Small Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

Planning of small dwellings` interior is a stumbling block for many homeowners. Very often in the context of urban apartment, for example, we have a very modest-sized bedroom. But it is not enough just to put a bed into the bedroom, you need storage, dressing table or even workplace. For some residents the presence of a bookcase in the bedroom is necessary, someone needs to find a precious meters for a children’s bed, but the place sometimes not even enough for the main pieces of furniture.

Small design ideas for small bedroom interior

But there is always a way out in any situation. We have tried to collect inspiring small design ideas for small bedroom of very modest size for all owners of tiny residential areas. Interior options in different stylistic directions, color palettes, functional content and combining with other residential segments.

Small Design Ideas for Small Bedroom in dark modern interior

Modern technologies are coming to rescue people wishing to save space – the TV can be hung on the wall, it will take up no more than the picture. Also it can be attached to the ceiling with a bracket. For the organization of the cabinet in the bedroom it is enough just install a small console with compact seat or chair and put your laptop on it.

Small Design Ideas for Small Bedroom in nice pastel tones

Let us overview the techniques that are used by designers for small bedrooms arranging.

The smaller room – the lighter finish

We all perfectly understand that small space needed the visual extension using the trim in bright and even white colors. But to avoid the appearance of a bedroom, similar to sterile white chamber, it is necessary to use at least a couple of accents made in contrasting or brighter colors.

Light trimming of the bedroom with a couple of dark accent with the help of furniture

Accent spots on a lighter background color of almost every room surface can be elements of decor, textiles and some pieces of furniture.

Floor covering of wooden hues as an element of bedroom decoration

Different from all the finishing of the room may become flooring in warm wooden tones.

Small Design ideas for smal bedroom with bright spots in interior

With bright, contrasting elements, you can create a really interesting and non-trivial design of the bedroom, even on a completely white walls background.

Small Design ideas for smal bedroom with unique ceiling and bed coloring

When the room is so small that it barely accommodates a double bed, a headboard can be an accent element that is not only dilute the bright finish, but will give individuality to the bedroom, taking into account the unusual design.

Small Design ideas for smal bedroom with mirror in front of the dresssing table

Bright accent can be a work of art on a wall or mirror in an unusual frame. They occupy a little amount of space, but can add beauty and grace to the interior.

Small Design Ideas for Small Bedroom with angular orientation over the room

In this tiny bedroom, despite the saving of space, it was possible to use a non-traditional way of the bed allocation – it is usually placed near the wall in a small bedroom. Setting the bed diagonally, we lose some of the area, but gain the opportunity to approach the bed all around. Interesting design of the headboard combines perfectly with the chest of drawers and picture`s frame.

Unique solution of the storage in the extra small bedroom

If the parameters of the room allow to place the storage system, it is best to choose a built-in version of the cabinet, it will save precious centimeters, bit it has stylish, practical and presentable look.

White creamy houes in the small bedroom interior Pastel and gold tones for decoration of the bedroom

Bright finish of the room surfaces does not have to include the use of white shades. Pastel gray colors are perfectly combined with woody furniture, and have a wide range of white shades, from pure white to milky.

Nice lace decoration and geometric shape at the bed linen

Against the background of bright finish even minor manifestations of color looks advantageously, not to mention contrasting, geometric drawing or painting on the walls will certainly become the focus of attention.

Bed with shelves in a small bedroom

In small rooms every inch counts, so to the location of possible storage systems must be approached rationally. Even a small piece of space can serve for the benefit of residents, being transformed into a small rack, cabinet, or at least the shelf.

Moldings in the small bedroom

If the walls of a small room decorated with moldings, it is best to use them in the same color with the main surface. This visual effect would not focus attention on the size, but the will contribute to the creation of a bohemian ambience.

Two beds in a bedroom with a workplace

This small asymmetric bedroom with sloping ceiling became a shelter for two beds. Thanks to the bright interior design room does not look overloaded.

Rustic Greek style bedroom with white interior

And this bedroom in rustic style is an example of how a small room can reflect the basic principles of a stylistic direction and create a cozy, relaxing interior.

Marine style for small bedroom interior

Another example of a pronounced style in the bedroom, this time the Marine style. Several decorative elements and typical combination of white with blue flowers, has created an unusual image of the room, catchy and bright.

Dark green interior of the small bedroom Dark color contrasting to white trim of the small bedroom

Bright interior in a small room – creative practicality

According to the polls, which were held not so long ago by a well-known European designers Association, nearly half of homeowners will not agree on a entirely light finish even for small rooms in their home. In addition to using white color for design of small rooms surfaces, there are a number of design techniques, visually moving apart the walls and raising the ceiling. Among these methods are the use of mirror, glossy and glass surfaces, built-in furniture and “suspended” structures without support, avoidance of fixed screens and doors, volumetric textures and colorful prints for the walls.

Bed and glass cabinet in the small bedroom design

Glass transparent door of the cabinet as if prolonging room without cutting it. Accent wall, decorated in blue, gives freshness and brightness of the interior of this very small bedroom.

Red color appearance of the small bedroom

Who said that the red color cannot be used in the bedroom? Range of shades of this color is so great that to pick up the variant, which would not irritate the tenants before going to sleep and would be easy awaking in the morning, will be easy. Deep light-burgundy color blends with beige tone of curtains and carpeting, creating a truly original, memorable image of the bedroom.

Blue color as a dominant in small bedroom with accent wall

If in the bright interior of a bedroom to decorate an accent wall, its image would be immediately refreshed. Dark-chocolate color of the surface has become an excellent background for soft light green headboard. And the presence of these same colors in textiles has completed a harmonious atmosphere of the room for rest and sleep.

Bright decor and painted wall in the interior of small bedroom

In this bright and colorful bedroom white color has been used exclusively for the bed, while the walls and textiles decorated in rich colors, perfectly combined with each other.

Black wall is no more a fail in the bedroom decoration

If before someone thought that paint the walls of a small room in a very dark color – it is nothing else but a design failure, these bedrooms destroy all the stereotypes. In the presence of extensive natural light and artificial light, pure white finish of the surfaces or furniture – everything is possible.

Contrasting dark design is the modern tend in decoration of small bedrooms

Contrasting techniques always help to dilute a neutral palette of the room, give personality and character of a certain enthusiasm, optimism to the room.


Office in a small bedroom – it is a reality

Currently, to create a workplace or corner for creativity in the bedroom is enough to find a small piece of space for the console and chair.

Bedroom sudy room design in Blue tomes

Such a space can be a surface of the sill, prolonged and reinforced with wooden tabletop.

Minimalistic and fresh bedroom design

Work surface in the mini-study can be arranged in the form of rack, this structure takes up even less space, because it is attached to the wall and does not require vertical supports.

Special cunning lighting systems for modern interior of a bedroom

Not the least important aspect in the design of small area the bedroom is illuminating system. Built-in lights save some fraction of the space. Classic pendant chandelier will be appropriate only when ceilings height is sufficient. Among other things, it is necessary to consider the lighting in the work area, whether it is a table lamp or adjustable wall lamp – it’s up to residents.

Unique solution to combine work zone with bedroom

In this small room that combines the bedroom and a study functions has been applied interesting design course – the bed is placed on a podium with lights, which includes working surface and bedside table. The result had the effect of hung in the air bed.

Ergonomic design with bed and shelvings in the bedroom

The interior of this small bedroom was able to accommodate not only the desktop and bookshelves, have used the provided square meters efficiently and ergonomically.

Minimalistic IKEA designed furniture for youe unique bedroom design

The issue with the lack of free space of the room was solved using minimalist design principles in the bedroom. Small bed, lack of decor, modest, austere environment was supplemented with bright finish.

Dressing table at the workplace in the bedroom

When the bedroom, which is also an office, is organizing for a girl, the working surface can be used as a dressing table.

Plaid and texture on the light wallpaper in the bedroom study

In the decoration of vertical surfaces of the bedroom was applied print, which was repeated in bed textiles. The bed cover with the right geometrical print have been complemented the harmony of the premises.

Bedroom behind a screen or in the same room to fit two zones

Widespread modern layout of new building is a studio apartment in which it is necessary to equip all necessary for comfortable living segments. Sometimes family expansion requires separation of the available living space into zones. In this case often screens and partitions of different configurations come to the aid. It may be glass or matt screens, racks with closed or open shelves, and sometimes curtains.

Beautifully aranged bedroom in the scandinavian austere style with all necessary elements

In this case we have an example of arrangement of the living room and bedroom in one space. Wall to the living area is a storage system for sleeping segment. Homogeneous color palette in both zones creates a harmonious atmosphere of the whole room.

Gray bedroom with aesthetically selected decorations

This bedroom separates from the living room with dark curtains, which, if necessary, closes the entire opening in the recreation area.

Modern bedroom in a loft metall grunge style

This bedroom is separated from the living area by a system of sliding glass doors. The same matt material was used for the doors of inbuilt cupboard in the bedroom.

In showed above case, the division into working and sleep zones is present in the bedroom itself. Study space was separated with the rack.

Lost designed bedroom in the modern wooden style

Loft style bedroom contains a partition at the head of the bed, which separates the space of a bathroom. Characteristic for loft style space division was not the only specific element of the trend – brick walls, wooden trim, manufactory scope and scale also point at postindustrial interior.

Bedroom with a bed-closet at the same time

We cannot say that the bed in this bedroom is behind the screen, but it is a closet in a common sense, at least in the assembled state, when the room is transformed into the home office.


Children’s bedroom. Interior features

Of course, children like small spaces, but the difficulty of the arrangement of the bedroom for a child is to establish only a small bed is not enough, you need storage for things and toys, perhaps a chair or small sofa for parents or nannies. Often, in the city apartment environment it is not possible to arrange separate beds and room for play and learning for the child. Therefore, it is important to take into account the availability of all necessary segments within a small space, and even taking into account the color and texture preferences of the smallest occupant.

Saturated bright colors in the children`s bedroom

All children love bright saturated colors and their presence is important to consider even in a small room that literally begs to be decorated in bright, pastel colors. But it is also important for children to have not only the practical bedroom, but also interesting, fun, attractive one.

Contrasting interior sets the mood in the children`s bedroom

Contrasting interior is an area for children. Our sight needs attention focuses, bright objects and changing colors. As for children, this principle has the double power.

Bunk wooden beds for teenagers in the children`s bedroom

If the bedroom is designed for two children or teenagers, the use of bunk beds can be a great way to save space. The lower tier can be used as a sofa, allocated  the monitor or TV on a wall in front of it.

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