Aquarium Decoration by Creating Picturesque Underwater Landscapes

Aquarium decoration should be absolutely natural in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the fish. The aquarium should be a piece of nature, a pleasant piece of furniture for our eyes, but a particularly suitable habitat for the good of the fish. When buying every design element, you should carefully consider your decision. Consider ready-made decoration options for a bewitching aquarium.


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Aquarium Decoration by Creating Picturesque Underwater Landscapes. Round glass aquarium on the nightstand

Aquarium Design: Photos of Splendid Ideas

Aquarium decorations are all that make a fish tank unique. Special accessories perfectly decorate the water and attract attention with their aesthetics. The design of the aquarium in the photographs of this article represents a lot of different solutions. Among them, every fan of the underwater world in miniature will surely find something for him. Consider using decorative roots and bark, stones, photo wallpapers, backgrounds, and more. A wide selection of aquarium decorations is a guarantee that everyone will find something that meets personal expectations in the offer.

Aquarium Decoration by Creating Picturesque Underwater Landscapes. Large aquatic plant which is out of the water level Aquarium Decoration by Creating Picturesque Underwater Landscapes. Lush aquatic vegetation

Aquarium Decorations Are an Easy Way to Make Your Tank Look Prettier

Aquarium decorations create a unique body of water. Each element is, first of all, a high-quality finish and excellent aesthetics. Decorations will make your aquarium a special, beautiful underwater world and an original, intriguing piece of furniture for each room.

Aquarium Decoration by Creating Picturesque Underwater Landscapes. Root with stones Colorful aquarium decoration

Popular Examples of Aquarium Design

A variety of decorations for the aquarium also positively affects the organisms that live in this home water tank. Various structures, cliffs with small caves, and even decorative ships or castles diversify the space in which fish live every day, making it look like a natural diverse marine environment. Most fish species like to hide in the corners of the aquarium and find new, hidden habitats, so new decorations will also be beneficial for them.

Simple middle-sized aquarium with bright decorative underwater balls

Special Requirements for the Design of the 100-liter Aquarium

When creating an aquarium, everyone wants it not only to be a refuge for fish and other creatures but also to look beautiful. For this reason, it is worth placing some decorations in it. They will become not only an elegant addition but also a shelter for fish. When choosing decorations for your aquarium, however, be very careful. By placing inappropriate objects in the water, you can change its PH and cause fish poisoning. To avoid this, it is worth familiarizing yourself in detail with the features of a particular piece of equipment.

Moss overgrown aquarium with sandy colored stone

It’s important! When choosing aquarium decorations, always make sure that they are suitable for the specific type of fish!

Colorful algae for underwater world of home aquarium

Various types of decorations are placed in aquariums: both natural (such as roots, stones, or plants) and artificial (such as castles or caves). However, it is worth remembering that not all of these decorations are suitable for each type of fish. For example, stones change the hardness of water, and placing roots in an aquarium can lead to the development of algae. Most jewelry can change the pH of the water. In addition, it should be remembered that sea turtles present completely different requirements than fish regarding the arrangement of aquarium decor.

You should be careful when buying artificial elements. Not every castle that looks beautiful can be safely placed in an aquarium. First of all, you should never place any artificial figures (for example, toys) in the aquarium that are not intended for this purpose. This can cause fish poisoning.

Modern designed aquarium for bedroom Proper LED lighting and driftwood for aquarium decoration

Aquarium Decoration with Plants

Aquarium plants are not just a decoration of a water tank. They are an important element of the ecosystem of each aquarium. Plants absorb nutrients from water and soil, reduce the carbon dioxide content in the fluid, and release oxygen.

Javanese moss for home aquarium

Javanese Moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri)

Javanese moss can freely swim in the water, attach to stones or roots, so it can be placed anywhere in the aquarium. In addition, it requires very little light and tolerates a wide range of levels of hardness and water temperature. This makes it suitable for almost any aquarium.

Driftwood with algae

Anubias (Anubias barteri var. Nana)

Where possible, anubias should be attached to other plants, ornaments, or roots, but it can be planted directly in the gravel. Most species have small requirements for water hardness and nutrients, and also feels well in low light conditions.

Rich and diverse life in the aquarium

Wendt’s water trumpet (Cryptocoryne wendtii)

Wendt’s trumpet is a native of Sri Lanka and grows up to 30 cm in height. This is a fast-growing plant that can develop in low light and in a wide range of water hardness. It is suitable for almost any aquarium, especially newly created ones, where it quickly eliminates the feeling of emptiness. Cryptocoryne is available in several different shapes and colors.

Two small aquariums on the table


The tall, slender shape of the ribbon makes it an ideal plant for the rear areas of large aquariums. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when choosing specific species, because the leaves of some plants can reach 150 cm in length. Works great in low light conditions grows well on sandy soil. It can often be found in most pet stores because it develops even in hard water.

Undewwater wood surrounded by aquatic plants

Algae (Aegagropila linnaei)

Usually, algae are not welcome in the aquarium, with the exception of those ornamental and slowly growing species in the form of spheres. These undemanding thin balls of moss are a source of food for shrimp and are also ideal for nano-aquariums. They can be easily cleaned by rinsing under running water. Just make sure that the water is not warm, because the spherical branches do not like it.

Successfully decorated aquarium full of fish

The Design of the Aquarium with Snags

The roots of Asian rhododendrons, which are naturally water-resistant, have a unique shape. They represent an aquarium decoration, shelter for fish, as well as food for aquatic inhabitants. There have many advantages:

  • create an excellent refuge for fish;
  • the unique shape is a chic decoration;
  • suitable for any biotope;
  • ideal for planting mosses;
  • harmoniously combined with plants such as anubias, microsoria.

Simple aquarium decoration with couple of plants and a snag A real piece of art under water

DIY Aquarium Design: Useful Tips

Start at the bottom of the aquarium. Gravel should not be artificially painted. Use only ordinary one, for example, gray or white. Then larger stones suitable for the aquarium, such as granite or basalt, can be placed.

Driftwood and vallisneria decoration for aquarium

You can use wood roots, which are a very suitable decoration for a freshwater aquarium. Do not forget about coconut, half of it can become a natural refuge for fish. Wood should be bought at a pet store, and self-assembled wood can give off contaminants. Gravel, stones, wood should be carefully boiled and, if necessary, add a little salt to the water.

Modern aquarium decoration of plants and wood at the white background

Plants should be arranged so that they do not hide behind each other, that is, from the highest ones in the end to the lowest ones in the front. Examples of plants growing in front are small marshy, dwarf anubias. Plants growing in the center: alternanthera reineckii, cabomba, echinodorus. Plants growing at the back: Elodea, Aponogeton Crispus. Do not forget to put artificial greens, gypsum stones, colored gravel, toy ships, etc. into the aquarium.

Juicy greenery for aquarium with many species

Amateur and professional breeding of creatures in aquariums are very popular. Many people cannot imagine spending their free time anywhere else than in their own aquarium. Consider interesting options for real aquarium design for personal inspiration.

Dark green plants for bottom aquarium decoration Ultramodern and stylish aquarium decoration with huge snag and lamp over it Night mode in the aquarium Algae decoration for aquarium Wooden decoration with moss for aquarium Overgrown underwater wood decoration Colorful aquarium with many decor ideas

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