Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans

The houses having flat roofs are considered extremely modern and even futuristic. Usually, such houses acquire large glazing coverage and therefore not experience the lack of natural light. That’s the number one reason to choose flat roof construction of the house facing seashore and located at the southern latitudes. Moreover, a flat roof is a poor choice for a location with harsh winter and much snow. Due to the features of the design, it would be extremely hard for this house to withstand the vagaries of the weather and heavy rain/snowfall. But today we will review the most trendy modern concrete flat roof house plans. These options of optimum distribution of living space can surely inspire. Today, we will not only review the exterior and floor plans of the houses. There will be more.


Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Spectacular example of modern architecture with light sandy finishing and combined walls

Polish Located Medium-Segment Villa

Let’s start with central European Poland where the architects from have prepared a great example of a flat-roofed house to get a clue about the great raging design trends the one might follow. You will also find many more options of villas at their site.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Spanish located one-storey cottage with dark window panes and laisure zone at the pool

The flow of white monolith construction with crisp lines forms the continuum of the cottage. The house building and the terrace deck are merging together into a finished composition. Black frames of panoramic windows alternating with dark wooden panels look rich and chic.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Nice barbecue zone for the summer villa

The villa Laguna (located in Warsaw, Poland) doesn’t have a pool. But this fact doesn`t deprive owners of sunbathing and outdoor relaxation. The house also has an open space terrace in the backyard for partying and BBQ. Sofa and chaise lounges invite to spend daytime of the holidays and weekends with the upper level of pleasure and comfort.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Visualization of top view of the great modern villa Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Floor plan for villa Laguna

Exotic Two-Storey Spanish Villa with Large Terrace

The great large and the meticulously thought-out building is located right at the seashore. Still, it has the adapting size pool covered with wooden decks for ultimate relaxing. Stone pathways and walls made with local raw materials add coloring to the overall image. Also, the ultramodern futuristic design of the monolithic frame construction promotes the unusual perception of the villa.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Pool with the pebble pavement and the wooden deck for chaise-lounges Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Grandeur scale cottage of two-storey design

This spectacular villa from Altea hills, Alicante is located among the flamboyant nature with a big number of hot sunny days throughout the year. Therefore, the owners shouldn’t be afraid of large precipitation and think about the garage and how to cover the pool in winter. As you can see from the floor plans below, it has a lot of space for parking, a couple of leisure zones, and well-organized inner square feet (350 sq. meters to be precise). You can freely meet up with your friends without having headaches about how to accommodate guests in your apartments.Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Villa Altea first floor

Villa Bjared. Scandinavian Outlook on Things

Anyone can see the following project and exclaim: “It is almost the same as previous ones!” Indeed, they are all very similar. The same black panoramic window frames,  far protruding concrete roof edges, wooden decks, etc. But the special charm of the gray stone exterior trimming and stone slab pavement reveals the Scandi touch.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Scandinaivian outdoor space organization at the villa

The wooden planks that spread from the deck to the walls and further to the wrong side of the ceiling create the impression of the continuous and finished design. In addition, the upper level is delimited only with a plexiglass ceiling to bring you to the unique sense of surrounding space.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Side view of the two-storey villa in Sweden

Also, don’t forget that this is only a 3D visualization that will undergo a great many upgrades and alterations. And to see the possible expectation/reality ratio we can invite you to the next house.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Stone panels paved pathwalk

The insides of this Scandinavian project are quite predictable: common designed space, masterfully but standardly arranged living and dining zones that implicitly separated with kitchen. The only specific zest of the interior is a huge swivel floor lamp that can light up the needed zone on a wide radius.

Panoramic windows and huge black floor lamp over the dining zone Blakc curtains far huge ceiling-high windows with black frame

Large living zone, white paneled walls, and black motorized blinds are sending us to the best practices of modern design. The vivid contrast makes the interior really fresh and unexpectedly sharp.

Open space minimalist layout of the dining and living area up to your design ideas

This house can boast with an unorthodox plan. Both floors have a huge open living room with a dining zone. Also, you can get into the house on every floor separately.Bottom floor predominantly with bedrooms Ground floor of the Scandinavian villa

Villa G from Kaunas, Lithuania with Project from Zero

This 400 sq. meter house that is located in Kaunas, Lithuania will be the end of our tour is a real diamond of collection. Strict modern architecture style that follows the “layered cake” approach emphasizes the elegant and lightweight construction. Moreover, every photo of this flat roof house is not a visualization, but a real-life pic.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Two-storey Lithuanian villa with the terrace

The entrance is framed with a wooden lattice that perfectly scatters light.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Strict lines and geometry of formsModern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Futuristic side view of the cottage with the wooden latticed back

The landscape design came down to the neatly trimmed lawn. The house looks like a double-deck yacht that surfs through the waves of the sea.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Far view of the villa with the lawn

The ground floor continues the philosophy of the latticed zoning so black steel round rods crown the open staircase. The dining island in the center of the open space logically fills the large room.

Villa G interior design view to the kitchen zoneCentral island with the bar stool group and black colore sofa

Large circle LED lamps built into the wall provide a decent level of mild lighting in the bathroom with concise modern design. Walk-through shower construction allows hassle-free bathing for a couple or even more.

Modern bathroom design with disc built-in fixtures and large mirror

A multifunctional zoning wall that is covered with plastic imitating wooden sheathing is a really great design move. At first, it separates the bath and shower zones. Secondly, it allows hiding all the plumbing seamlessly inside it. Third thing is that it helps to organize storage, supports built-in lighting, etc.

Classy wooden trimmed walk through bathroom with the eggshell bathtub

Layout plans only confirm the modern lightweight, boundless, and at the same time functional arrangement.

Modern Unexpected Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. Floor plan 1

With that, the history of building the house is really great to observe. You can be a witness to the rising of the house from the flat ground. This experience lets us see the details from a different angle. We begin to perceive the construction in stages, from simple to more complex. Such a unique experience helps us to

Villa G the foundation constructionVilla G the ground floor construction. Side viewVilla G the ground floor made of red bricksThe back view of the construction the flat roof house in LuthuaniaVilla G the first floor construction. Side viewThe construction of the house. Covering with plasterConcrete imitating plaster readi for paintingAlsmot finished Villa G exterior view ready for painting

To see more about this beautiful house, please follow the link:


A flat roof house is a modern economically justified format of the building. It can meet any requirement of contemporary life. Besides, this construction design is a fine choice not only for summer houses or village cottages but also for large mansions that can withstand harsh winter.

The mesmerizing palette of possible design options and layouts really stuns.  The most universal options include the second and even third floor and the pool. You can place the pool in the courtyard if you want. However, we review the courtyard houses in the next article.

Concrete Flat Roof House Plans. The computer model of semi-open courtyard one-story cottage

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