Unique Designed IKEA Poäng Armchair for Your Ultimate Comfort

Today, a cozy armchair is not only a characteristic attribute of a living room or a hall. The modern office is also impossible to imagine without comfortable furniture. Not so long ago IKEA Company released a poäng chair – a peculiar mix of laconic office style and cozy design of home interiors. Consequently, this universal element will harmoniously fit into any type of decor and become a stylish decoration in both the office and in the family room.


Light wooden finishing for modern cottage with upholstered furniture Poang armchair in the interior of private house in loft style Typical classic design of the living room with rug and sofa Classic design in the living room with rocking chair Spacious cottage with accent walls and poang armchairs


According to one version, the unique design of the chair was invented by Noboru Nakamura (a Japanese designer) 40 years ago, staying in a philosophical mood and thinking about the options for the perfect furniture for relaxation. The second version of the origins of the poäng’s chair is from IKEA founder Ignvard Kamprad, who, despite his income, was the most economical person among all modern rich people. He always preferred the most budget hotels and drove his old Volvo. An interesting fact from Kamprad’s life is that he had a favorite chair that accompanied him everywhere. It is this model that formed the basis for the design of the poäng armchair, now popular throughout the world.

There is no 100% confirmation of one or another version, so both legends have a place to be. Anyway, this unique piece of IKEA furniture has no analogs for today.

Close-up of two-part Poang armchair Totally white interior of the living room with large domed window

Poäng from IKEA: Elegant Form and Manufacturing Technology

Undoubtedly, the main feature of this model of the chair is its elegant form – a solid base with a smooth curve without a single nail! This stunning design, though seemingly fragile, can withstand up to 170 kg of weight. The frame is complemented by removable upholstery from various types of fabrics (quite strong and pleasant to the touch) and mobile adjustable in two positions by armrests.

The legs resemble the letter U, which makes the whole structure look like a rocking chair. However, this is a slightly different technology. However, in the line of poems, there are also rocking versions.

Green upholstered poang armchair outdoor White anatomic poang chair Dark wood for poang armchair frame

The main part of the chair is not designed for rocking, but for the body maximum relaxation by taking the optimal and comfortable pose. The design slightly springs, which gives an even more relaxing effect after a busy day. The back and seat are designed to support the correct position of the neck and back. In fact, such furniture is a kind of your personal home orthopedist.

Poäng armchair is produced from birch veneer, as this material is the most elastic, it is easier to bend. The process is quite laborious: first, the workpiece is processed by hot steam, bends are formed, and then it is firmly fixed and impregnated with a special compound to maintain the elasticity.

British flag at the poang chair

Types of chair Poäng

The assortment of “poängs” is quite varied. In addition to the classical model, there are other options. Examples of the most popular:


Standard model on curved legs. A removable cover filled with foam rubber is provided.

Light wooden frame of Poang chair

Rocking Poäng Chair

Instead of the legs, there are wide skids, resembling skis in appearance, thanks to which the chair is swinging gently and smoothly.

Living room interiro in casual style and light wooden frame Dark leather upholstered sofa and dark wooden table in the Classic living roomPoang chair construction Dark wooden frame of poang chair

Poäng Armchair on a Rotating Stand

The office version has an orthopedic comfortable form. Instead of the curved legs, a circular rotating base is provided.

Swivel based chair in whiteHome office with the armchair on metal frame


The model is equipped with the rear legs, which evenly receive the body in the half-lying state. The seat of this chair is thicker and softer than in other variants.

Modern living room with glass coffee table and artificial fireplace

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Poäng Design

The undoubted merits of the armchair are the following:

  • orthopedic mechanism;
  • The basis is made of natural glued birch veneer;
  • in the complete set with an armchair additional elements are provided – benches and stools for legs of similar design;
  • simplicity in care – covers can be washed at any time in the washing machine. Moreover, manufacturers have provided batches of replaceable mattresses;
  • a wide choice of models – from classical to original and children’s options;
  • a variety of color palette and texture of the fabric;
  • availability of prices – from $50 to $250. The prices are calculated on requests of buyers of different financial segments.

Red poang chair IKEA armchair on light wooden frame

If we talk about the shortcomings, they are almost imperceptible. But you still can hear the criticism from large people. However, it comes from psychological stereotypes. It seems to them that the bent light form of the chair is not capable of withstanding a lot of weight. Therefore, sitting in such a chair, they experience some discomfort and fear, afraid to move. But soon after feeling the relaxation of the cervical and dorsal muscles, this feeling instantly goes away.

Children’s Poäng Chair

The manufacturers did not forget and about the children’s models. They created a delightful mini chairs, tailored to the needs and features of small fidgets. Let’s list their main advantages

  • various original designs and magnificent color scale, attracting the attention of the kids;
  • safety – a special shape of the legs reliably fixes the entire structure, not allowing the chair to roll over, there are no traumatic metal parts;
  • weight up to 11 kg, which is very convenient during cleaning;
  • easy cleaning of paints, juice, and other contaminants. The seat can always be removed and washed.

Black chairs in the rural cottage Blue upholstered poang armchair Couple of poang armchairs in light tones for kids room Kids room trimmed with wood

Advice: when buying an armchair for a child, pay special attention to safety. The seat should be made of environmentally friendly and soft materials – children like cotton and soft microfiber.

Creative Design of the Chair Poäng

The fantasy of high-class masters does not cease to amaze. And an obvious example of this is the amazing designs in the following photos. The unusual form of the poäng chair in the new interpretation makes such furniture a highlight of the interior, an object of everybody’s attention and rapturous looks!

Unusual designed chair Rocking poang armchair Fully wooden anatomic chair

If you are a supporter of mobility and original minimalism, be sure to buy a poäng chair. This stylish modern furniture from Sweden will faithfully serve for many years and please your eye.

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