Mirror Lighting Ideas for Modern Successful Interior

The mirror is a piece of the interior where you spend a lot of time, including the hygienic procedures, applying make-up, and preening before going out. Nothing is more important than a mirror in which you can examine your appearance in detail. Whether shaving, applying cosmetics, or simply checking your look, the reflection should ideally show all the slightest details, which is possible only under ideal lighting conditions. We will examine some prominent examples of modern mirror lighting ideas for a modern successful interior in the presented photo-gallery.


Yellow framed mirror with bulbs on the perimeter Bathroom with stone tiled walls and LED lighted mirror Wardrobe in modern design with boudoir place Panoramic mirror with top lighting in the bathroom

Mirror in the Bathroom with Lighting – an Indispensable Solution for Personal Comfort

An illuminated Hollywood mirror is a guarantee of a detailed vision of the face, especially if you apply makeup. The modern illumination in, above, and near the mirror reproduces white light close to natural, providing greater clarity without shadows.

Dressing room style for bulb mirror lighting White ultramodern minimalistic bathroom

What Determines the Choice of Lighting for a Mirror?

When choosing lighting, everything will depend on the size of your mirror. For a small model, only a light bulb is required, and a large product would demand a few. But be careful, because there are rules to be aware of before setting these light points: low light tends to deform the face. If it is too high, then it will emphasize dark circles. A good compromise for removing shadows is the lateral direction of the rays. Install the lamps to the right and left of your makeup mirror. Be sure to orient them to avoid reflections. Some mirrors include one or more light sources.

Swivel additional mirror to the main in the contemporary designed boudoir Marbled walls in the bathroom with LED lighted mirror Marble wall decoration in the bathroom Green backlight of the mirror in the bathroom

Illuminated Mirror According Style for Your Room

There are many solutions that will help you illuminate the mirror: each of them will give the room a peculiar style. Use the examples of the photo gallery to choose the most acceptable option for yourself.

Spectacular neon backlight of the large mirror LED mirror backlight in the dressing room with shut windows Large wardrobe in Classic style and white color Bulb backlighting of the full--height mirror Neon LED lighting of the bathroom mirror

Mirror with Lamps along the Perimeter – the “Star” method

Lamp bulbs are located around the large mirror. They are selected with a maximum output of 60W with a color rendering index (CRI) of more than 90. Choose fluorescent halogens that will not blind the eyes.

Small peculiar wooden framed mirror with bulbs for lighting

Neon Lighting for the Mirror

Neon is an indispensable decor for a modern bathroom. It is ideal for small rooms.

Built-in Single Lamp

Is only about 12 volts of voltage in power sockets are allowed near the sink. Most often, three lamps are located on the wall, and not at the bottom, so as not to dazzle. Also, think about the deepened lamps in the mirror itself. It’s very practical.


LED mirrors are very bright. There are also LED strips, they are waterproof and have a self-adhesive side. It is very practical and common modern solution.

Ultramodern bathroom design with round sinks and LED backlight of the mirrors Round LED-lighted mirror and stone trimmed walls in the bathroom

Table Lamp or wall Lamp

Sconce for lighting the mirror allows you to brighten the surface well. The advantage of this choice is that the angle of the beam can be easily changed. The table lamp is also in demand.

Splendidly organized boudoir in Classic style

Makeup Mirror with Light: which Shade of light to Choose?

You can choose a mirror style of any shape, but you also have to think about the type of light. To decide on the lamps, choose the most appropriate coloring option: cold white, warm white, blue, red, green, or multicolor depending on the mood you want.

Types of bulbs Grand wooden framed mirror in the modern decorated bathroom Red backlight of the mirror LED strip

The Atmosphere of Relaxation and Excellent Visibility

You should know that for a relaxing atmosphere it is better to choose a warm white color (from 2800 to 3200 Kelvin). And for a clear and natural one, it should be neutral white (from 3500 to 4000 Kelvin). Between 5600 and 6500 Kelvin, the lamps are on a rather cold white shade. It is advisable to mix two kinds of light in your bathroom, bedroom, or corridor: natural functional lighting with lamps for the mirror and warmer halogen can create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Avoid halogens alone, the light of which is slightly yellow, since it is misleading, showing a tired look in the reflection. Above the mirror, the light should remain soft to avoid the effects of shadows on the face.

Circle bathroom mirror with LED backlight Classic bathroom design with pattern in the walls

Mirror with Light for Makeup

When you are in front of a mirror, the direction of light should be frontal. You can be offered directional fixtures in the module from the top. No, this is not a good idea, but it also gives a good effect on the room. You will not know how to tilt your head to see yourself without shadows. Choose direct and soft lighting, allowing you to make facial treatment easy and qualitatively. Men will be comfortable to shave and women to apply makeup. Several side lighting models are available for better effect.

Red framed mirror with bulb backlight

Mirror with Illumination in the Bathroom: What to Look for?

Since the mirror will be in the bathroom, there are obviously certain rules that should be adhered to. First of all, it is important to consider the volume of the room, because, depending on it, some electrical devices are not allowed there. Consider the height of the ceiling and the surface to determine the lighting system for the installation. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist if you have doubts about installing an electrical system to meet the standards. The luminaire should be of the same width or narrower than the mirror. The wider the lighting device, the better the face will be visible. It is important to check:

  • power of the illuminated mirror and other lighting devices before purchase;
  • the specified degree of protection.

White interior design of the bedroom with vintage furniture and carved mirror

Mirror with Backlight: Tips for Use

Before buying, make sure that your eyes tolerate the look of many bulbs. If you feel discomfort or tear, it means that the lighting is too powerful and aggressive. If you have to change the bulbs then pick up identical ones, otherwise, the view will be spoiled. The suspension above the mirror is usually set from 198 to 203 cm from the floor. This height is suitable for family members of any height to use it effectively. Remember about the comfort and diffuse lighting, which provides a suitable reflection.

Neon backlight in the futuristic bathroom Tropical shower and panoramic window for modern designed bathroom with eco touch Entrance with sconces around the mirror

The mirror is an integral part of the design of the bathroom, bedroom, and hallway. Many people use it every day, so it’s worth taking care of good lighting.

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