Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design

Bleached oak color is often use in the modern interior. Matte relief surface of natural material has luxurious look. Light shades of this material fit perfectly to the interior of any room shape and size. Budget options for interior and decoration are represented by artificially created imitations. Artificial materials of democratic price, meanwhile, are not inferior in aesthetic qualities to original pieces. This makes it possible using furniture and finishing materials of bleached oak color in any format of living space. We suggest you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of using bleached oak color in modern interior design when decorating premises with the most diverse functional purpose by the example of our large-scale selection of photos of modern design projects.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. A set of headboard and legboard in the spacious Scandinavian styled room

Features of color and scope

Bleached oak is represented in a fairly wide range of color solutions – from a pale pink, very light tone to a gray-silvery, deliberately aged oak. The shade of bleached oak can be both cold (have light notes of blue or violet) or warm (gentle peach and light beige shades). In any case, every owner of an apartment or a private house who plans a full-scale renovation or a small alteration of his own home will be able to find his “own” shade of bleached oak, which will harmoniously fit into the created image of the room.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Open ceiling beams, open layout and Eames lounge chair in white leather Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Spectacular design of the bunk bed at the window sill Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Wooden trimmed panel at the wall of the modern open layout house space

We can attribute the following criteria that will influence the choice of a shade of bleached oak:

  • location of the room with respect to the sides of the world and the level of natural illumination (for the northern part of the building it is better to use warm shades that restore the balance of color temperature; cool variations of bleached oak with notes of gray, blue or purple color can be used on the southern side);
  • the size of the room as a whole (the light shades of bleached oak will visually expand a small space, and the spacious room can take contrasting combinations of this color with dark or bright color solutions);
  • height of the ceiling (the color of bleached oak can be safely used for finishing the ceiling in rooms with sufficient height);
  • the chosen style of interior decoration (this color can be used in any style, but it is necessary to take into account the nuances of the shade, for example, for the style of Shabby chic or Vintage it is better to choose aged oak and Hi-tech requires shades with light violet haze);
  • the color palette of the interior (bleached oak is especially good in combination with contrasting color solutions, but adjacent shades will also look respectable, in the case of a small room that needs to be visually enlarged).

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Angular kitchen design with light wooden furniture facades Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Angular kitchen design with light wooden furniture facades Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Kitchen with dining zone and mix of colors

The scope of the bleached oak color is incredibly wide. Light shades can be used in premises of any size, for the manufacture of a variety of interior items. The surface colors of bleached oak can be easily combined with other materials, darker or more vivid color solutions. So, bleached oak is used in production of:

  • objects of furniture;
  • finishing material for floor covering;
  • wall and ceiling panels;
  • door panels;
  • moldings of various modifications (plinth, cornice, casing for window and door openings);
  • decorative elements for various purposes and designs (parts of lighting fixtures, curtain rails and curtains, picture frames and mirrors etc.).

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Calm living room atmosphere in Classic style and with natural materials Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Wooden trimming in the room with red platform bed Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Light wooden furniture design for the small bathroom

Application of bleached oak color in the interior

The bleached oak color can be safely considered as almost universal. Light shades and beautiful texture harmoniously fits into any image of the room. It is noteworthy that bleached oak is used by designers of the most diverse directions for creating both objects of mass use and exclusive things. Bleached oak in modern interior can be found in the form of a whole surface (floor, ceiling or wall), a piece of furniture (cabinet or built-in) and miniature elements, without which the picture of the room would be still incomplete.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Large space of the kitchen with light wooden side panels Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Strict forms of the canopy frame and the totally wooden ceiling

The universality of bleached oak wood is also in the fact that it can be used in rooms with different functionalities. Light noble shades will be appropriate both in the bedroom and the living room, create a harmonious atmosphere in the children’s room and give refinement to the kitchen or dining room, harmoniously fit into the light image of a bathroom with white plumbing. The universal, light base of bleached oak will organically fit into the design of a small apartment or large home ownership, studio apartment or standard layout flat. This material can be used even in the office for the execution of various interior elements or surface finishes.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Light wooden countertop and door into white kitchen Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Stairs in the private house styled in white Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Naturally trimmed mud room

Floor covering

Bleached oak as a color solution for creating floor coverings is one of the most popular directions for using noble, light shades. Pleasant tones, texture and beautiful natural pattern of light wood will organically look in small rooms, helping to visually increase the volume of the room and hide possible shortcomings or architectural imperfections.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Neat wooden material for ladder of the bunk bed Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Rustic, hi-tech and minimalism intermixing in large effective living room Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Noble design for the kitchen with contrasting color theme

Many people mistakenly believe that the light floor is an impractical variant of the design for dwellings with small children and/or pets. But dust, prints of bare feet and even scratches are much less visible on light surfaces. And it’s not difficult to take care of modern laminate types. So, the floor covering in the form of a bleached oak laminate has the following advantages:

  • ease of installation (create a floor covering with your own hands will not be difficult, convenient locks will ensure the uniformity of the surface created and the speed of assembly);
  • There is no need to level the floors to the ideal state before laying the laminate;
  • high resistance to the sunlight effects, laminate is able to sustain the original coloring for a long time;
  • excellent fire safety;
  • relatively affordable (compared to a natural parquet board);
  • resistance to moisture achieved through the use of fibrous pressed wood structure;
  • excellent quality of wear resistance (marking from 1 to 5 on the laminate packaging), resistance to abrasion and the appearance of scratches.

Bleached Oak Color in Modern Interior Design. Innovative decoration for the spacious studio apartment with panoramic window Light color palette for the spacious bedroom Modern charm of hi-tech design in the studio Steel gray and wooden color theme for the modern kitchen with quilted headboard

Light flooring in bleached oak color scheme is a neutral design option. This is an excellent background for bright furniture, contrast combinations. Create an accent on the background of flooring in the color of bleached oak is not difficult even for a beginner in the field of interior design.

Green rug in the center of teh fresh designed kids room decorated with natural materials Gorgeous complex design for the modern private house's kitchen with smooth paneled kitchen facades

Very often, a bleached oak color is used to decorate the sleeping areas. This room as no else requires creating the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Bright surfaces perfectly cope with this task, helping, among other things, of visual expansion of a small space.

Rhomb formed entrance to the pastel colored modern bedroom Platform bed for the modern spacious master bedroom full of light and storage systems

Bleached oak is easy to see on the floor of modern kitchens and dining rooms design projects. Modern designers recommend the use of a light laminate for those who want to create a bot just light and fresh image of the room, but to achieve a feeling of almost sterile cleanliness in the room for cooking and tasting food.

Light olive tone to highlight the kitchen island in the studio apartment Glancing bleached oak colored laminate in hi-tech styled kitchen with steel shining appliances Bleached oak laminate is almost unversal for any type of interior in the example of modern kitchen space

The modern living room is practical, but herewith incredibly aesthetic room. It should satisfy all the needs of the household in various options for rest and relaxation, but should look stylish and modern at the same time. To maintain the relevance for many years helps the use of universal design techniques. A light floor covering on which any furniture becomes an accent is a great idea for those who are not yet confident in their design abilities or are not ready to take risks in selecting color solutions.

Futuristic and bewitching interior decoration for the modern living room with fireplace and ultrthin sofa hi-tech style for the modern studio apartment with open layout and bleached oak laminate

Lied in traditional herringbone bleached oak parquet is a classic, which will help bring elegance and sophistication to the interior. As a result, flooring can easily become an accent of the interior, attracting all sights.

Bleached oak parquet for the Provence styled kitchen Scandinavic minimalism in the modern kitchen in light colors

Wall and ceiling panels

Light shades of bleached oak allow the use of this wood or its spectacular imitation to create decorative materials not only for walls, but also for the ceiling. Wall panels in bleached oak tone can be presented in the rack, tile, and leaf version. Both total finish with wooden panels and the combination of products with other finishing materials can be used for the decoration of the ceiling and walls.

Peculiar design for the Casual styled living room with perimeter backlight Summer house full of light and decorated with wooden planks Myriads of lighting fixtures in the gray toned kitchen with wooden trimming Jetty formed living room with bay window and satin olive colored coffee table

One of the options for using wood with a light, slightly worn-out natural pattern is the execution of the ceiling beams. Such a coloring does not make the image of the ceiling heavier, adding a slight touch of village life, proximity to nature to the whole image of the interior.

Wooden idyll in the rustic styled kitchen

Furniture in the color of bleached oak

The furniture items painted in bleached oak color have the ability to bring lightness and freshness to any interior of the room. Even massive pieces of furniture do not seem monumental due to the use of light wood tones. In small rooms with insufficient natural illumination, such furniture becomes a “magic wand” for the interior. It fits perfectly into any interior, brings a touch of sophistication and even luxury.

Old English traditions in the spacious master bedroom Blue wall paint for the spacious Classic styled home office Unusual design in the Rustic kitchen with raw treated wooden furniture and columns Gray accent wall in the modern design for the bedroom with Wooden canopy in the Classic design of the bedroom in pastel colors

One of the most popular ways to use bleached oak color in furnishings is to create storage systems. Light facades with a beautiful natural pattern of wood organically fit into any interior of the room, without cluttering its space, even having large dimensions. The most widespread bleached oak got in the producing of the facades of kitchen cabinets. Light, fresh, clean, but at the same time a cozy image of the kitchen space will suit everyone who is surrounded by bleached oak colored storage systems.

Hi-tech kitchen style with steel bar sttols and bleached oak island Bleached oak furniture with texture for the modern designed kitchen Unusual design for the modern kitchen with bleached oak top tier facades

In the kitchen and dining room, the bleached oak color can be used not only to decorate the floor covering or the facades of the furniture set. A light natural pattern of wood can be used in arranging the dining area – for the execution of a table and chairs (stools)…

Large wooden table for the dining zone of the open layout kitchen Pastel colored desogned for the dinign room in the private house Classic kitchen set with perky colorful lampshades over the islnd's countertop

No less attention deserves the execution of kitchen countertops in bleached oak tint. They perfectly shade the brightness of the details of household appliances and are able to harmoniously combine with almost any color solution of the kitchen cabinets’ facades.

Light calming interior of the modern kitchen with big dome of the extractor hood and wooden furniture

Even a small piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, shelf, stool or stand, made in bleached oak color, can bring a touch of lightness and freshness in a modern interior. Such furnishings look especially spectacular on a dark or bright background or finishing with a print.

Gray accent wall in the minimalistic bedroom atmosphere Bleached oak with silver tone in the Rustic styled bedroom Bleached oak canopy in the modern design

Doors shade of bleached oak

When using bleached oak door leaves in the interior, you can go in two ways: fit these elements into the overall picture of the room or play in contrast. It all depends on the size of the room, the parameters and the number of interior doors and the image that you would like to create. Interior doors with glass inserts will help visually increase the space of narrow corridors or a small hallway. But solid canvases, without inserts and decor perfectly fit into almost any stylistic design of the auxiliary rooms.

Bleached oak door in hi-tech designed private mansion Doors to cabinets as if fake window shutters in the classic decorated bedroom with olive wall paint Classic royal atmosphere of the living room Entrance and door executed in bleached oak

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