Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity

The Greek style in the interior of the kitchen is a wonderful memory of carefree moments spent on the azure sea. The interior design is connected with the hot sun, paradise beaches and the forever blue sky. It is not surprising that Greek-style kitchen is becoming more and more popular and desirable today.


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White greek styked kitchen with dark bottom

Greek Style Kitchen: Design with Key Features

The blue color of the sea and the whiteness of buildings is the most memorable image of Greece. The transfer of this color combination to the interior decoration refers to the Greek style, reflecting the lifestyle of people in this part of the world. In addition to coloring, simple shapes are also important.

One of the key elements of this style is the combination of white with cobalt shades of blue. Soft tones of red and orange can also be easily added to the cobalt-white base. In addition, interior elements made of natural dark wood may appear in the kitchen. A nice addition is also ceramics fired from clay.

Unusual Classic kitchen interior with blue additions Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity. A little bit of provence added with the wooden trimmed extractor hood Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity. Accentual black chairs

Nautical decorations play an important role in the Greek kitchen. Various ornaments and mosaics, as well as columns resembling ancient buildings, bear great significance.

When it comes to furniture, options for both classic and modern styles are great here. In Greek kitchen, number one should be a table – necessarily a large and preferably rectangular (although, of course, it can be round), surrounded by chairs with woven seats. In modern Greek-style kitchens, in addition to the table, there is a so-called island. Most often it serves for cooking, but it can also be the place where you eat.

Flowers, arranged in large amphora and pots, should complement the overall composition, as well as shutters and embroidered fabrics.

Check out some ideas for Greek kitchen in the photo gallery. Perhaps, when planning your own interior, you will benefit from the following suggestions.

Blue touch in the classic styled kitchen with carved facades Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity. Great Classic with columns Royal looking chic interior of the large Classic kitchen in pompous Greek style

Mediterranean Design – Greek Style Kitchen

Greek-style kitchen is associated with peace, relaxation and joy. You relax in the kitchen in this design! The room is original, so you can feel the wind of the Mediterranean light wind, the ubiquitous blue color resembles an eternally blue sky, and greenery is associated with juicy olives. This kitchen is very warm and has a family atmosphere. Despite the beautiful appearance, warm climate, Greek-style kitchen is still quite rare in US and Western European houses. The Mediterranean design is focused on naturalness and functionality.

Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity. Mild yellow tone for Classic room

White and Blue

The Greek-style kitchen is ruled by two colors: white and cobalt blue. The combination of these colors immediately reminds the sea surrounded by rocky shores. The walls, as well as part of the furniture, should be white; countertops, trim, and accessories – blue. Numerous marine additions, decorations and columns resemble ancient buildings.

Greek style is combined with both furniture and accessories in classic and modern style. In this stylization, however, there may be a large number of accessories and jewelry. Red, orange, and subtle gray can be added to the base of white cobalt. Other color options are not recommended.

Greek Kitchen Interior Design Style: Harmony of Simplicity. Blue as a dominating color for furniture Sky blue colored furniture and neutral white walls for the kitchen Provence touch in the Greek styled kitchen

The Table is the Most Important Piece of Furniture in the Kitchen

The table plays an important role in Greek kitchen. This is where the whole family gathers several times during the day with meals. It must be large to accommodate all family members. In Greece, the family is most important, since it is with relatives that all the free time spent in the kitchen. There is no place for loners, as the connection between people is above all. Above the countertop should be ceramic tiles, which is an integral part of Greek kitchen. The island is also important, which will be the place for cooking together.

Conservative kitchen design with high wooden stools at the island Open ceiling beams and unusual dark color for the carved island in the kitchen

Fresh Additions are the Foundation

The whole kitchen is decorated with dried herbs and garlic braids. Decorative oil bottles and fresh olives stored in beautifully decorated clay vessels are also required. Figs (fresh or dried) are also essential.

Unusual combination of materials and blue with yellow colors

Modern Greek Style Kitchen

Greek-style kitchen is a fairly simple arrangement. It is a bit rustic, but if you dream of a modern Mediterranean-style kitchen, just keep white and blue colors. Even modern laminate furniture (in such colors) will correspond to Greek aesthetics.

Simple concise black and white kitchen Cone roofed kitchen area with relaxing homey interior design in Greek style Yellow ceiling and noble dark wood for furniture in the Classic kitchen

Greek Styled Kitchen – Festive Memories in a Beautiful Design

Greek-style kitchen can be a great place in your home to remind you of the wonderful, carefree moments spent in summer. It will remind you of the beautiful beaches, warm sea and hot sun. In such a white and blue kitchen you will feel as if you are on vacation all the time. Beautiful nature, turquoise sea, beautiful architecture and Mediterranean aromas are the unique qualities of Greece.

Taverns, like many Greek houses, are distinguished by the characteristic white and blue colors of this country. They go well with herbs. Therefore, if you like the Greek climate, you want to extend the festive mood, just add blue and white accents to the interior of the house. The room that is best suited for this is the kitchen. The composition of photographs can be used as inspiration.

Emerald green furniture and decoration elements of the Greek styled kitchen Minimalistic simplicity of the Greek kitchen in white Chic painted and carved island of the ethnic styled kitchen

Wooden terrace windows and a decorative arched entrance lead to the central part of this spacious, bright interior. Near one of the walls you will find everything you need for cooking – cabinets with intricate facades, a practical worktop and a stove with a rounded cornice. However, the most visible element of the kitchen is the island with a cupboard and shelves.

The colors that dominate the arrangement: blue, white, yellow and green enliven and decorate the room, creating a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, if you add Greek accents to the kitchen, you will always be accompanied by a joyful festive mood when cooking and eating.

Provence looking spacious kitchen in pastel color palette Bleached aok laminated floor and bright blue furniture facades in the spacious Greek styled kitchen with modern rod lighting Olive colored Greek kitchen with arched hung cabinets

Due to the island nature of this country, marine decorations also play an important role. The folk elements associated with Greece are also important. Ornaments and mosaics are as important symbols as columns reminiscent of ancient buildings.

Greenery can appear in the form of flowers, necessarily located in large amphoras and pots. Shutters and embroidered fabrics complement the festive mood. Emphasis on simplicity is the best choice for a successful Greek style arrangement.

Modern decorated space of the Greek styled kitchen

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