Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home

The remarkable history of Greece, especially its Ancient period, its cultural wealth expressed in art, architecture, still does not leave indifferent millions of its admirers. Greek style in architecture, interior design has become an object to follow for many people. Since the main feature of the Greek style is the absence of any elements of luxury, the simplicity of the finish, which has an almost ascetic appearance. Therefore, it is quite natural that practical and economical people are admirers of this style. The Greek interior design style perfectly combines elements of antiquity and modernity. It is characterized by cold colors, the presence of ceramic tiles and marble.


History of Greek Style

The history of any culture is inextricably linked with the stages of development of its state, and often the neighboring one. It is believed that the Greek style originated in the period of the VIII-VI centuries BC.

The history of the development of the Greek style has several periods. The early periods of the history of style development are characterized by a mythological orientation, in which the main place was given to the ancient mythological gods who symbolized the power and flourishing of the Greek Empire. At a very early stage (VIII-VI centuries BC), the formation of basic principles took place. A gradual change in the principles and elements introduced from Egypt and Asia began in the period from the VI century to 470 years BC, in accordance with the religious beliefs of the people of Greece, its spirit, and form. In the period from V century BC to 338 years, BC cardinal changes are taking place in the Greek style. Gradually, the style becomes nobler, more harmonious. Elements of luxury appeared in materials, forms, decorations. For the next period (IV century BC – 180 BC) the history of the Greek style is characterized by the influence of the East. More magnificent and spectacular constructions appeared. In the last period, after Greece was ruled by the Roman Empire, the Greek style merged with Roman art. But all the same, it retained its main features – simplicity and practicality, while the Roman style was inherent in luxury and pomp.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Simple homey design for the living room with metal framed fireplace

Greek Interior Style is Characterized by:

  • high ceilings
  • stucco columns
  • meander patterns
  • murals
  • a color range in natural shades, lack of bright colors, minimum of gilding
  • granite, ceramic tiles, marble
  • furniture – simple in form, made of natural wood, handmade, leather upholstery, no velvet
  • the vertical orientation of all interior parts
  • textured plaster on the walls, wallpaper is excluded
  • decor items – vases, amphoras, figurines, sculptures
  • minimal use of fabrics on the windows

So, before you realize your dream about the apartment in the Greek style, make sure your home is up for decoration in this style. Otherwise, no matter what is done, the apartment will not correspond to the classical idea of ​​the Greek style.

Greek Style Ceilings

Ceilings should be high, give the feeling of freedom, space in the room, and attract the eye upwards. To emphasize the greatness of everything in the room, the ceiling is supported by monumental columns with stucco.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Columns at the backyard near the pool

Sometimes meander patterns are applied to the ceiling.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Absolutely white interior with black decorative elements

Often the ceiling is framed with plinths of artistic stucco.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Cloth upholstered chandelier in the center of living room with round wooden table

If possible, a window in the form of a square is mounted in the ceiling. It improves the room illumination greatly.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Beige colored living room with open styled kitchen

The heart of the ceiling is usually a massive chandelier hanging on gold-plated chains. And small lamps located around the perimeter of the ceiling will favorably distinguish the ceiling plinth.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. White designed kitchen with white plastic table top and wooden framed entrance

The ceiling is finished with textured plaster. The tonality of its color should be in harmony with the color of the walls. But most often the color of the ceiling and walls are the same.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Royal looking bathroom with marble bathtub in the center

Greek interior design style does not exclude different level ceilings, which allows you to get out of a difficult situation at different ceiling heights in the room.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Calming bedroom interior with checkered curtains

Greek Style Walls

The walls require a special approach because not everything is suitable to decorate them. Apply only textured plaster, which gives austerity and simplicity to the room.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. White bathtub in small bay window zone

Occasionally, panels made of wood or some other facing material (ceramic tile, stone setts, etc.) are used.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Stone trimmed fireplace in the beige decorated room with orange upholstered armchairs

The Greek interior style allows for niches in the walls that are made with drywall. Often this is done at the expense of room space.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Intricated pattern at the headboard of large light bedroom with king size bed

Sometimes, the owner’s desire to install the columns cannot be realized because of the small area. In this case, the Greek style allows you to solve this problem by installing polyurethane pilasters.

Greek Interior Design Style: Antiquity in Your Home. Mirroring coffee table and deep red upholstered furniture for Classic living room

Color for Greek Style

Only natural colors (lemon yellow, white, various shades of blue and green) are used.

Animalistic direction if teh interior design in light Greek styled living

Greek Style Floor

Greek style does not establish clear rules for the design of the floor. However, carpets are not welcome. The classic floor is laid out with marble, mosaic tiles in the form of meander patterns,

Aristocratic look of the light decorated interior with black table

…but does not exclude other types of coverage.

Nice classic styled interior of the living room with large sofa

A combination of different coatings is allowed, which in no way reduces the beauty and originality of the floor design.

Fan at the ceiling and light beige interior of the Southern apartment

Greek Style Furniture

Furniture in the Greek style is characterized by:

  1. simple but solid upholstery of chairs, sofas. Leather and velvet are not used
  2. legs of chairs and tables are curved to the outside.
  3. production from natural wood.

Classic American style decoration on the light room with large windows

Greek Style Accessories

Room interior accessories are usually represented by ceramic, marble amphoras, jugs, figurines of ancient heroes,

Royal decoration for small living room with red color scheme and Greek gods' figurines

… or mythical beasts

Stucco decorated fireplace and beige interior

… or wall ornamented lamps.

Milky shade interior decoration for Greek styled living room with high ceiling

The fabric on the windows is used extremely rarely. It is mainly found in bedrooms as organic cotton, flax. Flower vases are very rarely found in Greek style. Ceramic dishes are abundant.

We can advise all those people who like simplicity and asceticism in a harmonious combination with the history and the ancient beauty of the Greek style, to make their dreams come true right at home.

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