Six Washer & Dryer Features Your Large Family Needs

Anyone who has had to replace an aging washer and dryer will tell you that these machines are not created equal and the differences between a budget model and something high-end are far greater than the numbers on their respective price tags. If you’ve got a large family, you’re likely spending more than your fair share of time doing load after a load of laundry, so it stands to reason that all else being equal, you want a washer and dryer that is up to the task. Here is a list of must-have features that you should think about before reaching for your smartphone and saying, “Hey Google, find a washing machine sale near me!”.

Six Washer & Dryer Features Your Large Family Needs. Compact utility room with highly organized appliances and storage

Quick Wash or Dry

The washing and drying machines that will inevitably find their way into your home should come with more than the standard wash and dry functions. Since the daily life of a large family seldom flows smoothly, your appliances should be able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Need to do more than one load before calling it a night? Forgot to wash the kids’ uniforms? Your washer and dryer’s quick wash/dry functions will have your clothes clean in a fraction of the time it takes to clean a load on the normal setting.

High Efficiency Options

It can be surprisingly difficult to find a washer and dryer that doesn’t market their energy-efficient qualities as a selling feature and it’s easy to understand why. Many homeowners have made the conscious effort to reduce their home’s overall carbon footprint and that typically means replacing inefficient, aging technology with modern, green alternatives. And while you might look at a new washer or dryer and think that it consumes roughly the same amount of energy as the one you’ve got plugged in back home, there are a number of different features, including auto-sensing and dry sensing technologies, that position a new washer or dryer much more favourably in the eyes of the eco-conscious consumer. As someone with a larger family, these features will not only allow you to complete more loads in a day using fewer resources, they’ll also reduce the cost associated with each cycle (these cost savings will add up considerably over the lifetime of the appliance, and certainly justify investing in a higher efficiency albeit higher-end model). If you’re thinking that a high efficiency washer and dryer will fall outside of your budget, you can save a considerable amount by keeping out for a washer and dryer sale at your favourite appliance store or online retailer.

Steam Wash

If you’re tired of pre-washing stain-laden children’s clothes, you may not be willing to wait for a washer dryer sale to come along. After all, the last thing you want to do after a long day of working, shuttling the kids to and from school and extracurriculars, and making sure everyone is fed, is attempt to remove a seemingly endless supply of clothing stains. Since avoiding stains altogether is not exactly a practical option, and keeping on top of pre-washing a losing battle, choosing a washer that comes equipped with steam wash could be the answer to your prayers.

By the way, we should not forget that a stainless steel pipe will ensure your laundry piping will be in great shape for years to come.

WiFi Capabilities

You may have noticed that just about every appliance that can be purchased for your home now has at least one “smart” solution. When it comes to washers and dryers, you might think that controlling them via a smartphone app or by issuing a voice command to your virtual assistant is at the very least, unnecessary. But, for large families, this functionality can be a lifesaver. Imagine never again having to lament the fact that you forgot to start the wash cycle before leaving for work in the morning. Now imagine never having to rewash a load of freshly-washed clothes because you forgot to turn on the dryer. Suddenly these features don’t seem so superfluous, do they?

Extra Large Capacity

For large families, purchasing a washer and dryer that feature a larger load capacity is a no brainer. The fact that you can get more dirty clothes into one load not only means that you’ll reduce the amount of water and electricity required to power the appliance, it also means that you’ll spend a little less of your daily life doing laundry. When you sit down and weigh the added cost of a larger machine versus the cost you associate with your time and energy completing this chore, you may realize that spending a little bit more for a larger capacity unit is worthwhile.

Wrinkle Shield

Though only applicable to dryers, wrinkle shield is a feature that many consider being the greatest single feature an appliance can come with. Why? If you think washing and drying and putting away clothes for a large family is time-consuming, consider how much time ironing all those clothes will add.

Investing in a high-quality washer and dryer duo that can accommodate your household’s laundry needs will save you time, aggravation, and money in the future. The experts at Appliance Canada can walk you through the various washer and dryer models available and best suited for larger families, helping you make an informed decision for you and your family.

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