The Benefits of Motorized Blinds & Remote-Controlled Shades

You may perhaps believe that motorized blinds and remote-controlled shades are not for you and not suitable for your home. They seem like a product relegated to the future, and only suited to homes with large windows or sliding doors. This, however, is not the case. Motorized blinds, including solar shades and remote-controlled shades, are a great piece of technology that can fit in to any home and meet any of your window treatment needs. Motorization and remote-controlled capabilities make these shades a convenient, energy-efficient and stylish option for the windows or doors in your home or office. Colour, fabric and style options are abound, suiting both your taste and budget. This article will provide an overview of the benefits of these “smart blinds” and aim to help you decide whether or not they’re a good fit for you and your home.

The Benefits of Motorized Blinds & Remote-Controlled Shades. Smartphone controlled blinds as a part of smart home

Smart Blinds Are Convenient

Like many aspects of our lives in the digital age, smart blinds can be controlled through the touch of a button, remote control or a smartphone app. Battery-powered shades are often the most economical option, especially for retrofit applications. They don’t require disruptive wiring and many batteries are made to last for months before needing to be replaced. Many smart blinds are also able to integrate with Alexa or your Google Assistant, allowing you to control their capabilities using your voice. Hands-free motorization eliminates having to awkwardly reach over furniture to access your blinds, and the blinds’ cordless nature makes them a safe option for small children and pets. You also have the option of scheduling your blinds when to open and close, and by how much, throughout the day. This allows you to reduce solar gain, prevent heat loss, take advantage of natural light and ensure the privacy and security of your home.


Smart Blinds Ensure Energy Efficiency

Motorization capabilities allow you to program your blinds to react according to the temperature and amount of daylight streaming into your home. Smart blinds can let in more light during the cold, winter months to provide warmth and limit sun exposure during the summer months keeping your home cool. This capability significantly reduces strain on your in-home heating and cooling systems, helping both your wallet and the environment. Programmable blinds, especially motorized solar shades, can also limit the damaging effects of UV rays on your furniture and valuables. Conveniently, smart blinds can either be pre-programmed to a set schedule or can be connected to a smart home hub to act independently based on the current temperature of the room they’re in.


Smart Blinds Help Provide Security

The ability to pre-program your smart blinds to a set schedule is also valuable for ensuring the security and privacy of your home. This can be useful when you’re away for the day, or on holiday. Scheduling your blinds to open and close randomly, or upon your arrival/departure can give the illusion that someone’s home, potentially deterring would-be thieves or curious onlookers. This secures your home when you’re away, and affords you privacy when you’re home. You may be tempted to skip window coverings if your windows are especially large and offer views of a secluded backyard. Be wary, as larger windows offer a better view of your home and its valuables. EliteWF offers a variety of blind and shade options in different sizes to suit windows of every size.


In addition to motorization and integration with your smart home technologies, there are various types of shades and blinds to choose from depending on your home’s needs and aesthetic. EliteWF offers sheer horizontal shades, High-Lite automated shades, Roman shades, and Smart shades. These also come in a variety of fabric options depending on how much light you would like to let in. Regardless of the schedule, you set, and style and fabric you choose, with motorized blinds and remote-controlled shades, your home will look occupied and well-cared for.


Optimize Security & Efficiency with Smart Lighting

While you’re enroute to installing your smart blinds and building your smart home, try installing smart lighting to work in tandem with your new blinds or shades. Switching out your traditional light bulbs for a new Philips, Hue, Lifx Mini, or Eufy Lumos LED model will allow you to control the lights in your home with your phone, Alexa or Google Assistant. Much like your smart blinds, they can also be programmed to turn on or dim on a predetermined schedule, ensuring energy efficiency and the security of your home in much the same fashion as your new window treatments. If you have a lot of different lighting fixtures in your home, switching out every single light bulb can get costly and time-consuming. This is where smart light switches come in handy, as multiple lights can be wired to one switch affording you the same control while making use of your existing bulbs.


In much the same way technological innovations of years past have become ubiquitous (most would be hard-pressed to live without a refrigerator or even the Internet nowadays), so too will smart blinds and shades. From providing convenience, ensuring energy efficiency, providing privacy and security, to working in tandem with other smart home features, motorized blinds and remote-controlled shades are suited for any room in your home and for any budget.

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