Bean Bag Chairs in the Interior and Landscape Design of Modern Home

Bean bag chairs are ultramodern and known for their versatility pieces of furniture. Today we are going to find out whether you can equally use bean bag chairs in the interior and landscape design as well.


Living room

Bean bag chair has different shapes. It can be used in the interior of the living room, however, classic chairs are used more commonly.  Creating comfort in the living room you should combine frameless chairs of different forms, but with covers made of the same fabric.

Black fireplace of complicated formGorgeous and fresh modern interior with domed fireplace and upholstered furniture at the living

Many people hesitate to purchase such chairs. They have some doubt whether it looks organic combining with the furniture in their living rooms. The main reason for doubts is the opinions of guests. Everyone wants to boast of their own dwellings in some way. Of course, commonly bean bag chair is used in variants of modern styles. A frameless chair will look more appropriate in such style as loft, hi-tech, avant-garde, country, eclectic, romantic than in the others.

White classic interior of the living and black metal coffee table in the center coloful and Translucent bean bag chairsModern luxurious apartment interior

Bean bag chairs with covers made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, or leather) will perfectly suit the living room in a country style. Natural shades emphasize the stylistic of the design and fit harmoniously into the overall color scheme of the room.

Brown laether bean-bags at the first floor of the suburb private house Totally rustic and ecological interiro of wood in the warm dining room Rustic private cottage with logged open beams ceiling and ascetic furniture set

Frameless furniture looks very organic in the living room decorated in Scandinavian style. Striving for maximum comfort by means of simple solutions – the basis of the concept of Scandinavian style and bean bag chair can be very useful in this cause.

Egg-shaped bean-bag chairs in the light modern living room interior Dark gray with bluish hint wall decoration in the neat English styled interior of the living

Living rooms made in a fusion of eclectic style can be ideally combined. For creating the unique image of the room you can use a bean bag chair with a long nap, knitting or fabric covers in the color of cushions.

Shabby-chic interior decoration with chest-box instead of coffee table in the focal center Nice woven bean-bag of round shape on the striped rug Bean-bags as red balls in the room

Сreating area for the rest in minimalism style bean bag chairs can be used as only one element of the furniture. It saves space in your room.

Coloful bean bag seats scattered all round the roomy living space  Bean Bag Chair Into the Interiors and Landscape Design of Modern Home with wooden planked floor and black seats

It doesn’t matter which style you‘ve chosen for your living room, bean bag chair bag always adds originality and stylishness to the interior. Just one piece of the overall room design can essentially change its entire view. The chairs should be bright, contrasting, and unusual in shape and size.

 Bean Bag Chair Into the Interiors and Landscape Design of Modern Home with futuristically formed seats  Bean Bag Chair Into the Interiors and Landscape Design of Modern Home with flying saucer as a seat  Bean Bag Chair Into the Interiors and Landscape Design of Modern Home with terrace

Children’s Room

Children are always active. They like changing places, games, details in the rooms. Using bean bag chairs in children’s rooms you care about their safety and health. Frameless furniture allows your child to relax, taking the form of his body.

Neat tender colors to decorate the children's room with bean bags Nice room storage systems for toys Photowallpaper of the whale and other animals in the kids' room Nice pinky wall decoration in the children's room with crib and backlighted wall elements

Children like bean bag chairs for their portability. It can be easy moved to another part of the room. At the same time, parents can be sure about the floor space and the safety of the child: a small weight of these chairs  (usually from 3 to 9 kg) and the absence of corners is the main reason to choose it for a child’s room interior.

Neat pale green color palette for wall decoration in the kids' room Large children's room with nice wall decoration and slanting ceiling Room relaxing and sports room with colorful chairs and wall shelving Absolutely spectacular wooden interior decoration with bunk bed in kids' room

The practicality of using bean bag chairs in kid’s rooms is evident. If a child smears the chair’s cover, it is easy to wash in a washing machine. Frameless furniture is filled with 100% polyurethane foam which has insulating properties. Inside of these furniture mold doesn’t form, moisture doesn’t accumulate, fungal bacteria doesn’t replicate. This aspect is the most important for parents whose children suffer from allergies.

In the children’s room, frameless ottomans and chairs can be not only a comfortable place for a rest in a useful position for health, but it can be bright accents also. Parents often choose light, neutral shades as the background of children’s rooms. It allows not to do the repair of the room every 3-4 years. You can change the design of the room only with bright accents. Bean bag chairs and soft puffs can be that such catchy, original, and picturesque spots.

Green rag as green grass in the blue colored children's room Nice artificial color of neutral palette for kids' room decoration Nice Marine style accord in the little children's room with bunk bed and bean bag chairs Large bean bag in the kids'

If two kids share one room, bean bag chairs help save valuable space. Instead of the bulky frame of the sofa or chair, you get a couple of soft poufs, who organize a place of rest and privacy just for two kinds, without taking up a large area so valuable square meters, leaving more space for active play.

Nice artificial lighting in the modern hi-tech styled living Wooden trim of the modern kids' room ultramodern living room with bright accentsGorgeous wooden furniture set in the room

Turquoise color is always a trend that can be used both as wall decoration or even to order the very bean bags with such cover to definitely strike anybody coming to the room

Turquoise tonal elements and bean bars in the children'shigh beige chidlren's room for many kidsYellow ceiling slant is a nice design idea for children's roomLarge colorful triangle design of the kids' room at the loft


A bag chair will naturally fit in a small bedroom, where besides the bed and a small storage system is difficult to place any carcass furniture. You can hang over it wall sconces or floor lamp set and a reading corner in a comfortable and relaxed posture will be ready.

Private and clean kids' room with orange accentual wall Dark noir entourage of the bedroom with fan Turquoise nice appearance of classic bedroom

Bright, original bean bag chairs can decorate a teenager’s bedrooms. The teenager can receive guests in his room and extra space for comfort seats never hurts. You can always remove the bean bag chair to the corner in small size bedroom if it isn’t currently in use.

Geometrically peculiar form of the bedroom in the private house Nice tunnel location of the bedroom

A bean bag chair with a soft and long nap cover can be the easiest way to create a place for privacy in a girl’s bedroom. It’s enough to place this chair in a free secluded corner of the room.

Pink and white strips in the girl's bedroom Nice grandeur classic interior with canopy bed Girlish gradient room decoration and the frameless seat Slender bedroom interior with bean bag pillow in the bed Strawberry room theme

Home Theater

If you have a special room for watching movies (a home theater) in your house, then bean bag chairs have to be there too. Length of films usually more than one and a half hours, all the while your back needs a reliable and at the same time comfortable support. The bean bag chairs bring you maximum comfort.

Black ceiling and wall decoration theme in the home theater with bean bags in the first row Black home theater theme

Game room

Bean bag chairs are essential in the room for billiards. The possibility to have a rest between the part of the game in a convenient and relaxed pose is very important. Moreover, there are less furniture in the game rooms than in the others. You will surely find a place for a couple of stylish and colorful frameless chairs.

Billiard room with red frameless armchairs Nice Scandinavian touch in the cottage living

Home office

Of course, the main part of the furniture in the office is a table and a chair or armchair. But a frameless comfortable bean bag chair will be a great addition to an existing interior. It is so pleasant after a long sitting at the table to relax in the soft “embrace” bag chair.

Royal yellow interior decoration in the classically designed zoned bedroom Wall-high window for modern green wall decorated bedroom Hi-tech apartment interiro not disposed of bean bags as decoration

Terrace and Patio on the Open Space

Frameless furniture is often used as an element of landscape design due to its main advantages – comfort, portability, and practicality. It isn’t difficult to wash the cover of the bean bag chairs if they get dirty. You can easily bring them on the patio or in the garage if the weather changes and it starts to rain.

Frameless upholstered sunbeds at the wooden terrace Bean bags at the pool

Bean bag chairs are softer and more comfortable than hard deckchairs and sun loungers. That’s why many hotels around the world and ordinary homeowners with a swimming pool in the local area choose frameless outdoor furniture for organizing recreational and taking air baths. You should choose hygroscopic material covers which dry quickly and easily can be cleaned at home.

Nice azure frameless seat at the pool Nice evening party at the pool of the villa Orange frameless sunbeds at the serpentine pool

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