The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design

The Scandinavian countries are interesting for their unrivaled culture, severe restraint of national traditions, the predominance of ecological style, and the use of natural materials in the interior. The Norwegian style in the interior is a very popular part of the “Scandinavian group” of design decisions. It captivates with its modest simplicity, the contrasting charm of cold shades, and the priority of using wood and stone.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Northern forester's house with antlers and exposed logs


In Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, design art relies heavily on the use of ancient pagan images and more modern European styles – baroque and classicism. The Norwegian home style is trendy now minimalism which combining the latest innovative technologies with the environmental friendliness of natural materials. The style is suitable for interior decoration of an apartment, a country house, and private homeownership.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Simple concise design for small village house with pronounced living zone

Space Organization

This is the first thing to start arranging the Norwegian interior. The dominant link in the chain here is the strict distribution of the functionality of the rooms. If it is a kitchen, only kitchen accessories and appropriate furniture should be present in the interior. The same can be said about the bedroom, hallway, and living room.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Wooden planked ceiling and accent grey wall with the fireplace

The right forms of space, spaciousness, and necessary furniture only are characteristic features of arranging a Norwegian home. Thanks to the light palette and the cool range of shades, the Norwegian style “extracts” maximum space even from a small room.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Simple designed living room with white sofa and electric steel framed fireplace

The Color Principles of the Norwegian Style

The color design in the Norwegian interior is represented by a combination of pale and cold shades – milky white, dull blue, yellow, ivory, and creamy. In Norway, such colorings are associated with snow, ice, and fjords.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Classic English touch of the sunny interior with large sash windows and creamy white furniture

The warmth is added by the expressiveness of color inclusions of pink, red, blue on a plain surface, texture and bright decor (for example, yellow lamps), natural wooden fragments of the interior.

The spectacular Norwegian design is replete with subtle contrasts, floral ornaments, small and large cells in the design of textiles. It is characterized by the harmony of white and blue. Here again, we see an association with the harsh winter motives of Norway. Combinations of white and red are less common.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Rustic interior with wooden walls and stone trimmed fireplace

Norwegian Wall Design

The polarity of light shades and dark-painted panel patterns in the wall decoration is a common option in the interior of a Norwegian house. Just look at the photo. The design of the walls of the bathroom is not decorated with the usual ceramic tiles, but with natural, wide, light plank panels, giving a special stylish touch to the room.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Neat pinky shaded walls and whiet furniture for large kitchen with dining zone

A must-have decor can be a large mirror in a sophisticated frame. Such an attribute is placed in every room of an apartment or house, which will further emphasize the Norwegian interior design style of the interior.

Natural Direction

In the Scandinavian countries and in Norway in particular, the cult of reverence for nature has been evolved to become the national one. Therefore, in Norwegian interiors, the style is based on the use of natural wood.

The Norwegian interior is also animal pelts, hunting trophies, and fishing motifs.

Walls, floors, and even ceilings are trimmed with wood. The effect of aging and scuffing of the floor, created by special technology of wood processing, finishing of wooden walls with translucent paints will create a trendy style of your home. The decor with natural stone, the use of conventional brickwork in the interior in harmony with the natural texture of the wood produce the effect of a certain unity, a feeling of naturalness and integrity.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. A bit of Marine touch in the white interior

Decor and Furniture Design

Norwegian interiors are simple forms of furniture in traditional light colors. Uncomplicated and low furniture made of natural wood; bright soft pillows, light fleecy carpet on the floor; objects of arts and crafts. Countless fireplaces and stoves are other integral attributes of a Norwegian home.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Thoughtful space organization with the sleeper and storage at the window

Landscapes, photos in thin frames on the walls are invariable accessories of the Norwegian stylish design. Juicy lush greenery, flowers on the floor, or flower pots on the walls will dilute the Norwegian style with a bright note.

Pleasant to the touch textiles in the design of the Norwegian interior are distinguished by the lightness and airiness of translucent fabrics. Toning of the furniture in pale yellow or white colors will emphasize belonging to the Norwegian tradition.

The Overview and Examples of Norwegian Interior Design. Light color palette for large living

Detailed precision without fake luxury, the balanced interior without frills, aesthetics of smooth lines: by seclusion, tranquility, peacefulness, sufficient harmonious simplicity, the Norwegian style is gaining more and more fans and admirers, not only in Scandinavia.

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