Oak Color in the Interior: Furniture, Doors, Laminate and Combinations

What colors of wood can be used to decorate the floor, doors, furniture for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom? What oak shade is the most popular for the interior today? Is the Sonoma color different from whitened or smoky? Discover an overview of oak colors in the interior, as well as see its most advantageous combinations in the photo gallery.


Ultramodern design of the large bedroom with wooden facades White wooden furniture in the kitchen and living zones of the open layout apartment Gray American style interiro of the bedroom Brutal industrial design for large apartment under the roof Lime curtains and coverlet in the modern designed living zoneBedroom with impressionistic panels to decorate

The Combination of Oak with other Colors in the Interior

The color of the wood is of great importance in the design of the apartment. Correctly selected shades of wooden furniture, floor and doors are the basis for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the house for many years. The rest of the interior is just add-ons. Meet the colors of the most popular types of oak used for furniture and design of modern rooms: Sonoma, whitened, and smoky!

Light blue wall paint in the modular furnished room Classic design in the dining room with crystal decorated chandelier Loft design for the home office with wooden trimming Gorgeous oak laminate in the rich modern apartment Dark wood and modern dining room with library and relaxing zone Noble wood for the dining room in Classic style Glass and steel for the modern cottage entry to the dining zone

For centuries, oak wood has been used by people to build their homes and furniture, floors, and doors. Today, oak remains one of the most popular types of wood used in interior design. It fascinated people with its durability and beauty. The collection of photographs offers you to enjoy the color of oak in the interior, including furniture, doors, laminate, and their combination.

Modern kitchen furniture set with monolith wooden facades Light facades of the furniture and marble splashback at the large modern kitchen Dark wooden floor finishing at the open layout apartment Classic design of the kitchen with latticed windows Splendid combination of wood and concrete at the industrial kitchen

Interiors in Bleached Oak

The bleached oak is characterized by a noble milky shade. To date, color is the raging trend in interior design. Whitewashed oak is a board or parquet with a finished surface, painted in white. The used dye is selected so that the degree of coloration is sufficiently intense, but at the same time, the wood structure remains perceptible.

Living room with oak laminate Spectacular design of the wooden ceiling Home office with wooden furniture and shelving

Laminate Oak in the Interior: Pastel or Bright Contrast?

Bleached oak has several shades: from slightly greyish to smoky pink. This type of wood has a cool tone, so it is best combined with similar colors of both pastel and bright type. Give preference to such colors as:

Light smoky color of the wooden trimming Spectacular modern Scandi design Light Contemporary open layout interior

Combination of Different Wood with Bleached Oak: Doors, Floors, Furniture

Interior, the furniture, doors or floor of which are made of bleached oak, can be diluted with such wood colors as:

  • white ash;
  • natural oak;
  • oak Atlanta;
  • oak milky;
  • mountain larch.

Red wall trimming and light oak laminate Noble oak laminate in the kids' room

Sonoma Oak Tree: Color in the Interior

Sonoma oak is currently one of the most popular colors. Due to its versatility, it is applicable in every room of the house, ideal for almost all colors. Furniture, imitating a painted tree, with a clear picture of the growth rings, is in great demand. After all, today people are looking for a connection with nature, they want to surround themselves with the colors of the Earth, filling the space with energy and refreshing light. At the same time, there is a desire to make interiors fashionable and modern. The color of the oak tree is an ideal choice for people who want to create a harmonious combination of innovative trends with traditional simplicity and naturalness.

Light wooden kitchen decoration Light wooden coffee table and cabinet in the living room Blue walls in the casual styled bedroom

Furniture in the Color of Sonoma in the Interior

Frame furniture made from oak-pine is beautifully presented in any living room, kitchen, bedroom, regardless of their size. Bright wood optically enlarges a small room, giving it lightness. Definitely, the most fashionable recent combination is a reflection of Scandinavian style, that is, natural wood in tandem with light and pastel tones.

LED lighting in the modern styled techno kitchen White facades of the wooden furniture High-tech kitchen interior

Steel and Black Color: Trendy Combination

The oak tree looks great in combination with glass facades, steel fittings, and black furniture. It contrasts with a hardened transparent black glass, as well as metal, optically enlarging the room.

Wooden structure of the kitchen facades Raw treated wood for stairs in the modern house

Doors of Oak Color in the Interior: Photos of Original Ideas

The biggest advantage of furniture and laminate in the color of Sonoma oak is their versatility combined with a wide palette of colors and accessories for the room. Also, the same applies to doors that look great against a background of monochrome colors surrounded by bright wall paintings and mirrors in a chic frame.

Sliding wooden door in the modern cottage Unusual facaded cabinet at the entrance of the apartment

Dark Shades of Brown or Purple

The lightness and elegance of light furniture, walls, and floors allow the use of darker colors of other interior items even in small rooms, for example, in a corridor or bathroom. Try using dark shades of brown or purple.

Modern design of the bathroom with wooden trimming Corridor with light wooden table

Bedroom in the Color of a Sonoma

Sonoma is a great choice for a bedroom. Depending on the atmosphere that has a relaxing effect on you, choose among a wide range of colors: from neutral white or warm beige, through sweet pastels (blue, soft pink, or lavender), to tempting and moody violet and elegant gray.

White interior decoration in the modern suburb cottage Unusual Classic wall trimming in the bedroom Great example of contemporary style with canopy bed in the bedroom Gray headboard wall

Smoked Oak in Classic and Progressive Interiors

The color of smoked oak is most often chosen for classical interiors. However, it is successfully introduced, and the style of modern design trends. Lovers of dark colors appreciate it because it is versatile and can be adapted to almost any type of wall color, accessories, furniture, or lighting without any problems. A variety of colors of smoked oak are an affordable alternative to expensive and difficult to care for exotic wood surfaces and furniture. The floor will have ideal look in classical interiors of different types and purposes. This type of oak will enrich the large living room, enhance the prestige of the home office, add charm to the romantic bedroom. Smoked oak is a proven solution for rooms of different sizes.

Oak headboard at the industrial styled bedroom Dark wooden furniture in the Classic designed living room with blue sofa and carved coffee table Dark oak wall trimming in the Classic living room

For several years, the oak has again become one of the most fashionable materials in the production of furniture, laminate and doors. Natural wood is perfectly combined with different colors. Choose the most fashionable colors of oak, such as bleached, Sonoma, and smoked.

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