Mediterranean Interior Design Style

It is clear from the name of this style that you`ll find the elements associated with the sea, sun and vegetation in the interior. This style creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. House and apartment arrangement in the Mediterranean interior design style has arisen in the Western Europe and Near East: Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. The main feature of this style is its simplicity in the interior. All the elements combine creativity, comfort and practicality.


Main features of Mediterranean interior design style

This style is very benevolent for handcrafted furniture. Most often it is made of bog oak or pine. Many people use the special “Mediterranean” color theme to paint the furniture according this style. But the color palette varies in different countries. For example, in Greece – it is of cold shades (white, all shades of blue and emerald). Italians prefer warm colors (yellow, red, pink, cream, terracotta, ocher-yellow and brick).

Mediterranean Interior Design Style in the Morroccan veranda Mediterranean Interior Design Style in the Italian rustic house Mediterranean Interior Design Style with wide door passage of the glass cells

Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Swing chair on the red rope in the creamy wall surrounding

Outdoor Swinging Beds Ceiling Swing Chairs

The Greek-style ceilings and walls painted in white, despite this rough look of the finish. Therefore, this option is ideal for uneven walls, as it will save money and effort for the wall alignment. The Italian style in the decoration of the walls combine multiple textures. For example, mosaic tiles, decorative plaster, wall paintings and imitation of frescoes. Mediterranean style interior uses minimum of the floor covering . The main material are tiles in warm colors. Marble mosaic depicting scenes from ancient Greek myths gives sophistication to the floor covering. You can lay a mat of reeds or seaweed on the top of the tile. They are quite durable and create an atmosphere of closeness to nature. It is worth remembering that cold climate is not suitable for such floors, so it’s best to take care of the providing of floor heating. You can use tiles instead of wooden floors. It is necessary to take into account not to make the texture of the tree too splashy, and not to locate it in the center among the other interior parts.


Mediterranean-style bedroom decoration

You should reduce all the decorative elements in the traditional Greek bedroom to a minimum. Of all the most necessary furniture is a bed, dresser, linen closet and a small cupboard. To add some diversity to the interior, you can use textile: crisp white linens, colorful rugs, bedspreads and blankets, as well as the linen curtains in the color of the walls. Furniture in Greek bedroom should be mainly in bright colors and should be woven of cane or pine. The same should be drawers, linen closet, chairs and table.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Bedroom with intertwining of different Esropean syles Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Nice night stands and lamps in the bedroom Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Open beams ceiling and nice light decoration of the bedroom with a lot of textiles and a picture Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Nice first floor bedroom near the seaside Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Royal bed framed with pilaster in the creamy bedroom with wooden floor

Furniture in the Italian style is made of black metal. Curved legs on the dressing table, symmetrical patterns on the back of the bed and wicker seats of forged chairs – all these describes Italian bedroom style. The only wooden object in the bedroom is a wardrobe in dark colors.


Making a living in Mediterranean style

The living room is designed for leisure of all family together or with friends. In Mediterranean countries such meetings are accompanied by a meal, so it is decided to combine the living room with dining area. Table is the main subject in this room. Remember that there are wicker or wooden chairs and tables in the Greek style and the Italian style gravitates to wrought-iron furniture and wooden seats.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Nice Spanish hilarious style of bright colors Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Ceiling beams in accordance with carved table and vintage lamp chandelier Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Nice glass shades for the lights in the noble atmosphere of carved furniture and light creamy palette of walls Mediterranean Interior Design Style in the living room with notes of English influence

An essential attribute of living room is a large number of seats: chairs, armchairs and a few sofas. This set would be complemented by the coffee table, bookcases and bookshelves, which are made of bog oak or pine. Bookcase with interesting wrought patterns is perfect for storage of family items.

Bathroom design in Mediterranean style

Bath walls and ceiling are trimmed with tile in the Mediterranean style. It is advisable to apply the lining of different colors. For example, the walls are covered with azure-colored mosaics and the floor with terracotta tiles. All the plumbing and communication in the bathroom is hidden in the wall. This is quite practical. It is much easier to make cleaning when the floors are free, as well as to create the visual effect of a spacious room. Furniture is picked up on the same principle: closed or open shelves, wall cabinets, towel holders, and clothes hooks on the doors and walls. Textile is virtually absent. The only one piece is well suited to a Mediterranean style waffle towels.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style. restrained cool naturalistic shower design Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Greek mosaic with different sized and colored tile Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Noble wooden arrangement of the bathroom Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Round bathtub design as a focus of the bathroom Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Unbelievably chic design in floors levels and expensive dark marble in the spacious bathroom

The bathroom is illuminated by the spotlights which have elongated frosted glass plafonds. They are recommended to place so that the light directs only in the most necessary areas: sink, bathtub and mirror. And keep the rest of the corners in the semi-darkness and coolness.


Making a Mediterranean-style kitchen

the kitchen is the heart of the house In all the Mediterranean countries. Residents of the Mediterranean are very serious about cooking, so the kitchen should be spacious and well-planned. The basis of the interior is an archaic simplicity. All furniture should be antique or imitate it:

  • stand-alone cabinets and cupboards with the effect of aging;
  • Black wrought iron tables and chairs;
  • old wicker chairs, baskets and boxes.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Kitchen with touch of Franch Provence Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Dark kitchen design with broad dining zone Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Island kitchen in naturalistic European atmosphere Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Nice kitchen ambience with two ovens and wide window with the working place Mediterranean Interior Design Style. Praiseworthy kitchen arrangement example with the use of dark wood, island layout and bent faucet along with wall artistic painting Mediterranean Interior Design Style. White neat outsdanding example of kitchen with the criss-cross facade decoration at the blue backdrop

Typically, Mediterranean kitchen is combined with the dining room. The main subject of kitchen units is- a large table. It should be located at the center and the work area is hidden under the large niche. Appliances looks inconspicuous and easy. Despite the fact that the furniture seems rustic, it should attract attention. Lighting in the kitchen should be natural, so the windows have to be large. The kitchen is illuminated by a simple chandelier in the evening. Choosing a Mediterranean interior, we must remember that any of its direction means simplicity and conciseness. Choose only the three primary colors for painting the floor, walls and ceiling. For a more sophisticated design you can mixing up and overlaying similar shades with each other. But the classic style always remains the spirit of country with its unpretentiousness and simplicity. To keep the apartment or house fully in the spirit of the Mediterranean style, it is necessary to choose the right furniture in all the rooms. It should be easy integrating into a coherent whole: either forged as in Italy, or wicker as in Greece.

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