Kitchen Remodel: 3 Tips To Get More Space

I know what it is like to have to work with a small kitchen. It feels like everything is on top of everything and you just can’t seem to find anything. Just when I was ready to abandon my kitchen, let the clutter pile on top of clutter and turn a blind eye to the whole thing I realized, maybe it isn’t the size of the kitchen space that is the issue, perhaps it is the way I am using the space that’s the problem.

Kitchen Remodel: 3 Tips To Get More Space. Nice additional lighting and matte white facades

Let’s face it, we all have a few extra appliances that we are holding on to that we are really not using anymore, they are just knocking around just in case we ever maybe perhaps might… ok so they could probably go in the trash. Then there’s the kitchen utensils, now given the fact that I only have two hands, and can only really flip one pancake at a time, (if I want to do a good job that is) how many spatulas do I really need to have? Then there’s the food container boxes. I know we all need places to store bits of last night’s leftover dinner, but between the empty ice cream and butter tubs, I think I have enough cumulative container space to store my whole house in food container boxes should it ever be chopped into pieces (trust me, I’ve come close on many an occasion).

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But that is all in the past now and I can safely say that my container hoarding days are behind me and I have managed to reestablish order in the kitchen and stumbled upon a load of extra kitchen countertop space in the process. How did I do it? It’s all thanks to a few handy tips I would love to share with you.

Three tips to get more space

Looking for some surefire ways to get some more space in the kitchen? Here are a few tips that I think you will find really useful:

  • Reach new heights. As I mentioned before, we all tend to hang on to kitchen appliances that we know in the back of our minds we probably will never use again.. If your kitchen cabinets currently end at just above arm’s length, why not try installing some matching cabinets above these that touch the ceiling. Although you won’t be able to reach them, you can fill these cupboards with the things that you rarely use, and since you rarely or possibly never use them, it doesn’t matter that they are in a tricky to reach place. Invest in a kick stool and that will be problem solved.
  • Pull out cabinets. Sometimes cabinet space and drawer space can be really limited in smaller kitchens, that is why it is a great idea to install some pull out cabinets. These cabinets will give you the extra space to store plates, glasses and other dinnerware. 
  • Start hanging out. Another great way to save on space is to use empty wall space to hang some of your kitchen utensils and pots and pans. A neat display of pans on the wall can look quite quirky inside a country style kitchen. Or use a magnetic knife strip against the wall to store your sharp knives which takes away the need for a bulky knife block on your kitchen countertop. You could also purchase half a dozen wall hooks to hook cooking utensils or big mugs, freeing up space in drawers and cupboards.

Kitchen Remodel: 3 Tips To Get More Space. Loft styled room with all the functionality


I know it is hard to let go of appliances and bits and bobs that have been hanging around in the kitchen for a while, but if you pop the suggestions mentioned above into practice and you will be amazed at just how much space it will free up.

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Jeremy grew up learning how to cook from his parents as well as working in a high-volume catering operation while in college. He now enjoys spending time with his family writing for his blog Ktchndad.

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