Laundry Room Bathroom Combo Ideas with Photos

In the previous article, we’ve explored the most demanded places to allocate laundry and now we will concentrate on combining the bathroom with laundry. Somebody sees such an approach as the possibility to utilize the utilitarian premises to the maximum extend. The other people choose the compatibility and universalism of the space, where every element should carry at least one or a couple of duties. In any case, the wish to unite the bathroom and laundry in most cases means the gravitation to minimalism and corresponds with the latest design trends. Not only the owners of small apartments tend to combine as many functional zones in one as possible. The owners of large houses and mansions don’t want to waste space in vain too. That’s why our small compilation of laundry room bathroom combo ideas with photos can appear useful to many readers of

Hide the Washing Machines and Accessories

We can conditionally divide our combined bathroom with the washing and cleaning functions into two logical groups. One of them would be a premise with cleaning devices hidden into cabinets, with curtains, and with special niches. And the second one will be an open layout design variant where the washing and drying machines become part of the overall atmosphere.

If we decide to hide our washing appliances from open sight, we can refer to old known tricks. For example, we can use the shower curtain to mask the washing machine behind it.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. The curtain from droplets

Another effective and cutting edge method to hide and zone the cleaning segment of the bathroom is the building of a false cabinet where all the appliances are hidden. We can create a real laundry space within the bathroom. But, of course, we need to have enough space for such fantasy.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Dedicated zone for cleaning appliancesLaundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Built-in washing machine and cabinet for clothes with sliding door

A real ceiling-high cabinet is also an effective way to disguise extra elements of your functional segment. The additional free space on the shelves is also possible even after installing a washing and drying machine right to the locker.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Cabinet for appliances in the large space with mirror and airy vanity

The laundry zone can be also hidden behind the sliding doors which are executed in the general concept of bathroom interior.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Closing sliding doors to protect the appliances from water and steam

Built-in Laundry Appliances

But it is also possible not to hide the laundry zone and to inscribe organically all the accessories to the bathroom area. The functional washing machine can be both useful and acting as a decorating element.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Modern interior design style for the room with vanity and built-in cabinet

Modern household appliances are designed to be visually attractive. So the combination of the furniture and sanitary ware creates a monolithic picture in most cases.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Organic placing the applainces into the large bathroom

If space allows, it would be prudent to fence the laundry appliances with the false-niche or wall partition in order to moisture, steam, and temperature made less effect to the electric schemes. It will largely prolong the operational term of your bathroom equipment.

Laundry & Bathroom Combining Ideas with Photos. Zoning the space to find an extra for washing and drying machines

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