3 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition to Living with a Significant Other

There are many milestone moments in any relationship, and one of the biggest is the start of the cohabitation phase. By this time, you are now well beyond dating and are starting to get into something quite serious.

3 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition to Living with a Significant Other. Advice on moving in together

This should be a great moment — and it usually is. There are, however, a few common missteps that some couples make when they decide to move in together.

Fortunately, these are avoidable. And if you heed the following advice, you can avoid the big hurdles, make the transition work perfectly, and start enjoying your new life together under the same roof.

1. Find Somewhere New

Sometimes life forces you to move quickly — and practical realities are often what cause couples to move in together. One person may have lost their job. Maybe someone’s lease is up. Or it could be any number of other reasons that one partner needs to move.

In such cases, it’s common to move into the place where the other person lives. But this is not ideal. The best-case scenario will always be a planned move into somewhere new so that you can both start fresh. This way, it won’t be you moving into their place. It will be “your place” together from the jump.

Not only does this allow both people to have their say on locale, style, design and cost, but it also ensures there isn’t a strange dynamic in which one person feels like a guest in their own home. Bottom line: If all possible, start fresh.

2. Respect Schedules and Space

No matter how close you are, things will be different. When moving in with your significant other, true alone time could grow scarce, especially if you’re on the same schedule. This means you need to be mindful of space, boundaries and timing.

This even goes for little things, like coordinating shower schedules in the morning. If you’ve been living alone, such things may be foreign to your way of thinking, but you’re now sharing everything.

But, of course, the bigger aspect is allowing each other to be themselves. In particular, this is important for introverts and other personality types who need time alone to regroup and unwind. In other words, being in different rooms is OK!

Don’t be strangers, but have open conversations about expectations. And, make sure neither person feels neglected or hurt if the other one just wants to read by themselves for a few hours on a Sunday.

3. Getting Comfortable in the Bedroom

Decorating a shared home is always a challenge. Chances are, you’ll both be bringing some furniture and décor to the table. In fact, one of you will probably even bring an actual table.

As with starting fresh on a new space, there is something to be said for buying new items together. But practically, the stuff you already own is usually a good way to start so you aren’t falling too far in a financial hole.

That said, the bedroom is one place that deserves special consideration. You need to find something that works for you both. And because there are so many options when it comes to bedroom sets, most couples do best by finding a nice blend of masculine and feminine styles and colors.

These preferences will naturally vary quite a bit depending upon the individuals. But, as a rule, going with a full floral or full industrial motif will leave one person or the other feeling uncomfortable in their own room. More than anywhere else in the house, you want this location to put you both at ease for a restful, good night’s sleep every evening.

Your New Life — Together

For most people, moving in with someone is equal parts thrilling and scary. The relationship is evolving, and that comes with a lot of different — and sometimes-difficult — emotions.

To make things easier, you want to avoid common mistakes and ensure everything is as smooth as possible. Try to move into a new place together if possible. Be sure to give each other enough space, especially early on. And take extra care when setting up your bedroom so each person feels comfortable.

By getting these few details right, you’ll be ahead of the game. And, next thing you know, time will be flying by and you’ll hardly even remember what it was like to be apart.

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