15 Most Topical Interior Design Themes for Unique Atmosphere

Everybody is looking of transforming his or her apartment into a place where it is comfortable to be all day long. In addition to functionality, minimalistic setting, pleasant appearance, relevant use of colors and decoration, we can add the aspiration to uniqueness. In other words, modern dwelling should meet constantly growing list of requirements to be considered really comfortable. And nobody will argue that every home decoration planning starts with determination of interior style (design theme). Today we are going to overview 15 most topical interior design themes for unique atmosphere. We already have the detailed articles about every of the interior styles. Now we will try to systematize and briefly describe the main advantages of using that or another design theme for your interior.

We will operate some philosophical, cultural and conceptual terms signifying at times stylistically different design trends and directions. However, for the ease of understanding, we will try to describe them in ease words and short forms. In addition, you can find separate articles for almost every reviewed style.


The antipode of Classicism, Modern includes almost every design direction that emerged in 20-s of XX century and further. Some experts attribute even Art Deco and Vintage styles to Modern. In fact, if we speak generalized, there are only two design directions that comprises all the others – they are Classics and Modern. The boundaries between them are eternally changing as the time goes. To put it simply: Classics is what “was”, Modern is what “is now”. There can be distinguished another alternative direction such as Futurism qua what “will be”.

In short, Modern style propagates simplicity and functionality as well as modern materials and approaches in the interior. More and more often we can meet Modern in strict angular forms, contrasting dark and white color scheme in open layout apartments or houses. Choose Modern theme is you prefer minimalistic approach, modern materials, concise LED lighting scheme.

Modern interior design in the living room


In fact, Contemporary is straight descendant of Modern style but in more narrow sense. The style takes it roots from late 80-s of the last century which means the use of the most actual materials, fluid forms in minimalistic framework and bolder color scheme. However, Contemporary can’t afford exploiting too many traits of other modern themes like Art Deco, Industrial, Loft, Vintage, Shabby Chic etc. as it would be hard to distinguish Contemporary from others. To put it simply, this style is “plain Hi-Tech”, i.e. without pretention for technocrati decoration and cutting edge appliances.

Casual style in warm tones


This refers more to arranging concept than decoration. Many designers and architects relate this concept to Modern. Anyway, minimalistic approach take modern decoration to fundamentally new level of ascetism and pursuit of free space. Color palette is always neutral, without abrupt contrasts and accents. Furnishing is maximally simple and concise. However, it does not mean Minimalism is predominantly for low-budget projects. It can be realized through very expensive materials and appliances in a large rooms. But it really seeks for functionality and crisp lines.

Gorgeous minimalistic interior


We have separate article describing Industrial in detail. The romance of warehouses and other large manufacturing premises found the response in society in 80-s of last century is US during deindustrialization. Surprisingly, it does not lose its popularity in our days.

Industrial styled kitchen with metal lamps

Concerning decoration we mention high ceiling, rough treated timber, chrome or steel parts and dangling metal lamps. Color scheme is naturally derives from humble arsenal of materials and decoration elements.


The very similar to Industrial, Loft style takes its name from the space under the roof where it firstly been used. So, the open ceiling beams, ventilation communications, electric cords, brickwork wall decoration are the intrinsic parts of Loft.

Loft living room with open ventilation pipe

In the later time loft interiors achieved more diversified color gamma thanking to furnishing (rugs, upholstered furniture, glass tables etc.) As modern design theme, loft can include plastic or glass zoning partitions, panels, furniture facades, impressionistic pictures, accent wall paint and way more decorations.


Specific Minimalism, Eco, Contemporary are united to bring us Scandinavian style. Nordic countries of Europe developed their own view of comfortable home that conquer the world. IKEA, JYSK furniture is known worldwide for its simplicity and universalism. Simple color scheme for wall painting and natural materials for flooring are the main distinctive features of Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian interior with bunch of firewood and red plastic chair


It is the most advanced in technical sense style. High-tech is the dream of modern tech’s lovers and geeks. If you know the difference between IPS and PLS for LED TV-set, you probably the apologist of High-tech. The last squeak of fashion are hiding panels at the kitchen. Or it can be some complex lighting.

In the rest, High-tech is modern style and implies minimalistic approach as well as functional organizing of space.

Unusual hi-tech interior in minimalistic shining white bathroom


Casual style is basically considered as part of Modern. At the other hand, its second name is Transitional. It’s because it takes a lot from Classics. In addition, everyone decides for him- or herself what is “casual” in the mean “in everyday use” for him or her. Some people tend for Classics. Some other people love some extravagant styles. Casual style tries to provide the compromise between absolutely different trends. That’s why it can sometimes appear weird and even absurd for somebodies’ eye.

Casual interior with upholstered ottoman as coffee table

Speaking technically, Casual is more close to Contemporary style and utilize same color scheme, furnishing, lighting. Though, it can be significantly expanded with elements of other styles.

Traditional Classics

Classicism is extremely wide notion comprising a couple of dozen of smaller themes. That’s why in modern common sense, we mean Traditional Classics by saying “classic”. What does it mean? It means in a manner “rectified” Classicism without pomposity of medieval castles, massive stucco decoration of Victorian style and carvings of Georgian style. However, it sustains Classic furnishing, rich color palette, and abundance of textile.

Classic deocrated library with crystal chandelier


Country style is slightly different from French Provence but we united them together to show the main trend. The practical Classics in the interior decoration and furnishing are the main goals that unite these styles. They were intended for many people, not just for nobility of past time. That’s where Country took its universalism mixed with classic flowing forms and carvings.

Country designed dining room


Rustic trend of design is aimed for village and suburb houses. Its natural root is rural life. The fireplace or stove is the central element of Rustic decoration. Additionally, it utilizes raw treated natural materials. Stone trimmed walls, rough timber furniture and ceramic tiles are most common finishing. Vaulted doors and windows are also often used design tricks here.

If we say about the wall decoration, it can be simple brickwork or whitewashed surface.

Amazing whitewashed Rustic styled house interior


This is more of philosophical approach. Generally, almost any room can become Bohemian with the mean of decorative elements. Have a look to our collection of spectacular Boho rooms to find out more.

Bohemian resting corner at the backyard

Regarding the decoration, Bohemian theme is almost boundless. It includes pronounced Eclectic strokes incorporating them with carefree vintage furniture, glam lighting fixtures etc. In this sense Bohemian is related Casual.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is yet another mix of bold late Classicism and garish rich decorations with little rules. In addition to vintage-driven stylistic it adds elegance and feminity to the interior. And woman nature is more of emotions, not strict boundaries. This found its splash in unusual fluffy pillows, expressionistic pictures, rich textile upholstered furniture.

Shabby chic with romantic atmosphere


Coastal design introduce us light rooms with high ceiling and panoramic windows. It allows enjoying the sun heat as well as the outside view. We intentionally unite it with Mediterranean style to specify its stylistic direction. Rich international coastal style as Mediterranean can bring uniqueness to any seaside interior. Warm color scheme, natural materials (clay is foremost) and combined decoration – this is all about coastal design.

Goregous terrace in Coastal style

Eco style

At the end of our trip through different stylistic directions we can’t omit Ecodesign style. This nature oriented theme can revive any apartment. The only rule to while implementing the Eco design in your apartment is using of natural materials. Light color scheme in order to emphasize the greenery is also desirable. Eco style is actual for sunrooms and greenhouses.

Eco design in the bathroom

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