Art Deco Interior Design Style

Art Deco style in the interior design of apartments, houses, offices, salons, or restaurants is a successful co-existence of the Egyptian and Indian elements of African art and the Empire style. Such mixing of components always looks very colorful and bold.


Dark creamy tones in the decoration of the Art Deco living room with a lot of cushions on the couch

What is Art Deco or “Star Style”

Art deco interior is characterized by its elegance and ease. It also stands out by the union in the whole composition of very exotic and everyday materials. Perhaps, it is due to these features art deco style is one of the most popular interior styles.

Important! Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two completely different styles! It is also important to note that the “Art Nouveau”, with its winding, smooth outlines and explicit tendency to asymmetry, is the ancestor of “Art Deco” style.

The Appearance and a Brief History of the Art Deco Interior Design Style

Art Deco appeared in France (Paris) in the time gap between the first and second world wars, and then instantly become widespread in the United States (today in architecture and design, there is a concept “American Art Deco”) and Europe. The name of the style was achieved after the exhibition of decorative art (1925), held in Paris.Bold green and pastel mix of colors in the Art Deco living room

In the 20s – 30s of the last century many domestic and public interiors were designed according to Art Deco in America and Europe.

It is remarkable! Previously, Art Deco was called “sleek modernity ” or “modernity zigzag” or “jazz modernity.”

The Main Requirements in Creating the Interior in the Style of Art Deco

Houses in the style of Art Deco require compliance with certain rules of design:

  • Firstly, all the furnishings (furniture Deco, accessories, and materials used) should look presentable and expensive;
  • Secondly, the room in the style of Art Deco should be styled in certain colors;
  • Thirdly, the whole decor should be carefully selected. There must be recognized as an Art Deco style in the interior, the room should not create the impression of chaos and “bad taste.”

Relaxing zone with blue couches in the Art Deco Interior Design Style

Characteristic Features of Art Deco

In the process of Art Deco interior design designers use the following elements:

  • Motives of modernity: flowing lines which reminiscent of the waves and floral forms;
  • Valuable exotic materials: crocodile leather, ivory, pearls, precious wood;
  • Custom paintings in Art Deco style with the image of women, desert and palm trees, dragons, and other fantastic animals;
  • Art Deco designs and Art Deco ornamentation are decorative fanciful, geometric, often constructed on the color contrast;
  • Art Deco mirror is usually framed by a massive frame of bronze color;
  • Chandeliers are always luxurious, refined, and quite voluminous.

Unique zoned Art deco living in the apartment in St. Petersburg unique design for the creamy toned Art deco living room with lamps-statues and weaved sofas

Living Space in Art-Deco Style. Interior Details

Art Deco style in the interior of houses, cottages, apartments is quite popular today. Not only because of its eclecticism, but originally selected combinations of colors, intricate lines, and clarity of forms.

  • Art Deco can be brightly expressed in the interior of the bathroom through the use of contrasting tiles, mosaics, gold-plated, and bronze accessories. The bathroom in the Art Deco style uses high-quality and expensive sanitary engineering, marble, and precious stones. You can use vases with ornaments, fountains as accessories;Unusual and even extravagant bathroom in the Art Deco style
  • The kitchen in the style of Art Deco can be decorated with silver-plated or gold-plated candlesticks, paintings, and original vases. The facades of kitchen furniture are often made from natural wood and decorated with showy handles. The working surface may be made of natural marble or stone;Projection of the modern and nice art deco kitchen in white colors

Art Deco Bedroom

The bedroom in the style of Art Deco involves the creation of a luxurious, but comfortable environment. “To set style” in the room help showy accessories, lamps, Art Deco, and intelligently selected textiles. Curtains with drapes, silk or satin pillows and blankets will look excellent in the bedroom;Art Deco bedroom with the medieval fresco of the Octavian August

The bed in the Art Deco bedroom is the focal point that draws the most attention. It is best to equip it with chrome legs, a high headboard, inlay, and patina. The unusual shape of the ottoman and dressing table is very characteristic, even obligatory for this interior. The design of the bedroom is not complete without the presence of mirrors, which make it bright and spacious. Therefore, large mirrors should be everywhere: on the cabinet door, in the bedside area, and at the dressing table.

Arched headboard with burgundy filling and blue painted walls for Art Deco bedroom Businesslike classic furniture for boudoir at the Art Deco bedroom

Calm colors are used to decorate the bedroom: white and burgundy, gray and black, beige, and chocolate. You can often see the use of three colors, one of which is an element of luxury and the other two serve as a background. The final and important touch of the bedroom is a crystal or unusual glass chandelier.

Great decor for large pastel colored bedroom with tube lamps and ottoman with black legs

Art Deco Living Room

It requires maximum attention at the designing stage because this place is doing a great part of the free time. As an advocate of furniture with comfortable sofas and armchairs. As a rule, they are quite simple and only emphasize the high cost of natural upholstery fabrics. Luxury handmade carpets, silk or velvet curtains, elegant light fixtures are decorating the interior of the living room.White Art Deco relaxing zone within spacious living room with dark floor and coffee table

The design of the living room in the art deco style must meet the main criteria for this direction. Here you can safely use beautiful furniture with stylish metal handles, mirror inserts, and clear geometric shapes. Furniture should have a non-standard shape while being convenient, practical, and comfortable.

Starbust decoration for pastel colored living room with emerald upholstered sofa

The guest room is decorated mainly in dark colors. Brightness and variegation are unacceptable in the color scheme of this room. As for decor in the living room, you can use a variety of furniture elements from leather, natural wood, ivory, bamboo, and semi-precious stones. By using these materials, you can create an interesting decoration that will attract the attention of guests.

Furniture in the Art Deco Style

Furniture of this style is selected according to the following principle: if the walls are light, then the furniture should be dark and vice versa. To give a space a cohesive and chic look, furniture mixes need to look holistic and expensive. Legs and supports for tables and chairs are often made in various unusual forms. Genuine leather upholstery is used to decorate the seats.

Typical Art Deco aptterns with streamline furniture, starburst decor, tilted bookshelf and dark wall paint

A striking feature of this trend is the use of accessories with flowing silhouettes. The fittings are also decorated with decorative glass inserts with an ornament. Thanks to this, the strict details of the interior visually look harmonious and balanced. It is advisable for owners of paintings to use no more than two works of art in the interior, so as not to oversaturate the room with small objects.

The Benefits of Choosing Art Deco Style for Arrangement

In addition to the apartments and houses, the office-type spaces, shops, restaurants, beauty salons, and other non-residential facilities can also be decorated in the style of Art Deco. This bright style will be a true adornment of any room. In addition, a non-standard approach to the design of commercial facilities will help in buyers attracting.

  • Art Deco interior design of the beauty salon certainly will be remembered: luxurious framing mirrors, crystal chandeliers, soft to the touch upholstery couches, and armchairs. Barber (hairdresser) in the style of Art Deco is no less spectacular: you can attract the attention of customers with exquisite decorative accessories and paintings in expensive frames;
  • Design office in the Art Deco style allows effectively delineate the work area from the area of ​​communication and recreation: you can use lighting and color contrast for such purposes;
  • Art Deco designer`s boutique – it’s always nice, interesting, and unusual. To order the design of the boutique in this style means to increase the competitiveness and the number of buyers several times. It should be noted that the style of Art Deco in the interior of the clothing store must necessarily be created by a professional: in either case, the effect is often counterproductive;
  • Art Deco style in the interior of hotels, restaurants, night clubs today is one of the most demanded.Bold curves concept of the nice art deco living room in the country house

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