Hanging Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas

The crazy rhythm of life in the modern city pushes us to look for new ways of relaxing. The opportunity to relax, get pacification, and relaxation within your own home is priceless. But you do not need to “reinvent the wheel”, or rather it is enough to transform the long-known human ways of relaxation. By “interbreeding” the swing and hammock into one piece by using modern durable and long-lasting materials, designers have created an affordable and aesthetic piece of furniture – a hanging bubble chair. Modern interior ideas allow the placing of seats that are different in form, size, and materials of execution. These means for rest and relaxation can become a harmonious addition to any interior. We bring to your attention a hundred design projects of allocation a hanging chair in the interior and exterior of a modern dwelling.


Suspnded rattan wicker chair in the Classic light interior Kids' room with romantic hanging chair

Hanging Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Design and Materials

The “Hanging-swing-chair” option is the second designation of a hanging chair not by chance. The ability to swing in different directions and spin around its axis will give the ability to recall childhood for adults. The name speaks for itself – the pendant chair is a cocoon, a mini hammock, or a bowl made of rattan, vines, or modern materials such as plastic, acrylic, or polyurethane hanging from the ceiling or beam with a chain, rope, or another type of attachment.

Blue painted walls for the unexpectedly decorated room for boy Romantic nook for the bachelor in the urban jungle

First of all, all hanging chairs are classified according to the material of execution. The swing armchair, being a combination of a hammock and rocking chair, can be made of:

  • Vines;
  • Rattan (natural or artificial);
  • Plastic;
  • Acrylic;
  • Wood;
  • Metal rods;
  • Fabric;
  • Appear as a combination of different materials.

Classic interior with upholstered coffee table and almost invisible suspnded chair Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Minimalsitic style Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Glass roof and cage carcass of the hangin chair in the ultramodern house Warm atmosphere for the living room with peach colored wallpaper

In addition to the way and material of execution, the hanging armchairs differ in the maximum weight that can bear the design. You need to know the upper limit by weight for each particular model. Some seats are designed for a weight of not more than 100 kg, others can withstand 150 kg of load. It all depends on the material, size, and shape of the swing chair.

Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Modern den with light finishing Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Wicker pyramid in the spectacular studio apartment

But the main difference between the hanging chairs is related to their design. Globally, all the basic models of armchairs are derived from the 2 most famous models. The first is the Egg-chair, which was invented in 1957 by a designer from Denmark. Many modern models of hanging swings are variations on the “eggs” theme in one or another modification. Convenient seating in an ergonomic chair has become a symbol of relaxation and creating the most comfortable relaxation area in any room.

Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Cozy kids' room in white color Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Stone tiled walls

The second no less famous design of the Bubble hanging chair was coined in Finland a bit later, in 1968. If the swing Egg chairs constantly undergo changes, the “bubble chair” releases in its pristine appearance. The changes are related mostly to the material of execution and some decorating of the model, – there is a chair with perimeter lighting. You can also put engraving or photo printing on the translucent surface of the “bubble”.

Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Unusual styled children's room with perky curtains Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Warm coffee and milk color palette for modern studio apartment Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Business atmosphere in the modern living

Any model of the hanging chair is equipped with soft inserts, cushions, or rollers for more comfortable placement. Some ​​models come with ready-made soft liners or you can buy an armchair and create an inner filling yourself (for example, make a soft seat to fit the color of decorative sofa cushions or any other textiles in the interior).

Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Cozy small living with open wooden beams Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Creative modular design for the modern area of apartment Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Suburban stylistic with large entrance and full of light Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Abstract picture and round poufs at the sofa

The rattan and vine models have a rather rigid body, perfectly hold the shape and meet the requirements of ergonomics. Most often, such models look like a cocoon, as if enveloping a person sitting in it. This model creates a special mood for everyone who is comfortably located inside. Privacy, security, and relaxation are feelings that are so necessary in today’s dynamic world.

Suspended Bubble Chair. Modern Interior Ideas. Brown sofa and wicker chairsUnusual form of suspended chair with pruple fluffy cushion

Models of textiles are more reminiscent of hammocks, but performed in more compact variations. A hanging chair similar to a hammock will become an organic part of the interior decorated in one of the varieties of country style – from Mediterranean to Provence.

White neat design for the modern kids' room with painting on the wall Hammock looking suspended chairs at the pool Outdoor patio with lime curtains and hanging armchair Playground in the room with suspended chair

A bubble chair with a rigid frame, plastic, or acrylic will perfectly fit into any direction of modern stylistics. High-tech style, Loft, Contemporary and varieties of Industrial style can also benefit from the presence of transparent plastic-made swing-chair in the interior.

Yellow wall paint and the brown folded blind curtains Gray furniture zone in the center of the large living Bed on the pedestal with built-in storage in the kids' room Navy blue futurism for the modern hi-tech styled bedroom with plastic suspended bubble chair Red rug in the ideally white space

Interior and Exterior with a Hanging Chair

So, where can you use a hanging chair as part of the interior? Yes, almost anywhere. If some time ago you could see a swing chair only in children’s rooms and bedrooms, nowadays this piece of furniture can be found in living rooms, home offices, canteens, and even spacious kitchens. It all depends on which room is more convenient for you to arrange a corner for rest and relaxation (or a place for reading, rocking the child) and the parameters of the room itself. It’s because the chair needs free space for comfortable swinging.

Unusual colored hanging armchair with the peacock purple color design

If we talk about the variations of the integration of a hanging chair in the interior of any room, so there are only two popular methods. The first option may be called “cozy corner”. A special place is allocated for a chair in the room where you can relax or read. This method of harmonious integration can be used in bedrooms, offices, and children’s rooms (especially with two or more children).

Wicker suspended armchair is ideal for wooden trimmed room Open layout studio apartment in modern industrial style with panoramic windows and cutting edge design solutions GIrl's room with pink walls and white framed suspended chair

The second variation of “inscribing” of the swing chair to the interior of the modern dwelling is connected with the creation of an accent element, the center of coordination and attraction of all sights. It’s easy to guess that a hanging chair itself becomes such an element of the interior. At the same time, it does not have to be located strictly in the center of the room. It’s enough to accentuate the neutral background of the interior design and have free space around it.

Elaborated neat kids; room interior with wicker hanging armchair Loft room with abruptly slants of ceiling and full of light Elongated room with wicker suspended chair

Pendant Armchair in the Living Room

A cocoon chair or “bubble” often becomes a complement to the recreation area of ​​a modern living room. Whether the resting segment is formed by a sofa and armchairs, is it supplemented by a fireplace or TV, – a pendant chair will never become superfluous. On the one hand, you are conveniently located in an individual place for rest and relaxation, on the other – you can freely communicate with all who are in the room.

Dark rattan wicker suspended chair and Roman blinds of same material for eco styled living Boxed room with light wooden furniture and wicker suspended chair

Wicker chairs from the vine or rattan are most organically looked in the living room, decorated in the Country, seaside, Mediterranean-styled rooms. The eclectic interior of the living room is capable of taking any execution of a pendant swing chair.

Wicker chair looks like it is forged construction in the large living with fireplace

In most cases, the hanging chair is attached directly to the ceiling. It is convenient to mount the swing chair to the ceiling beams for some rooms. In spacious studio premises with an incredibly high ceiling and the upper tier, a cocoon chair or a hammock can be attached to the base of the second level.

Two-level apartment with large white painted shelving and suspended chair Relaxing zone in the studio apartment with anatomic lounge chair with suspended wicker chair here too

Swing-Chair in the Bedroom

The ideal way to create a reading corner in the bedroom is by hanging a comfortable chair that will allow you to create a privacy corner even in a small room. Compact models that do not take up much space are perfect for such purposes.

Orange complex painted floor and orange cushions for suspended chair Bright kids' room design of azure painted walls and a blanket with colorful circles Pink painted walls and the plastic silver hanging armchair Pink coverlet for leg zone of the beds as the accentual element of design

The “bubble” hanging chair with a transparent frame is able to fit organically into many styles of bedroom design. Any direction of modern stylistics will only be enriched from the presence of such an original, yet practical piece of furniture.

Private house's kids room with blue selective decorative elements and plastic translucent suspended chair Small living with maximum functionality in every inch

Snow-white cushion-armchair looks incredibly airy and weightless. Such a piece of furniture will organically fit in the bedroom decorated in Provence, Shabby chic, vintage styles. Romantic style of decoration is literally created for such functional and decorative elements.

Large open layout guest bedroom with relaxing zone and suspended chair in it White matted bunk bed and the plastic wicker imitating sispended chair

Armchairs with Hanging System for Children’s Rooms

It is difficult to find a child who would not like a swing. Nowadays, the opportunity to swing in a comfortable position is available not only on the street or on the playground but also in the child’s room. Comfortable and ergonomic models of hanging chairs will not only be a place for the entertainment of the baby (it is incredibly fun to swing in the “cocoon” or “bubble”), but also the possibility of some seclusion in the kids’ place with two or more children.

Rainbow-like painted wall in the kids room with a pile of colorful pillows and modular chest Navy blue decoration for chidlren's room Bunk bed with dark wooden rails and the transparent suspended chair

In the children’s room, it is important to take into account all the nuances of using hanging chairs. If such a model would be subjected to easy rocking in the parent bedroom, then this subject of furniture will be subjected to real tests in the children’s room. The repulsions from the walls, twisting and swinging in all possible directions are the most possible actions.

Blue fantasy for little boy's room Green color notes in the red wall decorated room for kids Cozy and functional bedroom with plastic swin hanging chair

Hanging Armchairs in Landscape Design

Not only can the interior of a modern dwelling be equipped with a convenient piece of furniture for rest and relaxation. It is only the presence of fresh air possible to improve the effect of peaceful rocking in a comfortable chair-swing. Hanging a hammock chair on a terrace, under a canopy, or just under a tree is not only an effective way to organize outdoor recreation, but also the decoration of the landscape design of a private courtyard or just a country plot.

Backyard perspective with suspended chair as a hammock for rest Peacock colored suspnded chairs in the low level White matted wall decoration for eco styled large bedroom with greenhouse and suspended chair there Three plastic transparent suspended chair around the barbeque zone

For the exterior of private homeownership, you must choose models of hanging chairs that are ready to withstand all the vicissitudes of nature of your region. Between natural and artificial rattan, for example, preference is best given to the latter. Artificial materials tolerate high humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, and temperature drops (and costs less) better.

Eco style and dark suspended chairs

But whatever the choice of the material for the performance of the outboard used in the open air, experts recommend that the construction be removed to the warm premises for the winter. The ideal place is not heated, but at least a dry shed or garage.

Red rope fixed suspended chair of unusual execution Open layout and glass walls for hi-tech styled private house and teh hammock between it and the blind wooden fence Backyard restzone with suspended chair

In Conclusion

After you have chosen the model of the hanging chair, its size, and material of execution, be sure to test the model not only for strength but also for the level of personal comfort. State yourself in a chair-swing right in the store, take various poses, find out how comfortable are feeling in the “embraces” of a specific model. After all, the pendant chair requires fixing to the ceiling or beams of the floors. If you don’t like this model after a month or two, you will have to do a ceiling repair to hide the traces of hanging the hammock chair. That’s why experts do not recommend buying a pendant armchair online but make sure that it fits your personal case.

Red suspended chair in the interior Large space apartment with mix of styles and colorful furniture

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