Tips on How to Fix Skirting Boards in Your Home

Baseboards, commonly referred to as skirt boards, are easy DIY projects and help add to the final touches of your home or room. If you want to replace or add new boards, you only need several basic supplies and tools, and you will be ready to start. You only require a little practice, and you will be a pro.

Tips on How to Fix Skirting Boards in Your Home. Polyurethane classic skirting board

Step 1 – Removing Old Baseboards

First, purchase new skirting boards online. To remove the old boards, a bolster chisel is required, and with a hammer, gently tap the bolster chisel blade between the wall and baseboards. Then insert your crowbar between the gaps and gently and slowly pry the old board from the wall. Place a scrap wood piece between the chisel back and the wall to prevent damaging the wall while prying off the skirt boards. Work efficiently and carefully until you remove them from the wall.

Step 2 – Take Measurements Using a Tape Measure

Take the bottom of the wall measurements accurately while noting them down with your tape measure. Take the final count of the total measurement to know the correct measurements on the baseboards correctly. You can also prepare a rough diagram on your book or piece of paper to help visualize how everything should look in the end.

Extra Tip – Purchase twenty percent more of the measured board

When cutting your board, some material is wasted; therefore, the extra purchased board is used to cover any deficit. If you are not perfect at cutting and sizing, then home improvement centers come in handy.

Step 3 – Cut the Skirting Board

Always start with interior walls with corners and on the board cut square ends, then carefully take down the longest border with two internal corner measurements. Using a pencil, mark the areas you will cut on the baseboard. Ensure the cuts are straight and perfectly fit between the identified internal corners; at this point, a miter saw comes in handy. All the external corner boards need to be cut at forty-five degrees, and all the backs are to be on the back of the boards. Fit the cut boards on all the wall locations and make adjustments to ensure everything fits accordingly.

Tips on How to Fix Skirting Boards in Your Home. Modern wooden skirting board with the hollows inside for wiring

Step 4 – Using an Instant-Grab Adhesive, Attach the Baseboards to a Plasterboard

In a zig-zag manner or pattern, spread your instant-grab adhesive on each back of the cut board and carefully press each board against the walls, ensuring that they are tight on all edges. If the applied adhesive is excess, provide to wipe it away. If the boards need screwing, ensure you screw rather than using glue. Mark all the positions on the wall, do pilot drilling into the board, and then put the boards in their proper places. After ensuring everything is in place, cover the screws using wood filler, and with the decorator’s caulk, fill all the left gaps between the wall and the boards.

In conclusion, if you want to decorate and bring life into your home, choose the best skirting boards online on the market depending on your budget and DIY or hire a professional.

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