceful atmosphere is created for moms and dads primarily. In the future, the child will need bright accents and wall decor to focus on its vision. Toys and decorative items look great on a light, neutral background.

Nice latticed crib fit into the interior if classic decorated children's room Loft space successfully decorated to become a nursery Dark purple interior in the well-lit boxed modern space of the children's room Pink and turquoise neat and tender color palette for girls' room

The use of the accent surface method can be started right from a room for the newborn. Any deviations from the light color palette will strike the eye and therefore emphasize the geometry of the room. Experts recommend that you opt for tranquil shades of blue, dark green, mustard, gray, and even the color of milk chocolate. Beware of very vivid variants of red, orange, and yellow.

Pink notes in the room decorated with love Light room design with wooden floor Dotted wallpaper for creative interior of the children's room Bluish touch of the contemporary styled room

It is particularly important to use safely in terms of environmental friendliness materials in the room for the newborn. It is not just about finishing materials and raw materials from which furnishing’s produced, but also about textiles in the arrangement of the premise. Bedding, curtains, carpet, upholstered furniture, and all that a child who has not yet had time to learn how to develop protection against allergens will touch, should be safe. The use of cotton, linen, and thin variations of wool will help create not only a beautiful but also absolutely safe design of the room textiles for the little master.

Orange set for nice looking children's room 2017 Rustic and Scandinvian touches in pop-art interior of the children's room Loft atmosphere of the white pastel color palette of the homey child's room Totally hi-tech modern interior of the kids' room

The room’s interior for the newborn should be as simple as possible. A bright and warm (but not hot) room should include only the most necessary furniture and accessory items. The room needs to “breathe” and not “choke” with the abundance of interior objects, decor, and textiles. Crib, chest of drawers with changing table and a chair (the best is “rocking” variant) for parents – that’s the best set of furniture for the baby room. Of course, you will need to take care of high-quality artificial lighting. You will not do without high-quality artificial lighting. It is necessary to have a point light source in the swaddling zone at least.

Animalistic theme for small kids' room Creamy pastel design for modern children's Photo Wallpaper for light olive interior

Interior Design of the Room for Little Lady

In arranging the interior of the girl’s room, designers recommend using the motives of freedom and comfort, but with a bias to the girlish theme and using your favorite colors as small accents. It is possible to use all the same Scandinavian style. But instead of gray, dark blue, and gray parts, we can take pink, purple, turquoise, or purple colors to highlight elements of the interior.

Modern light and joyful interior with swinging wooden chair Pink notes in the modern girl's room with canopy bed bed's like the fluffy puppy

Experts recommend paying special attention to textiles while designing a girl’s room. Decorating and furnishing can be very simple and practical. But it is the fabric, its quality, color, and texture that sets the tone for the character of the room, emphasize the sophistication and elegance of his little mistress. Fashion for ruffles and lace will never go away of course. The dosed implementation will help to create a light and fresh image of the room. But designers recommend paying attention to the different variations of plush in the new season – velvet, velour with different pile lengths may be the key to creating a not just maiden interior but such image of the room, which emits royal luxury.

entourage Classic interior in dark color palette Bright nursery in pop-art stylePastel yellow color palette for children's

Modern trends in decoration of the room for a little girl tied to the location of the light (usually white) furniture at the pastel background. It may be almost all shades of beige, pink, light mint, white purple. Popular is the combination of pale pink color with gray melange. The image becomes noble and maiden simultaneously.

Festive atmosphere in the room for newborn Accent raspberry colored wall in the kids' room Pink and creamy palette for bright homey mood of the children's room pink palette for wall decoration in kids' room

Room Design for a Boy

Depending on the age of the boy, parents are facing different problems in the distribution of space in the child’s room. They’ll need to leave more space for play and creativity if they have preschoolers. In preparation for the school and for further study, it is necessary to allocate a zone for organizing the workplace. A distinctive feature of a boy’s room is that for many years (perhaps till the very departure of his father’s house), you must have enough free space for physical training. Installation of horizontal bars (punching bag, basketball rings) and other tools to help solve the problem of proper directing the little man’s energy.

gym-room for boys Ascetic room for young man

One of the trends in the field of interior decoration for children is the use of soft wall panels. With the advent of hypoallergenic textile, which is easy to care for, the creation of “soft walls” has ceased to be a daunting task. The fabric of the velvet collections is most commonly used to trim vertical surfaces. Safe synthetic winterizer or its variations is often acts as soft filler. Such a wall design is usually used in the bed zone​.

Soft corner with the bed Modern stylish activity room for kids Unusually realistic decorated room with artificial clouds at the ceiling

If we talk about the themed rooms for a boy, the fashion for cartoon characters, fairy tales, and comic books is constantly changing. But in a continuous stream of favorite characters, there are topics that are relevant for many years. If the child is actively involved in sports, you can “play around” this theme by making the plot wallpaper, 3D printing on canvases for one of the walls; textile decoration of bed or windows in an appropriate way. Nothing is impossible as modern manufacturers surprise us with a variety of interior and finishing materials’ collections.

Batman sign at the wall Space theme for kids' room A touch of superhero thematic in the children's room

Another popular at all times theme for the registration of boy’s rooms is sea voyages. There is no need to use blue actively for finishing the interior or decorate bed textiles with white and blue stripes (except that the child asks you about it). Images of anchors and steering wheels, lighthouses, and sailboats on the bedding are a colorful touch to the establishment of thematic design. You can choose a neutral light blue shade for the walls or confine the design by using wallpaper with a colorless print on the marine theme. In any case, the color temperature of the room will be cool enough. Pieces of furniture or even of wood finishing can help you to “warm-up” the original image. Its natural pattern always brings warmth to any environment.

Pronounced classic design for childrens' Two-level successful design of the children's room

Modern Design Ideas for Teen Room

By creating a room design for a teenager, it is necessary to reorient priorities. The adult student has no need to allocate space for games, but the workspace area increases and even “enhances” with storage systems for accommodating books and various offices. In addition, the growing body needs more space for recreation and sleep. Adult bed replaces cot. Renovation is inevitable in the teen’s room, in spite of parents’ desire to save money.

White creamy design for chidlren's room Nice king bed zoning with naroow false-wall panel grren shadows in the child's room

Popular in the current and coming season design method of creating imitation masonry is seldom used in the pre-school room. But in a teenager’s room, it can be a topical decoration finish. On the one hand, industrial motifs bring dynamism to the interior, on the other – the terracotta color scheme creates a soothing background color due to the natural origin of this tint. The most common wall tile or real masonry is used as an accent trim of the surfaces. But under the condition of sufficient natural light, you can use terracotta dies as the basic material of the wall design.

Dark palette for children's room looks arthouse

It is not customary to purchase loft beds for teenagers, due to the fact that the child is no more interested in the process of sleeping at a certain height from the floor. But a bed, raised above the level of the flooring may be the only possible way in small spaces and will help to allocate space efficiently. Will it be the platform with built-in storage systems or a large loft bed with containers, hangers, and other devices for the wardrobe, shoes, sports equipment, and books under it – you decide.

Cyan blue interior boy's room Mere simple classic design

The Room for two Children. Distribution of Space Advice

In the room where they will relax, learn, play and engage with creativity two children at the same time, a priority in the list of to-dos becomes a competent and skillful space distribution and zoning. It is important to not only find a way of ergonomically positioning all the functional segments but to create an environment in which each child will have his/her own area, own place of solitude, own storage, and working areas.

Painted wall with the bear for little boy Striped children's room design for boys Marine theme for young brothers

The most spacious pieces of furniture in a room for two children appear beds. Their location defines the whole payout of the room. In this case, the location of the beds will depend on the difference in the age and gender of children and their relationship. In some cases, beds arranged in parallel and separated by a bedside table or small chest of drawers are a great option. In other situations, the bed should be set as far as possible (as much as the room area allows it) from each other. No matter what decision you’ve reached, it is necessary for each bed to be equipped with a source of artificial light and/or a small storage system.

Dotted wallpaper in coffee with milk color for two chidlren male kids' room with deep blue paint and classic setting White minimalsitic room with fireplace and two cribs Absolutely white Scandinavian interior in the room for boys Zones wallpaper finish to emphasize space for each kid

The installation of full-fledged bunk beds for two children becomes the only option in a small room. We don’t have to say much about how much usable space these structures save. Especially when you consider that almost all modern models are equipped with storage systems in the bottom of the beds or under the steps of the staircase leading to the upper tier. The entire structure is quite massive and inevitably becomes the focal point of any interior. And the rest of the room furnishings is built around it. Therefore, designers recommend choosing light wood or painted in neutral pastel colors (usually white) bunk beds.

Bright accent of purple drapes Indian bright style Gorgeous bunk bed for modern styled children's room White creamy palette Contemporary style in the room with bunk bed and nice color palette

But you’ll need to take care not only about installing of comfortable beds and roomy storage systems in the room for two children schoolers but also the organization of the workspace for each child. To save space designers recommend the use of consoles (fastened to the wall) as an alternative to bulky desks. You can zone functional segments in the room for two children not only by means of the furniture but also by using coloring.

Zoned by bright colors High white Scamdinavian style decorated room for boys honeycomb wall decoration

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