DIY Wardrobe (Dressing Room) Made of Pantry Ideas with Photos

The dressing room, created by your own hands, will become salvation for those who prefer to keep their things clean and tidy. This room, unlike a closed cabinet, allows you to save the useful space of a house or apartment. The advantage of a wardrobe made independently from a stationary pantry is that you can choose from a wide range of examples of the arrangement, the most acceptable internal structure. Find out what cloakroom decoration options are available today!


The shirts of the hanger pole Unusual stuffed design of the additional cloakroom The storeroom for shirts and suits Classic setting in the wardrobe Colorful boxes in the closet Contemporary dressing room built into the bedroom Glamour purple wardrobe

The Advantages of Creating a Wardrobe in the Storeroom?

The closet is an integral part of the wardrobe in any home. However, it is not always necessary to purchase cabinet furniture for storing things. It is possible to convert a storeroom, which is already planned in the project of the house, to a functional and beautiful dressing room. It remains to finish the interior of the mini-room, as it already has a separate door, ventilation, and electricity. The undeniable advantages of the wardrobe of the utility room are as follows:

  • You will not have problems with the place of creating a dressing room, since storage rooms are often already included in the plan of the apartment or house.
  • The standard area of storage space often reaches 2 m². This is what you need for a modest but spacious wardrobe.

Shoes shelving

  • The room is in a “dead end”, therefore allows you to install functional shelves on 3 walls.

Proceeding from all the above advantages, a wardrobe room can be made by anyone who has a pantry.

Dark wardrobe in modern Pink color theme for girls' dressing room Noble finishing materials for modern styled dressing room Women's neat wardrobe with everything in place

How to Build a Closet of the Storeroom by Yourself?

The new wardrobe is an excellent transformation that will change not only the room but will make home life more comfortable! To make a practical warehouse for things from the pantry, it is necessary not only to determine the placement of the shelves but also to take care of quality repairs in the mini-room:

  • Clean the pantry of dust and debris accumulated over the years.
  • Carefully align the walls, on which you can install the profile and other accessories. Uneven surfaces create the feeling of an abandoned room.
  • The ceiling must also be well repaired in order to equip it with high-quality lighting. It is desirable to mount a gypsum plasterboard ceiling for spotlights.

Successful design of the wardrobe made of extra room Small loft room for the wardrobe Small wardrobe with silk screen wall finishing

Conditions Creating and Qualitative Functioning of the Cloakroom made in the Pantry

Before you start looking for the necessary items to create a wardrobe yourself, take care of the project of a room for things that will suit you the most, allowing you to maintain order in the house. Use the photos that show the finished wardrobes arranged in the pantry. Consider the following features:

  • The desired size of the dressing room for clothes, shoes, and accessories should be equated to 2 m². The smaller room will replace the usual closet.

Unusual modern design for shelves in the wardrobe

  • Unlike traditional cabinet furniture, the dressing room should contain a place for accessories and shoes. That’s why you need to make storage where you could turn around in full growth in front of the mirror.
  • If you separate a part of the room to the dressing room, then think about ventilation in the mini premise, because without it your things will achieve a characteristic smell.

Wooden materials to trim the modern styled wardrobe in the pantry

  • Think about the arrangement of the shelves, to get a complete design, which will be convenient to use.

Simple and concise design of the pantry remodelled into wardrobe

  • Under the bar for clothing, it is necessary to allocate half of the meter for easier access to hanging things.

Storage Room-Cloakroom with Your Own Hands: Photo of Different Constructions

The dressing room, made on your own will be many times more convenient than modern furniture manufacturers can offer in the form of ready-made storage space options. Make a wardrobe yourself. It’s very simple if you properly design the interior of the pantry, taking into account all the rules and recommendations.

Couple of levels in the wardrobe Nice delicate hanger for silk and cotton things

Which Material is Better?

There are various ways to create a dressing room. Materials and tools are chosen at personal discretion, but most commonly used are:


Optimal organized wardrobe right at the storeroom


Wardrobe with the rug right at the living


aluminum elements.

Laminate flooring is the best choice, as it will withstand a great load and is pleasant in touch with your feet.

Wardrobe with the rug right at the livingSimple and gorgeous design in white color scheme for modern dressing room

How to separate the Dressing Room from other Space?

The cloakroom made of the pantry has access to another room, so the door will be installed. The exit and entry can be designed as a sliding door in the type of a sliding-door wardrobe, a gypsum board shutter, and a light curtain made of textiles.

Simple and gorgeous design in white color scheme for modern dressing room Modern frosted glass cabinet with sliding doors Wardrobe zone at the headboard wall of the bedroom

Lighting in the Dressing Room

Do not forget that every detail of the wardrobe should be illuminated. Spotlights or a small chandelier are ideal for this room, especially if your wardrobe is large. For small rooms, point lights will be more rational.

Types of Storeroom Wardrobes

There are several options for the layout of the dressing room. Most often the storehouse for things is located in the corridor but also appears in the bedroom or living room. The pantry in the apartment has small dimensions in the form of a square or a narrow rectangle. It is possible to make a beautiful and functional dressing room from each of such spaces.

Unusual closed wardrobe with seating place High industrial styled wardrobe with the ladder and brickwork wall finishing

Deep Wardrobe

The dressing room in the pantry will look great in a square or slightly outstretched room. It is necessary to install an interesting door, which can perfectly complement the style of the apartment. In such a cloakroom, you can arrange an ottoman or a chair for comfortable use of things and fitting shoes.

Yellow elements to dilute white idyll in the white decorated wardrobe Successful modern interior design for the dressing room with l-shaped closet

A long and narrow Dressing Room

This option does not take much space, but comfortable in use, even being separated from the common room with a beautiful curtain.

Modern designed wardrobe with dark wooden finishing Creamy colored wardrobe with open shelves and hangers

You can rationally use every corner in the house. Even an abandoned pantry, if desired, can become an amazing and functional dressing room that can accommodate all the necessary things!

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