Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition

What a variety of options to create a dining area is proposed to us by designers – among them are bar, the kitchen island and the peninsula. Even the former window sill can be transformed into tabletops for carrying out meals. But in this publication we would like to discuss the traditional way to organize a dining segment, – the installation of a table and chairs. Modern kitchen furniture manufacturers offer us a wide range of tables and chairs to create harmonious, functional and stylish sets. It is easy to get confused by tons of spectacular forms and fashionable designs. Consequently, the final stage of the design of the kitchen or dining room – the formation of the dining group, is needed to be well prepared.

Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Picturesque color combination and tons of lightGrandeur designed classic atnosphere in the spacious room with large carpet

Criteria for choosing a dining group for the kitchen or dining room

Usually the choice of dining ensemble for the kitchen or dining room becomes one of the finishing touches in the formation of the interior. Rarely people clearly imagine what will be the dining table and chairs to fit it at the planning stage. But definitely not in the case of the pro- designer’s work. The specialist even at the stage of project creation maps out the dimensions, model and material of execution and color scale of the lunch set. In the future, only minor deviations from the given course are possible. If we make renovation or complete repairs ourselves, then, as a rule, we prefer to wait for the installation of kitchen set to find out how much free space is left for the installation of the table and chairs (stools). Starting from this point, it is already possible to determine the shape and dimensions of the dining ensemble.

Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Dark color theme of the hi-tech premises Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Nice classic atmosphere and large table with seats for big company Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Wooden materials and Scandinavian style sets the mood Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Classic setting and the forged frames for the chairs

So, the choice of a dining table and chairs to it will depend on the following factors:

  • The size and shape of the room, the amount of useful space left for the installation of furniture for meals;
  • The maximum number of households who will be present at the table daily;
  • Average growth of household members (influence on table height and model of chairs);
  • The maximum weight of family members (the load on the chair will influence the choice of the material of the execution);
  • Age of family members (small children and elderly people may feel uncomfortable on beautiful designer stools);
  • Stylistic and color execution of the kitchen or dining room and your desire to highlight the dining group or harmoniously fit into actual situation of the interior;
  • The financial possibilities of the family (for example, plastic chairs and wooden furniture of valuable species can differ at times in cost).

Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Classic style with natural color scheme Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Gold lampshades adding a touch of pomposity into modern interior Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Yellow, red, blue stools in the dining zone Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Alternative color combination for wooden stools

The aesthetic side of the issue when choosing a dining group is certainly important, but it is much more serious to approach such selection criteria as reliability, strength and durability of furniture items. It is also necessary to take into account the practicality of furnishing items. Simplicity in maintenance and operation are most important. After all, the kitchen space is one of the most susceptible in terms of contamination, not to mention the high humidity and constant temperature changes.

Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Wrought green chairs are aliens to overall atmosphere Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Scandinavian minimalism and the lamp with open cord Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Velvet uphosltered armchairs for the nice modern styled interior

Choosing the size of a table and chairs for a modern interior

Choosing furniture for this or another premise of the dwelling, we all pay more attention to design, the general dimensions, a material of manufacturing and price, of course. But we do not always bother to find out how ergonomic is furniture piece and how it conforms to generally accepted standards. But our state of health, convenience of location, shape, and, in the end, health depends on how well the table or chair is designed.

Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Light classic setting of the area Chairs with white textile coverings in the classic dining room full of textile Dark noble chairs in the calssic styled dining zone Dining Zone Table and Chairs: Practical and Aesthetic Composition. Round table and leather upholstered white armchairs

It is believed that the standard height for a square-shaped table is 60×60 cm or for rectangular one (60×80 cm) is 75 cm. But it is important to understand that this height is matched for an average human growth of 165 cm. If you are higher or lower than the standard parameters, then the standard table height can be inappropriate. When making a dining table by order, you can set any height of the table top. Usually this value is in the range from 72 to 78 cm. And the manufacturers’ budget lines contain models with non-standard height. The same goes for the countertop. The size of 60×80 is accepted as the most convenient, but it is not a prerequisite in case your room can not accommodate such a scale.

Minimalistic setting in the spacious dining room with dark puple upholstered armchairs Classic atmosphere of the dining zone in the large space of the private house Open glazed veranda at the private house with dining area Light color sceheme for Mediterranean styled room with big table and many black chairs

The height of the seat of the chair or stool directly depends on the height of the table. If the dining table has a height of 72 to 78 cm, the seat of the chair should be located at a distance of 42-48 cm from the floor. At the same time, the width of the seat in the widest part should not be less than 36 cm. The space between the table legs for a comfortable position of the person must not be less than 52 cm.

Nice impressionistic picture to dilute white design of the modern dining Wooden black cahirs in the dining zone Pastel milky color scheme for oceanic apartment Creamy pastel tones for modern dining room interior

If the stool model has curvature of the back, then the radius of curvature should be 22 cm with a back height of less than 32 cm and 45 cm at a height of more than 32 cm. The size of one seat of the dining table is in the range of 50 to 60 cm, and in front – at least 32 cm.

velvet chairs of unusual form in the wallpapered dining room Eco style in the large dining Orange upholstered soft chairs for the classic dining room

Material for the manufacture of kitchen and dining furniture

For different styles of execution of the kitchen or dining room, the furniture of the dining room made of different materials is also suitable. For example, for a high-tech style, it is better to choose furniture from transparent plastic, metal and glass. It is possible to use chrome surfaces and structural elements. The combination of materials makes it possible to create not only original models in terms of aesthetics, but also to increase the strength, durability and wear resistance of furniture.

White design of the dining room with rectangular table and wooden stools Red plastic chairs for the modern private house' s hall as a dining zone Usual classic atmosphere with peculiar formed white plastic chairs Modern dining zone design with cutting edge plexiglass translucent chairs

Plastic chairs are incredibly popular. Primarily, because of their ease of use, ease of construction and mobility. It is easy to take care for plastic surfaces, they are not afraid of moisture and pollution. In this case, chairs can be made in a wide range of color solutions. The only serious drawback is weight limitations. But producers try to fight this minus by combining plastic with other materials. For example, the use of wooden or metal frames or only legs together with plastic seats and backs, allows you to significantly increase the range of maximum permissible weight.

Eco and hi-tech designs intermixing in modern styled dining room Unique classic setting of the dining room with black furniture and black plastic chair Multicolored stools set in the dining zone of Scandinavian living

Furniture made of transparent plastic (often combined with acrylic) not only have original and stylish look in a modern kitchen or dining room, but also helps to visually “unload” the interior of a small room. The ability to dissolve in space plays into the hands of modest rooms.

Plexiglass chair and round wooden table in the classic dining room Wallpaper finished dining room with transparent plastic chairs at the bar-table plexiglass translucent chairs in the modern designed dining room with cutting edge designer's technique Long rectangular table with set of transparent plastic chairs

Furniture made of wood is a trend for all time. Given the incredible demand for eco-materials, natural wood becomes the must-have raw material of any modern interior. The wood is perfectly combined with glass and with plastic, so as with metal. Therefore the dining table with chairs made of wood will look organic in any stylistic direction of the design of the kitchen or dining room.

Marine style touch in the seat of chairs Classic interior of the dining room full of wooden furniture Wooden latticed back chairs in the classic styled dining with flowers in the vase Open latticed window and the large table and backrest upholstered wooden chairs Neat gray chairs' seats in the classic set of the dining with a pelt at the dining zone

Wooden chairs with intentionally aged painting (usually in light, pastel colors, most often white) will be the perfect complement to the dining group in the kitchen or dining room decorated in the Shabby Chic or Provence style. In order to create such a decoration does not necessarily have a spacious country house; compact urban dwellings can also be designed with the introduction of notes of “shabby chic” in the interior.

Pale blue chairs set at the patio Raound table and grand lamp above at the dining zone Classic dining room with large rectangular table and compact chairs White matted chair paint in the Provence styled room

Chairs with a wooden frame and leather upholstery have luxurious look. At the same time, from an aesthetic point of view, there is no difference whether expensive genuine leather or its artificial counterpart at a democratic price is used. It is often difficult to distinguish material from the outside. The skin will give some chic even to the simplest models of chairs. This material as an upholstery can be considered one of the most practical, because kitchen and dining rooms are at risk of pollution like no other.

Wallpapaer finishing for the classic interior of the dining with nice upholstered comfortable chairs

If we talk about the longevity of the chairs’ upholstery material, the real leather is the undisputed favorite. But, given the high cost of natural raw materials, many people prefer leatherette. To enjoy furniture as long as possible with artificial leather upholstery, you need to take care of it properly. The following types of cleaning can not be used:

  • All kinds of polishes;
  • Dry cleaning;
  • Vodka, alcohol and acetone are also prohibited;
  • Chlorine and all types of products containing tetrachloroethylene are not allowed;
  • Old spots should not be scraped with a knife, no

typical Scandinavian interior with black chairs' set

To clean the surfaces of leatherette use soap solutions, shampoos. Use napkins and soft sponges. It is permissible to use ammonia. If you need to remove stains from fruit juice, it is best to use a mixture of vinegar and ammonia. And thoroughly wash the surface after cleaning.

Tiled floor and natural colored dining romo interior Leather upholstered quilted chairs in the gray toned modern dining room

Another variant of eco-friendly furniture is wicker models. Chairs and small armchairs made of rattan, willow vines, walnut and reed rods, bamboo have long ceased to be an attribute of garden furniture. Designers around the world actively use wicker furniture to integrate into modern interiors. The original appearance, mobility and environmental friendliness make wicker furniture a serious competitor to traditional dining arrangements. But it is important to consider the maximum permissible weight load of chairs before buying.

Classic setting of the Greek styled dining with wicker chair Rattan chairs in the spacious mediterranean styled dining room Naturalistic color set for rustic atmosphere of the dining

Chairs with a metal frame are durable, long lasting and able to withstand heavy loads. But the cost of such products will not be low. Metal is cool enough material, so it is not plays solo in chairs’ production, soft seating and backrest are necessary. Such models are great for a modern style of decorating the kitchen or dining room.

Unusual modern design of the Scandinavian stylistic direction with pelts and natural materials of furniture White and wooden color palette for modern dining room Blue plastic simple formed chairs gray palette for the furniture in the light dining Unusual lime chairs in the spacious white designed modern dining

Choice of chairs depending on the shape of the table

If you exclude rare fancy options, then you can list the following forms of countertops for dining tables:

  • square;
  • rectangle;
  • circle;
  • oval

Classic dining with large curtains and Marine styles striped rug Nice polished round table on carved legs Sakura and roller bamboo blinds in the apparently Oriental styled dining

Depending on what form your dining table has, you can choose one or another model of chairs for it. For example, a rectangular roomy table is best equipped not just with comfortable chairs with backs, but with mini armchairs without armrests. Of course, this option is suitable for dining rooms or kitchen spaces with a large area.

Classic design of the large dining room Yellow painted wall in the modern designed dining Panoramic windows in the classic styled dining with royal upholstered chairs Complex color textured classic furnished dining room near the large window

The last fashionable trend in creating stylish and original furniture ensembles for the dining area is the combination of different models of chairs at a table of traditional shape and execution. In this case, chairs (and compact chairs) can be different not only in the style of performance, but also differ radically – by the material of execution, the color scheme, the texture and the print of the upholstery fabric. You can combine plastic chairs with wooden models with soft upholstery, use fabrics of different colors. But it is important to understand that such a colorful dining group just needs to be an accent of the interior – the whole environment should be executed in neutral tones.

Casual interior style for the urban flat Casual modern interior atmosphere of the dining room with crimson upsholtered armchairs Plastic and wooden combined chairs in the nice classic design Eco bright motif for the small improvised dining space near large window

Less radical, but also interesting option is to combine chairs of the same stylistics but in different design of the upholstery. Or chairs of contrasting color combinations can be combined, but having a general concept of performance, carcass materials and upholstery (if any).

Large space for the dining zone with red upholstered chairs Red armchairs, gray sofa and black table for the accentual filling of the dining room Nice wooden materials in the classic styled dining room in white palette Classic interior design of the dining room with nice vintage wooden cupboard Black chairs in the modern Orintal furnished dining room with red wallpapered interior

Another interesting way to combine chairs and stools of different models at the same dining table is the use of benches or small sofas, long and narrow ottomans. For a spacious room in which a large number of relatives often gather for a meal, this option will not only be the original highlight of the interior, but also a practical approach for organizing a comfortable and spacious dining area.

White boxed modern dining room with wooden furniture Wooden Table and bench in the dining zone of the casual styled living room Wooden table and bench along with black wooden chairs in the dining zone

For a compact round table that occupies very little useful space in the kitchen or a small dining room, you need to pick up at least a mobile (folding) model of chairs. Chairs with smooth curves, lines flowing into each other would fit perfectly. Roundness of chairs’ models of will emphasize the shape of the table and together will form a harmonious alliance.

Wooden Table and bench in the dining zone of the casual styled living room Dining room with natural laminated floor and wooden materials for dining group Casual urban interior of the dining room with natural furniture Vintage yellow wooden chairs in the pop-art dining room Red modern armchairs in the classic set dining zone with glass table Milk white color palette for the bright modern interior

Oval table allows you to accommodate a larger number of household members or guests of the home. But at the same time it still retains mobility and some compactness (if we are not talking about folding models that can increase the large radius due to insertion). For such a table, you can use chairs with seats wider, even with armrests (traditional style will be relevant for a classic wooden table).

Unusual wall finishing in the vintage set dining zone of the apartment White light interior at the panoramic glass entrance to the house Purple textile upholstered chairs in the modern designed dining room near terrace

In order to emphasize the strict geometry of the square table, you can choose chairs or mini-chairs with the same straight lines and angles. Depending on the size of the table, one or two chairs can be placed on one side. But in any case, the composition turns out to be very graphic, strict and even grand.

We can distinguish models of chairs which invariably become accents of the interior thanks to their color in a separate group. It does not matter what form of the dining table is set in the kitchen or dining room.

Orange chairs in the small dining zone in the apartment decorated with small pictures Blue stools of the classic designed dinign with wooden finished interior Orange chairs set at the dining zone Calming blue color of the chairs in the light lit dining room Nice improvised dining zone at the open air with acid orange chairs Orange contrasting chairs in the dark entourage of the dining

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