Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas

Remodeling in the bedroom is a responsible and very private thing. The room, which is primarily aimed at relaxation and rest after work, often carries a considerable bunch of functions. For some people, the bedroom is also a study room, dressing room or boudoir. For most homeowners it is important that the atmosphere in bedroom is calm and peaceful. But there are some owners who need an energy boost in the morning, resulting from the bright colors and contrasting combinations, ornate decor or favorite works of art. Different styles of life, temperaments, habits, taste, and stylistic preferences are pushing us to create completely individual interiors.Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas. Nice white ambience of the modern bedroom decorated with purple shells on the walls

Bedroom wall decoration ideas. Paint or wallpaper your walls?

The bedroom is a private space, you do not need here to worry about the comfort and cozy atmosphere for the whole family, it is not necessary to take into account the wishes and preferences of all households. This is not a living room, where in addition to collecting all the family in the evening, still occur gatherings with friends, receptions relatives and friends. People are not inviting guests to the bedroom, so no matter what the whole world thinks about the interior of your room for sleep. This is where you can apply all your skills, dreams, and fantasies of registration of personal space.

Bedroom in white with structured wall decoration with soft touch material

And any room remodeling starts with the planning of finishing. In this article, we`ll overview various ways of painting walls in the bedroom, made in different stylistic trends. The variety of building materials and methods of wall decorating is impressing as scaring homeowners at the same time. Finding your way in the market of wallpaper, decorative plaster, special panels, and textiles for wall design is not easy. But it is necessary to correlate the whole range of finishes not only to personal preference, room size, but also the possibility of the family budget. Specific examples of wall decor will help you form an impression about various shades and textures, prints and ornaments, focusing methods, highlight the most important segments and pieces of furniture, decor.

Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas. classic alternative royal interior in the modern bedroom with soft walls

We hope that the impressive selection of design projects of modern bedrooms, decorated in different colors and stylistic directions, will inspire you to your own design solutions for the creative bedroom design of your dreams.

Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas. Brown interior in the modest bedroom

Snow-white bedroom idyll

It’s no secret that the white color has a calming effect on the human psyche. In a bright room it is easier to sit back and relax – the frantic rhythm of the city retreats, thought no longer confused, breathing becomes calm and rhythmic, the muscles of the whole body relax. White color can not only soothe our psyche but also instill a sense of security, peace, ease and freedom.

Wired garland wall decoration in the white bedroom

But this does not mean that absolutely white room is the best option for rest and sleep. To avoid association with a sterile chamber or operating, we need to include other shades, accent spots or exuding decor. Even if it is light wood for flooring or pastel linens for bed and window decoration – it will be enough to save the environment fresh and light bedrooms.

Tulle curtains, wooden floor and picture to decorate modern bedrooms

And if you plan to use contrasting colors for colorful items of furniture, decor, and textiles, so in complete with light-colored walls, they will create quite a dynamic and original design of the bedroom.

Purple notes in the white room with open-beamed ceiling

Any decorative elements are perfectly highlighted in a light background. White combined with any color shades and do not need to puzzle over color schemes. For many homeowners, these prospects can be the crucial factors in the choice of colors for the bedroom.

Unusual wall decoration in the form of flock of swallows

Your favorite work of art will receive the best possible design options of the space around it – a snow-white wall. Thus, the picture can become the focal center of the bedroom, drawing attention away from the central piece of furniture, bed.

Modern bedroom with wall pinting and suitable color of linen and covers

Another important aspect of the benefits of using the white color when arranging vertical surfaces – the visual expansion of space. If your bedroom is very small, if its shape is far from symmetry or a room is in the attic – white shades will help smooth out all the geometrical “irregularities”.

Low-key bedroom with dark bed and photocollection on the white wall

Another way to design a bedroom, where the white color of the walls will be the most suitable option is minimalist style. If you close style, which is based on concepts such as space, freedom, practicality, comfort, cleanliness, and freshness – a snow-white palette will help you.

Absolutely white bedroom with mattress on the wooden floor and accent red wired lamp

A snow-white room with a minimum of furniture and decor is not an option for everyone. But many homeowners seek precisely to such austere atmosphere after a difficult day at work. Calmness and freshness after a bustling city filled with bright colors are exactly what you need for relaxation and good, deep sleep.

White themed bedroom with original decoration on the wall

If in the bedroom with white surfaces to highlight one of the walls (usually at the head of the bed), covering it with the accentual tone, you can get an interesting interior of the room to sleep. Your bedroom will not lose freshness and lightness but acquired the color variety, which provides the main subject of the situation of the room – the bed.

Floral motifs and Japanese minimalism in the modern bedroom

For many homeowners, the top of perfection as an option for bedroom decoration is considered a classic style, embodied in a snow-white color palette. Whatever new stylistic trends appear, no matter how many cutting-edge design solutions are not invented for the registration of personal rooms, but the classic is timeless.

It is difficult to imagine the richness of stucco on the ceiling and wall decor in any other color than white

Masonry in the bedroom is not only for the Loft style

The most widely used design method is whitewashed brickwork, which is placed in the head of the bed. Thus the accent wall stands out not so much by means of color (though this option is not excluded), but mostly by unusual textures. There is something brutal in the presence of masonry in the personal space of the room for sleep and rest.

White brickwork in the white bedroom with original black cushions

Painted white masonry would have appropriate look at the ultra-modern interior of a bedroom. The room, which collected the pieces of furniture and decoration of different stylistic directions, needs a light background of the large room.

Futuristic hi-tech interior design in the dark and light bedroom with masonry wall at the headboard

Well, for the loft on the bedroom all the canons and rules literally advocate the use of masonry in the decoration of the walls. It is believed that the original brickwork of industrial premises was simply stained to save money on plaster or any other cladding. Currently, designers specifically create the brick simulation or make real brickwork walls to saturate the interior of Industrial style notes and hold space within the stylistic direction.

Original chest ow drawers and wall decoration in the modern light themed bedroom

Your bedroom does not have to be realized in industrial style to the brickwork looked harmonious and appropriate. You can use the wall made of bricks (unpainted, but covered with special protective varnishes) as an accent. If you enjoy seeing beautiful brick color, its unusual texture, waking in the morning, then do the design accent wall is not at the head of the bed (as it usually is), and in front of your bed.

Small bedroom with impressionistic and minimalistic design all-in-one

There is one similar to the original brickwork way to arrange space for the head of the bed. It is to simulate concrete or concrete blocks. In this case, you have to be prepared for the fact that the interior will have a pronounced brutal tone. it can be mitigated with works of art in pastel colors and interesting decor items, using mirrors or bright textiles.

Yellow striped cover on the bed and dark brickwork wall in the hi-tech design of the bedroom

Accent wall in the room for sleep. A lot of design options

Accent wall emphasizing is a design method that has proven itself in the areas with a variety of design solutions. Certainly, the bedroom is not left out too. Already a lot of years designers all over the world use this simple but effective move to create interesting and individual interiors.

Deep blue curtains to create the accent in the bedroom

There are many ways to create an accent wall – from the simple combination of different shades or wallpaper prints, to trim the walls using wood, plastic, steel sheets, textiles or leather.

Creamy bedroom with thought-out wall decoration

One of the easiest ways to highlight the wall at the head of your bed is paper it with patterned wallpaper. When the remaining surfaces should be made monochromatic. Striped wallpaper is also often used for decoration of bedrooms. If you want to visually expand the room, use horizontal stripes, if you need to “raise” the ceiling – vertical stripes can help you with this.

Horizontal stripes on the accent wall in the bedroom

Even a small deviation from the general color palette or use wallpaper with a pattern of the same color that is present in the entire room as a background will allow you to focus on the wall, which is located near the bed.

wooden skeleton in the creamy pink girlish bedroom with stripes in the accent wall

Accent wall with bright geometric patterns – option for active human natures. On the one hand, your bedroom is quite original and presentable, in its finishing present bright colors. On the other – nothing annoys the eye when you are ready to sleep – as the striking element of the room decor is located behind the headboard.

Pixel wall in the modern cartoon bedroom for youngsters

Making accent walls with textiles is the recent trend in designer circles. Sandwiching soft material between the wall and the textiles, you will not only create a genuine element of the interior but also be able to choose a bed without a headboard at all because you have a pleasant to the touch, comfortable and soft wall. Repetition of colors of textiles in other elements of the interior – like the upholstery of armchair or ottoman which standing at the foot of the bed, covers for pillows, or roller would be a logical step.

Wall decoration by wallpaper. Mirror and green cover in the bedroom

The original way to design an accent wall can be performed using the relief tiles – ceramic or its plastic counterpart. The effect of such a coating present in the private room is stunning. This design method can be used for both bedrooms located in suburban homes and within city apartments.

Golden wall painting with structured pattern in the attic bedroom

For fans of eco-materials and integration of country style elements in the modern interior, we can offer a variant with a wooden accent wall. Depending on the primary color of your room, you can choose the shade of light or dark wood. Even simple decorations or conventional wall lights will look special against this backdrop.

prints and stripes on the walls in the modern Scandinavian styled bedroom

Not always accent wall is the one at the head of the bed. If you really like the color or pattern of wallpaper, why not to paste it over wall, which you see immediately after waking up? Perhaps this will help you to wake up in a good mood and have a positive tone for the entire working day.

Black coffee mattress as decorative element in the light green wallpapered bedroom

Photo printing on wallpaper not sunk into oblivion, and was transformed by modern technology and features. If before people papered the walls of bedrooms with photo wallpapers with the image of a birch grove or waterfall, now the choice of the character and manner of photographic prints knows no boundaries. You can place any image on the bedroom walls – from copies of paintings by Salvador Dali to the enlarged portraits of your children.

Natural decorations of the photo wallpaper in the bedroom

For larger rooms with high ceilings can be used really dark shades to accent wall decoration. Against such a background designer lamps and light decoration will look great.

Darl acceте wall in the modern bedroom and a lot of decorative elements

Wallpaper with a pattern for the bedroom – a classic of the genre

For anyone who does not want to deviate from the tradition of pasting the walls of the bedroom wallpaper with a pattern or ornament, manufacturers of modern building materials offer a considerable range of options.

Silver pattern on the wallpaper in the modern bedroom

Textile wallpaper and embossed ones, gold-plated or silver-plated using threads, decorated with Swarovski crystals, made and painted by professionals manually. As the saying goes – “any whim for your money”. In any most exacting taste and wallet size you can find an option that will suit you completely these days.

Unusual wall decoration and arrangement with dark wallpaper and antlers

There is one unwritten rule by using wallpaper with prints – they blend with go-colored curtains and drapes to decorate windows best of all. This is especially true of rooms in which the walls are covered with wallpaper with a large pattern.

Children`s bedroom with dark brown wallpaper and white complex of white two-level beds

Black and white wallpaper with a floral or animalistic pattern will give a graphicness to the bedroom interior. As a result, you`ll get an interesting and unusual design, but retaining the traditional approach to the design of the room to sleep.

Unusual wallpapering in the bedroom with animalistic horse motive

Decorative items for the bedroom walls

It is obvious that after the finishing of walls and installation of furniture, you will want to decorate the resulting space. Painted walls or glued colored wallpaper are literally begging the presence of paintings, mirrors, framed photographs of your family, and sometimes just a framework as a decorative element.

Blue wall and mirrors with paintings on it and decorated chandelabres of lamps in the bedroom

In decorating the walls of the bedroom you can use a variety of options. The main thing is not to overdo it with the diversity and the number of items.

Animalistic motif in the rustic bedroom

Against the backdrop of colorful wallpaper with neutral color palette, bright decor will look no less advantageous. Creative natures with active temperament may choose more colorful combinations.

Colorful chest of drawers in the modern bedroom interior with red lamp

For some homeowners, practicality is always at the forefront and even decor for the walls must perform certain functions. In this case, you can use the open shelves for the location of small things that are important to have on hand before going to sleep or waking. If you decorate your bright shelves with backlit, you can create ambient lighting for night time, soothing, and relaxing before sleep.

Warm temperature tones in the decorating of the modern minimalistic bedroom

The decor on the walls does not have to be necessarily bright and active. If the bedroom is decorated in soft, pastel colors and you like to keep the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, you can use the large decorative elements, but of calm colors, no glitter, and dark spots in the design.

Alternative method to decorate the bedroom with textile round rolld above the headboard

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