Modern Private House’s Balustrade Design

Modern private houses, cottages, and mansions can’t do without staircases and fencing that prevent people from falling down from the height of the top levels. In some cases, designers and architects are trying to zone the place with the help of additional handrails and panels to emphasize the difference between conceptual areas. So, where is a baluster among all this? It is the fencing that is cordoning off the high levels of the patios, terraces, etc. or simple fencing of the staircase in the modern sense. But the term reaches us from the 17th century when Italians began to call a set of columns with a rail at the top in castles a “balaustra” after inflorescence of pomegranate which also has such rotund form. Initially, the balustrade also can be met as the window decorating, the side panels of beds in royal bedchamber. The original form of the balustrade construction you can see below. Now, the original term can be related to any form of fencing of the modern staircase. And we’ve gathered a small collection of modern private house balustrade designs to discover the main roles of this useful and effective design element.


Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Genuine concrete balusters at the terrace

The baluster has no official distinction into types. But we will try to separate the most popular concepts of using the balusters in the modern interior into a couple of logical groups.

Balustrade Types for Modern Interiors

Plain Metal Baluster for the Staircase

The name speaks for itself, – the is plain fencing of the staircases with a minimum of figuring the metal. The mere frame provides reliability, simplicity of construction, and relatively low cost. But it is no less popular and effective to look at.

Modern private house interior with steel framed handrails at the staircase at the wall

Absolutely white speckless interior for the modern airy stepped staircase with thin posts and matted handrail Latticed stairway zone to prevent falling down the floor Gorgeous as if divisive ceiling which is transforming to segmented balustrade in modern style

It is also available not only between the floor but also to fence off the logical zones of large spaces. The metal frame comes in handy to make the elevation safer.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Slanted ceiling and the same is staircase

Wooden Balustrade

The wooden elements of the interior will always be in the rage because of their ecological friendliness, a rich selection of colors and forms, as well as the cheapness of the manufacturing. We can also enumerate tons of advantages of timber as the building material but it is better to admit the spectacular designs of balustrades it can easily form in modern houses.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Airy modern glass, steel and wood material mix for the suburb hi-tech interiorModern Private House's Balustrade Design. Totally wooden construction

The wood can be also easily colored and imitate other building materials such as metal, plastic, or stone. Raw timber is an almost necessary material for the Classic design style.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Modern and Classic styled synthesis in the matted pastel colored interior

Glass and Plastic Banister for Modern Styled Interiors

The wood is often used as the material for steps, banisters of the stairway. And glass, plexiglass, and plastic are constantly gain popularity as the fencing materials of the panels for the staircase. A big number of hi-tech, modern, futuristic designs are now composed on the basis of glass. And we can see why. The most spectacular, airy, and advanced constructions are not devoided of glass frames or inlays at least.

Modern and even futuristic glass and concrete design of the staircase with notes of eco

If we speak about safety, we should mention that modern glass can be tempered or plastic-based, so it hardly can be damaged or broken, as well as its splinters are not so damaging as they are from mere glass.

Plain wooden stairs with glass shield as a balustrade Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. White matted concept with glass screen  Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Futuristic style for the modern matted painted and light wooden interior

Metal frame and glass or translucent plastic form a unique symbiosis. The most lightweight and safe constructions can be used in places with a small amount of free space.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Black sided wooden staircase with glass fencing and metal framed handrail

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Black airy handrail

Glass and plastic are combined in the most innovative interiors. In composition with well-known classic materials as stone, wood, and metal it is possible to create verily unpredictable designs. The intensive use of the glass material doesn’t create the feeling of cluttered space. It can be used as complementary or the accentual stroke to the existing forms to dilute the strictness of design. The chosen stylistic will not be changed though.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Glass roof panels and the glass fencing of the modern styled staircase in the large loftModern Private House's Balustrade Design. Absolutely unusual concept of the segmented wooden stairs with glass fencing

Wrought Iron Constructions

Metal is considered a noble building material. So its use is often drawn some Classic, royal interiors in imagination. And it is not far from true. If you prefer a wrought iron balustrade, you are probably the owner of the large spaced mansion with a spiral staircase. Such a balustrade requires space and scale. It can turn the stairway into a masterpiece.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Spiral staircase in the center of Classic styled place

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Royal classic (Victorian) style for the interior of private mansionModern Private House's Balustrade Design. Wrought iron figured handrail and screen     Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Near East concept with wrought iron stair fence

The wrought iron constructions can be easily adapted to the form of the classic “balustrade”. And it is also relevant for French balconies or terraces with columns.

Modern Private House's Balustrade Design. Seaside house with alternative metal and concrete columns intermixing

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