Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas

Dressing room within the bedroom is probably a dream of many women. This tradition started its expansion from America. In general, I must say, the problem of clothes storage is relevant to all, and the arrangement of a complete dressing room is the dream available not for everyone. Moreover, in the classic sense, it has to be room, fenced with a wall, or a sliding partition. But the version of the open dressing room, equipped with a racks` system for clothes, underwear, and shoes is widely used today. So, let`s take a look at your possible dream bedroom wardrobe decorating ideas on the photos from all around the globe!


Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas in the austere Scanfinavian styled condo

If space allows, it is possible to change clothes in your in-room wardrobe and/or to equip it with a mirror. As the dressing room, first of all, is the epitome of taking care of things, the desire for order and comfort, and not a whim or a tribute to fashion.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas with built-in wall cabinet

Benefits of the Dressing Room Equipped in the Bedroom

At present, there is an increasing tendency to arrange a full wardrobe in the bedroom instead of traditional closet cabinets. Moreover, it can be implemented regardless of the area of ​​the room. Even in a small bedroom, if you choose a rational and thoughtful approach, you can save a lot of places to organize the dressing room instead of buying a cabinet. Especially because in this case, it is possible to take virtually all the space from the floor to the ceiling. So, the benefits are obvious. The bedroom is best suited to this of all rooms because all the things would be at your hand. Moreover, it will be possible not only to store clothes and linen, but also household items such as iron, folding ironing board, and maybe even a vacuum cleaner. After all, the main purpose of dressing room arrangement is to bring all the necessary things into order and to hide the ones that are not desirable to be exposed to the outsiders.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas . Originally designed and mounted white little clothes cabinets on the laquer wood veneered wall

Where Exactly Locate a Dressing Room?

Placement for the wardrobe can be a niche in the bedroom. Alternatively, it can be positioned along the longest wall. A dressing can be arranged in one of the room`s corners so that the headboard rested against one of its walls. The bed should be set diagonally for this, thereby releasing the angle. It`s a good saving space option.

In the standard scenario, the built-in dressing area should be occupied entirely by shelves and hangers, as well as shelves for shoes, devices for ties and belts, etc. You could also put the ottoman or chair to change clothes and shoes – that`s all a matter of taste and your imagination.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Green bed cover and cobinet system in the front

But the most cost-effective way in terms of financial costs is perhaps the installation of cornice or rod under the ceiling, where hang heavy curtains made of thick fabric and in the form of spectacular falling draperies to the floor. Thus we solve the problem of separating the bedroom into two zones.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Joyful and debonair interior with wooden trim

What Design of a Wardrobe to Choose?

There are many design solutions in this area. Let us stop on some of the most optimal and common variants. For example, if the area of ​​your bedroom is small, a mini-version of the dressing room will suit you. It accommodates everything you need and will not take up much space.

You can avoid the installation of the door, or replace it with curtains. Such a technique will also expand the space. If the bedroom is spacious already, it is possible to isolate a dressing with, for example, glass, wood, or drywall. You`ll get a “room in the room.”

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Women`s dream room with dressing and boudoir

If you use a corner dressing, it does not necessarily be a separate room. Usually, it has a look of a mere cabinet and is located in a place where nothing of furniture can fit. Thus, it looks very capacious and functional, despite it takes up little space. In this connection, this option is perfect for small bedrooms.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Nice black styled bedroom with glass panels separated wardrobe

If the bedroom is located in the attic or loft, there is much more prospects open for the realization of your dreams, because there are many design options that appear at once. For example, you can place the bed at the sloping walls, and arrange a dressing along with the high one. Herewith, making a sliding or “accordion” door would be a good idea. By the way, these doors are very convenient as they move along the guide rails separating the free space from the wall over the entire length of the bedroom.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Nice shitw neat atmosphere and sloped carved accordion doors for cabinets of the dressing

And if you equip the front door mirror, such a dressing room will not only unload the space, but on the contrary, visually expand it, and at the same time securely hide all necessary things from sight.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Lightweight minimalistiс women`s boudoir and crisscrossed mirror doors of the cabinets

What should the Light be?

Lighting undoubtedly should be bright to avoid distortion of clothes color and make-up tones. You should always have the ability to find the right thing and to assess its condition quickly. If natural light is not enough, special attention should be paid to good artificial light. At the same time, clean ceiling lamps will not be enough. In any case, you need additional lights, for example, built on the ends or on the bottom of the dressing shelves. Fluorescent light is also perfect as a light for the dressing.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Hi-tech style for the dressing room

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. A few More Details

As here you can not only change clothes but also undress before going to the bathroom, it was entirely superfluous not to take care of the laundry basket. A cozy fluffy carpet wonderfully complements the interior, especially since it’s so nice to stand in bare feet.

Dream Bedroom Wardrobe Decorating Ideas. Genuine Scandinavian low-key eco style for the large apartment with IKEA bed and glass paneled wardrobe

Exciting Transparent Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

And, of course, the dressing room should repeat the color of the bedroom and be fully in harmony with it. It is the first thing you should not forget about.

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