Retro Refrigerator in the Interior of Modern Kitchen

If the modern classics of the interior with laconic forms, clear lines, and a restrained palette of colors are not for you, we suggest adding a little extravagance, courage, and unusualness to the interior with the help of stylish colorful objects, accessories, or equipment. Today we will talk about a bright and unusual retro refrigerator in the interior of the modern kitchen. What are they so charming with and what kitchen will they suit?


Steel surfaces at the hi-tech kitchen with orange bat stools Scandinavian light decor for loft kitchen with pale blue fridge White appliances in the wooden decorated space American style with light wooden countertop of the island Colorful design of the modern interior Red facaded fridge in the totally white design Orange contrasting refrigerator for the contemporary cottage interior

Refrigerator in Retro Style: What’s the Zest?

Of course, the refrigerator is an indispensable thing in every home. But apart from its basic practical function of storing products, it can still be an aesthetic subject of admiration. These are retro refrigerators. They are distinguished by their unusual color scheme, streamlined shapes and original accessories. Bright colors and interesting design in the spirit of the fifties immediately attract the attention of guests.

Yellow facaded fridge and dark furniture, and splashback for Casual styled kitchen Crystal chandelier and the row of bar stools in the modern area

A big advantage of such a refrigerator is the ability to play with various combinations. And it is not necessary to equip the premises, focusing on retro design only. In this case, a more advantageous direction will be flexible Eclecticism, since it allows interesting combinations of different elements of the interior – furniture, appliances, and decor. The combination of retro and eclectics allows you to experiment, introducing spectacular design techniques and giving a chance to old things.

But if the retro style is the main idea of ​​the interior, then you can not do without an expressive color refrigerator. In this case, both bright versions in green, pink, yellow, orange, red or blue shades is also perfect, and more neutral ones – black or white.

Small red fridge in white Casual styled cottage Rustic simple design with vintage furniture and creamy facaded appliances Pronounced Rustic style in the spacious kitchenModern texture painted gray walls and Casual style for the galley kitchenCasual gray interior of the apartment with retro Smeg fridgePlanked ceiling in the Rustic interior with U-shaped form of the kitchen layout

And the most courageous fans of all the extraordinary can choose a refrigerator with a print in the form of a foreign flag, denim, or multicolored stripes.

Unusual red textured wallpaper and jeans blue refrigerator Brickwork on the walls and Coca-Cola fridge Ideally white glancing interior of the modern kitchen with British flag on the fridge

Retro Refrigerator in the Interior of Modern Kitchen. Benefits

If you have long dreamed of a refrigerator in the retro style, but doubted the practicality of such an unusual model, we rush to dissuade you, because this technique has a lot of advantages:

  1. A wide range of colors, sizes, functionality allows you to freely use a stylish unit in almost any interior. Moreover, if necessary, it can also be placed in another room – this will only embellish it, give a special charm, if to observe the concept of design, of course.
  2. Retro-refrigerator for its practicality and functionality is not inferior to modern devices. It easily and reliably stores products, and beautifully curved handles are very convenient to use.
  3. In the production of such models, the quality of materials is above all. The very essence of retro style implies the use of technology for many years.
  4. Original aesthetics. Despite the contradictions, the refrigerator in retro style simply enough fits into any interior. And all thanks to a wide assortment. Brutal black or laconic white will look stylish and tasteful. But at the same time, bright models, with prints allow you to depart from the standards and make the room more individual and expressive.

Open cupboards with stuff and Classic styled refrigerator Modern design of the large open layout apartment with the retro designed fridge at the kitchen zone Red accent of the fridge Colorful fridge for tight Rustic kitchen Rustic design of the kitchen with green olive colored freidge and stove Contrasting lime colored fridge for the modern interior Unusual mustard colored fridge in the special shelve

Models of Manufacturers

Famous companies offer original ideas for decorating interiors with elements of a colorful retro style. Consider the most successful brands on the market, which have developed stylish unique collections of retro-refrigerators:

Smeg Retro refrigerator

The Smeg brand is one of the leaders in the successful production of refrigerators in retro design. Creative Italian professionals produce a large assortment of models for every taste and color, which captures looks and is recognizable.

Smeg Retro designed refrigerators in yellow color

Gorenje Retro refrigerator

Gorenje is Slovenian brand, which also produces refrigerators in retro style with noble shades and sophisticated appearance. Especially popular are the “appetizing” representatives of creamy and chocolate color.

Dark coffee wallpaper and light accents of furniture and fridge for Classic dining room

Bosch Retro fridge

This well-known brand offers a huge range of both bright and more restrained neutral tones. The smooth shapes in combination with chrome elements and of truly German quality.

Bosch refrigerators in wide color range

Whirlpool Retro refrigerator

It is distinguished by its square shape and compact dimensions. Laconic design, strict lines and a distinctive style – signs of the retro model of the Whirlpool refrigerator. It also stands out for its high chrome legs and limited color scheme (only in four colors).

Whirpool box-looking refrigerator design

To the note: when choosing a particular manufacturer, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of the product but also to the pricing policy. Do not also forget about the technical specifications, which should already be studied at the place of purchase of any equipment.

Casual styled room with LED lighting

Retro Refrigerator and Style

Such a colorful unit should fit organically into the interior, give it some charm, and complement the concept. Of course, the Retro and Eclectic style will be ideal for such a refrigerator, but it will look no less advantageous in other directions – Rustic, Provence, Country style. The retro refrigerator perfectly complements any design, which has touch of antiquity. And if the choice fell on the white or black version, then there are practically no restrictions.

Open ceiling beams in the Rustic styled room White simple design for the Classic setting of the kitchen Large kitchen with Casual design and wooden furniture set Blue targeted decoration o the kitchen with red fridge and linoleum on the floor White decor in the country styled kitchen White casual kitchen interior decoration with marble countertop of the island Rustic design with total wooden trimming White casual American style in the private house

To support the overall concept, the rest of the large home appliances should be selected in the appropriate design, especially if the refrigerator is located near the stove. With small household appliances, everything is simple – after use, they can be immediately removed into the cabinet or cupboard.

Note: the color of the refrigerator should contrast with the walls. Otherwise, it will lose its concept and charm.

Red accentual spot of the fridge in the Industrial styled kitchen with brickwork Small kitchen set of the cupboard and red fridge Azure color for the refrigerator to be accent in the kitchen

Having decided on such a bold purchase, be prepared for the fact that, most likely, the retro unit will become the main figure in the kitchen and outshine all the rest of the technique and decor. Therefore, it is important to carefully think out the design to detail, organically arrange all elements, and at the slightest uncertainty in achieving the desired result, it will be better to contact a professional designer.

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