Italian Dining Room & Kitchen Combined in One Space

How to arrange the kitchen-living room in the Italian style? We look at the paintings of old Italian masters and choose their favorite motifs: marble floors, sculptural fireplaces, beautiful stucco, as well as a large space, soft golden color gamma and necessarily something of classical art. This article is coming up with some actual thoughts on how to successfully decorate Italian dining room & kitchen combined in one space within modern apartment.

A Little Bit of History

The interior in the Italian style is a collective concept. After all, there is no single, common Italian style. There are styles of ancient Rome, Italian Renaissance, Baroque, Liberty, that is, Italian modern. However, today a collective image of the Italian style has emerged, which has taken bit by bit from each of the great styles of the past. Of course, Italian style is first and foremost a Classic. Therefore, we must understand that it will require large spaces and large investments. Since the Italian classic is primarily associated with luxurious palazzo decorated with expensive marble, natural wood and wooden inlays. It’s a good idea to travel around Italy, for example, to visit the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, where all the rooms have luxurious fireplaces, marble floors, walls are decorated with beautiful tapestries, and the doors are decorated with elaborate wooden inlays.

Interior Elements of Italian Kitchen

Of course, in order to decorate the interior in the Italian spirit today, it is not necessary to carry Carrara marble from Italy and to write out ancient tapestries. You can replace all this beauty with high-quality imitations. For example, the floor in the open living room to decorate with natural wood, and in the kitchen area to lay the tile with the effect of marble stains and streaks. Furniture, too, should choose only classic, which means wood and skater. It is very good if the facades are painted in a warm creamy color, on which metal parts in bronze or gold will look particularly impressive. Upholstery for upholstered furniture, as well as drapery on the windows is best done from soft velor in the same creamy beige tones. And instead of antique tapestries choose a beautiful patterned carpet with a soft nap, which will accommodate the sofa group.

Lighting for the Italian Kitchen

We must not forget about the light. It should be a lot, and different: wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps with classic lampshades, it is good if they are paired which will help to create a symmetrical composition. The center of such a composition can be a large crystal chandelier, and you can find a worthy item of colored Murano glass, which is made near Venice. And, of course, the Italian kitchen will require something artistic, for example, a good copy of Russian great landscape painter Sylvestre Shchedrin with views of the Bay of Naples. He adored Italy, so his work will be very relevant here.


Real-life Projects of Italian Kitchen Livings

The spacious living room with an open kitchen is decorated in a classic style with elements of Italian classics. The interior is designed in comfortable beige and brown tones. All the furniture of classical forms repeats this coloring. On the floor of polished stone which is lined with rhombuses, the dining group looks spectacular – medallion chairs upholstered in beige velvet and a round table crowned with a crystal chandelier.

The spacious white living room, which passes into an open kitchen, is decorated in the style of modern classics. Italian style associations here are created by decorative pilasters on kitchen furniture, large mirror cabinets and floor finishes. In the living room area, the floor is covered with figured wooden parquet and the kitchen area is highlighted with white ceramic tiles.

The living room kitchen in a country house is decorated in the style of European classics, where you can feel the spirit of the French Provence and the Old Italian tradition. For the most part, Italy is reminded by open kitchen shelves filled with dishes and coarse ceramics.

The living room is connected to the spacious kitchen with a rectangular opening. Both rooms are combined with a light beige color theme, classic furniture and natural finish. Elements of the Italian classics here are guessed in the round forms of chairs located around the kitchen island, the walls of which are decorated with classical relief in the ancient spirit.

The spacious public area is decorated in a modern style with classic elements. The warm light-beige tints, the furniture of classical forms are responsible for the Classic spirit here, and for the Italian style responds the floor covering laid out of ceramic tiles imitating natural stone, resembling floors in old-Italian houses.

The classic living room is separated from the spacious kitchen-dining room by sliding partitions with stained glass. The interior is filled with the spirit of Italian classics. It is decorated in the general creamy-golden range, and with luxurious silk drapes on the windows, and the classic symmetrical composition. Especially good is the round table, surrounded by medallion chairs, and topped with a classic crystal chandelier with a base of golden metal.

The open kitchen-living room is located on the first floor of a wooden country house. The spacious room is decorated in a combination of styles of modern classics and country. But the floor covering of ceramic tiles, imitating natural stone and a wooden column that supports the mezzanine, immediately gives rise to associations with Italian classics.

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