How to Redesign Your Kitchen This Summer

Every kitchen needs updates and fine-tuning every couple of years. So, even if you are proud of your kitchen and its winning design, you may still want to orient it and redesign it. Still, a kitchen redesign and remodel should not be taken casually as you can’t afford to make any mistakes here. Each and every step that you take should be carefully thought over from every perspective, the functionality, the aesthetics, and the budget. Take advantage of No credit check loans if running short of cash.

How to Redesign Your Kitchen This Summer. Absolutely white interior with the glossy surfaces and light tile, and very long island

Here are some expert tips for those who are toying with the idea of redesigning their kitchen this summer.

  • Design wider walkways – If the walkways through a kitchen are less than 36 inches wide, well, you should certainly create wider paths within the cooking zone. The passages between vertical objects should be accessible for a wheelchair, and there should be no walkways behind a seated diner.How to Redesign Your Kitchen This Summer. All-wooden decoration at the contemporary styled kitchen with dark glossy laminate and large countertop
  • Get a second sink- It is worth the splurge, and your kitchen must have another sink that is kept out of the cooking and cleanup zone. The sink should be placed beneath a window so as to provide daylight for the chores as well as for great views of outdoors.How to Redesign Your Kitchen This Summer. Natural wooden facades for the Classic styled kitchen with two sinks in the ceramic countertop
  • Allow easy access- Look for areas and zones with direct traffic and make them safe and convenient for children. After all, you would not want them to get hurt or spill something over. The refrigerator should be out of the way and easily accessible for the passersby as well as those working in the kitchen.
  • Expand the countertops – If you are of the kind who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and require more cooking space, look at the countertops. The countertops are located between the range and sink, and it is a good idea to have two countertop heights for meal preparations.
  • Utensils within easy reach – Carefully designated storage areas within the kitchen save a lot of time and hassles when working. Store the glassware and dishes in cabinets near the sink and allocate a hanging rack for the frequently used pots and pans. Keep the silverware drawers out of the working zone.
  • Height and location for a microwave – Most kitchens do not provide the right height for the microwave. However, a lot depends on the size and design of microwave and the chef. Typically, 15 inches above countertop is considered a proper microwave height.How to Redesign Your Kitchen This Summer. Microwave and the classic hob at the white designed kitchen
  • Storage for knives and choppers- If you have not paid much attention to how you store those knives and choppers, well, it is time to ponder over them. Keep them absolutely out of range of young children and yet easily accessible for you. It is a good idea to hang them on a magnetic strip tacked at a higher level.
  • Shop for the necessary gadgets – Perhaps your refrigerator needs to get replaced, or you need a new blender. Well, go ahead and look at what you absolutely need and if your pocket allows it, buy it by all means. After all, a useful appliance indeed makes the experience of working in a kitchen much more enjoyable.
  • Optimize the space – You may be proud of your kitchen floor plan, but there are always some ways and methods that can help you free up the apace within the kitchen. Perhaps you can change the location of the refrigerator and dishwasher or the microwave to create more working space. A revamped kitchen with a redistribution of appliances or adopting an open shelving design can indeed make the kitchen look a lot more spacious than before.

Give a quick look to your kitchen and the ergonomics and assess if redesigning the environment can make the kitchen a lot better and functional.

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