Bathroom Tile Ideas

Currently, more rarely can be found a bathroom in which there would be no shower. If the premise for making water treatment has a very modest size, the owners most likely will refuse to install bath than get rid of the shower. The dynamic rhythm of modern life increasingly leads us to quite fast (but frequent) hygiene practices than the relaxed lying in the bath with foam. The ideal situation, of course, is the bathroom, which is able to fit the entire range of vital segments for water treatment and sanitation activities.

White cozy bathroom with glass shower cabine Grey textured trimming of walls with wooden imitation of the floor in the bathroom

When planning the bathroom remodeling or reconstruction, it is important to remember that the space near the shower and around needs a special finish. This place is undergoing to increased moisture and temperature extremes, it is the surface of the shower compartment with shower you will have to wash more often than others. Based on these data and of personal preference, financial capacity and the size of the bathroom, you can choose the finish for remodel.

Nicely decoarted in white bathroom with rose textile notes White bathroom with glass cabine for taking shower

Finishing materials. Bathroom tile ideas

Talking about the variety of materials, with which construction and hardware stores are full, is meaningless at this time. Obviously, the range of materials for finishing a bathroom surface can suit homeowners with any size of purse and taste preferences. Let us examine more ways of facing surfaces of bathrooms in the whole and showers spaces in particular.

Minimalistic and urbanistic bathroom interior with metro tiled floor and sloped ceiling

Ceramic tile

One of the most popular, rational and practical way to trim surfaces in the bathroom and especially shower planes is facing by a ceramic tile.

Unique antique style interior if the bathroom with marble surfaces and planes

Among the obvious advantages of this type of finishing materials can be identified:

  • strength;
  • relative durability;
  • high heat resistance;
  • water resistance;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • inexpensive cost;
  • a wide range of color palettes;
  • the use of the material with a pattern, ornament;
  • safe for human health and the environment;
  • not prone to fading of color;
  • neutrally react to the effects of chemicals with a small amount of acids or alkalis.

Bathtub as a focal point in the bathroom

The cons, you can add to the following criteria:

  • inability to change quickly the arrangement in a bathroom;
  • the complexity of the installation (for a perfect surface you should rely on a professional);
  • relatively high cost, both the material and services for its installation;
  • does not fit for facing any surface;
  • the joints between the tiles need special care for durable service without losing the original appearance;
  • bathroom interior may look cold if covering made entirely from ceramic tiles.

Metro tiled bathroom in grey utilitarian tones

One of the most popular and already became traditional type of ceramic finishing materials is “Metro” tiles. Initially, rectangular dies were used for decorating the walls of underground (hence the name), and were laid as a brick. Over time, the fashion on the “metro” (or “hog” in some countries) has moved from public places to the dwelling premises, and strengthening its position to this day. Depending on your preference, you can choose matte or glossy kind of tiles manufacturing with a smooth surface or a chamfered edge. You can use the grout in the tile tone or apply a contrasting combination while trimming walls, allocate tiles in the traditional horizontal way or use vertical masonry. It gives more diversity to the exterior space.

Brown blotched plaster in the original interior if the bathroom Wood imitation in the bathroom with porcelain tile

Ceramic tiles can easily mimic wood or stone surfaces. You have the opportunity to choose lining of the bathroom in any style, color and texture decision.

White marbled bathroom with smooth glance surfaces

Bacteriological purity of the ceramic tiles used for walls is caused only by the degree of contamination of the surface and the frequency of cleaning. Bacteria and mold do not survive on ceramics, it can be seen only in the presence of plaque or other foreign contamination. To prevent such contamination simply wash the tiles with special detergents, which are sufficient on the market and have a low cost.

White glass cabine for shower in modern bathroom

In contrast to the material of ceramic tiles, the joints between the facing elements are favorite gathering place of dust, dirt and moldy germs. As a result, the grout between the tiles can change its color and appearance just in 1.5-2 years. Therefore, you must periodically wash and treat it with a special antiseptic grout.

Bathtub in the austere interior of the bathroom Bathroom tile ideas for unique dark ceramic faced interior


Mosaic tiles

It came to us from ancient times, the material for artistic image became a great way to finish all surfaces and many utilitarian premises. Ceramic, glass, plastic, and metal mirror mosaic able to decorate the interior of any bathroom. The variety of colors, size and shape makes it possible not only to decorate the complex surfaces, but also to express your own imagination within the bathroom or toilet.

Paintinf Bathroom tile in modern interior

In addition to all the inherent positive qualities of ceramic tile, mosaic has a number of special features:

  • the possibility of creating artistic images;
  • Excellent for decoration, ornamentation of individual segments, zoning and bordering of area;
  • facing surfaces of any complexity: convex and rounded forms, niches, arches and all kinds of grooves;
  • You can stick it to any surface: concrete, plaster, wood, metal, acrylic, ceramics;
  • glass mosaic is much more durable than standard ceramic tiles.

Slope ceiling and mosaic tile in the bathroom

Among the small number of negative qualities include:

  • high enough price;
  • high cost of professional installation.

Marine mosaic theme in the bathroom

A similar pattern of surfaces design with mosaic tiles is called a pixel. It came to designers and homeowners taste worldwide. This installation does not require compliance with a strict drawing, but it is an interesting way of integration in the bathroom facing planes in different shades of the same color.

Gray mere mosaic tile in the bathroom is most organic

Mirror, textured, mosaic, Dutch tiles – the range of finishing materials in modern building stores full of all sorts of options. Everything depends on your taste preferences and budget for the bathroom renovation.

Light green and white combination in the minimalistic modern bathroom

Pixel technique mosaic trimming in the bathroom

Solid mosaic in the form of small square or rectangular chips looks great together with the snow-white grout.

Black and white ornamentation in the bathroom with mosaic tiles

Porcelain Tiles

This is a ceramic tile, but with enhanced qualities of strength and durability. Typically, such a finishing material used as a floor covering, but we can often find the bathroom, where the walls of the shower or near a bathtub lined with granite.

Porcelain tile in the dark brown bathroom interior

Porcelain tile has all the positive and negative qualities of ceramic tiles, but unlike the wall material, it is possible to drop any heavy objects on it without fear of cracks and chips.

Noble patina marble in the ultramodern bath

Porcelain tiles, as well as ceramic tiles for wall cladding is presented in a wide range of colors, comes with drawing and ornament, can have different texture, simulate stone or wooden surface.

black porcelain tiles for bathroom finishing

An interesting variant of the bathroom interior with shower can be a combination of light water-resistant plaster finish and dark porcelain tiles (for planes with high humidity).

Porcelain tile is the most popular for rustic bathroom interiors

Treatment of granite tiles is similar to the process of cleaning ceramic tiles, you can use same cleansers for both types of finishing.

Granite tilr in the modern bathroom interior with wide windows at the countryside house

With the facing of granite you also need to be very attentive to the cleaning and treatment of joints between the tiles and grout. Again, antiseptics, which are used for treatment of ceramic and mosaic surface with grout, will help you.

Light grey interior idea for the bathroom

Marble for shower finishing

One of the most solid and durable materials is natural stone. Of course, a favorite among natural cladding materials is marble. This noble and beautiful stone can add luxury and elegance to any bathroom interior.

Attic space with bathtub and shower cabine finished with marble

Among the obvious shortcomings of marble tiles can be called a very high price, especially if we talk about natural material, not its synthetic analogue. Work on surface finishes also is expensive, marble does not tolerate inaccuracy in cutting, requires special equipment and adhesives for stone plates. That is why using marble tiles in the interior designers try to apply it in the most humid areas – shower surface, a splashback over the sink and bathtub.

black metro tile of marble in the enjoyable noble European interior of bathroom

Due to the fact that the marble is extremely strong and durable material, it is often used as a floor covering and for making countertops shells. Falling of sharp, heavy objects is not scary to it, but scratches can occur on the marble. Some like the patina, which eventually formed on the surfaces of marble and gives the room a more refined look with a touch of antiquity. Some homeowners such time stamps are not acceptable. In this case, the grinding of marble and ointment it with special waxes and sprays can help. These manipulations with marble surfaces you can make on your own if there are no deep scratches or even cracks on the stone. Otherwise, you may need special equipment for the grinding of marble.

hi-tech bathroom with the marble walls and shower rack

For some people the durability of the marble cladding is an absolute advantage, because such repairs are not just for a year. It can pass from generation to generation (if the surface receives the proper care, of course). For other homeowners long-term depreciation of natural stone can cause refusing of the material because of the inability to change the ambience in 3-4 years. In this case, it makes sense to consider the option of using an artificial stone that mimics perfectly a natural material, but inferior to it in strength and durability.

Marble tiles for finishing walls in bathroom

Marble Tiles “Underground” (“Metro”) is a traditional, as the use of stone cladding is a way to elevate the whole bathroom or shower room.

Marble surfaces in the modern bathroom with black and white chequered floor

Combining tiles

Through a combination of different coating materials, you can create a really interesting finish of not only a shower area but the whole bathroom.


Marble tile irnamrntation in contemporary bathroom interior Bathtubb and glass shower cabine in the bathroom finished with marble

With colorful mosaic tiles you can create a spectacular fringing of the perimeter of the shower or entire bathroom, arrange a niche around the mirror. Against the background of the light ceramic tile edging bright spots appear most advantageous.

Ceramic and plastic alloy in the bathroom design ideas Platic panelling in the bathroom design Combining of the surfacing materials in the bathromo with two sinks White interior of the bathroom with steel, plastic, tile and plaster

Plastic for surface finishing in the bathroom

One of the most cost-effective and easy in terms of installation materials for walls of bathroom or shower are plastic panels. Usually these are PVC panels with laminated surfaces.

angular and two-colored minimalistic bathroom in plaster finishing

Such a lining you can produce yourself. The tools you`ll need are for sure in any household, and a small training will quickly “find your feet” on a similar finish. Yet another advantage of plastic panels is their simplicity of maintenance – cleaning by conventional detergents.

Combined materials for finishing of this bathroom creates a real composition of colors

The obvious advantage of the plastic trim is considered a wealth of colors, the possible use of a material with a pattern and ornament. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring to the bathroom interior brightness, individuality and personalize the way the room for little money.

Marble for minimalistic bathroom interior finishing

Among the disadvantages of plastic coatings would like to mention it is not environmentally friendly. Manufacturers of PVC panels are every year trying to reduce the percentage of toxicity, which contain almost all models of the finishing material.

Decorative plaster for trimming the surfaces in the grey bathroom looks good

There is also a disadvantage of this surface coating include the lack of ventilation. The walls lined with plastic “do not breathe.”

Decorative (textured) plaster

This is the most rare way of surface finishing in the bathroom. The trick is to cover all or only some of the walls with water resistant plaster.

Plastic panels for the bathroom and glass panel as a zoning stuff

Among the obvious advantages include the ability to independently (under certain construction skills) to make the finish. It is also pleasantly surprising the low cost of such repairs and the possibility of quick change of scenery, fast depreciation of finishing material.

Plastered bathroom is also good-lookingWooden ceiling and decorative structured plaster with separate dark marble wall in the bathroom looks futuristic

By cons of such finishes using plaster we can include the fragility of the material, dependence on the extreme temperature deviations and the tendency to form condensation.

Light cell of the bathroom in the dark blotched textured interior of he overall interior

As for colors, the decoration of walls with textured plaster usually gives you a choice of a monochromatic version. In this bathroom the play of color was achieved by mounting the LED backlight. Shade differences also possible to achieve with the help of deep surface relief.

Decorative textured plaster looks chic in modern sandy bathroom

Shower at the attic

Most homeowners who have asymmetric attic space equip it as a bathroom with shower. In the case of areas with a strong ceiling slant it is logical to place a shower in the spot of greatest height of the room, the remaining space can be used to install a bath, toilet, bidet and low storage.

White marbled surfaces in the attic bathroom

When making planes of the shower it is better to use a combined lining. On smooth symmetrical surfaces is better put ceramic tiles or granite, and in places with a strong slant – a mosaic. In such way you can save on material.

Sloped ceiling bathroom in the attic with ceramic tile trimming

For small asymmetric attic spaces the bright palette is definitely preferable. A white trim visually expand the space and will not focus on the roughness of the area.

Nice central console idea for the shower cabine with black tiled surface

This spacious attic space with a shower rack is not only the geometric center, but also the focus of attention. Bright finish of the bathroom contrasts with the darker shade of mosaic tiles.

black surfaces with plastice panels and white bathtub and sink in the bathroom interior

Contrasting interior of black and white was the highlight of this little bathroom, located in the attic. Decorating with steel edging plastic panels brought the element of individuality into the interior.

Glass construction for shower cabin in modern interior

This is certainly not the attic space, but you will agree, it is an unusual place for arranging the shower too. These design techniques are most often used in the loft, when the total spacious room is not divided by a wall, but only a conditional zoning space. But the modern style with its desire for practical, but the original minimalism, can be expressed in such structures of shower mini-rooms, located right in the hallway.

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