French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design

It is difficult to surprise modern homeowner with the interior in pastel colors, furniture from IKEA stores and a standard set of decorative elements. Many people want to arrange their homes with not only a comfort, beauty and functionality, but also bring in some originality to interior design. Add some personal look at the aesthetics and perhaps even some eccentricity, creativity, courage and expression. We bring you the interior of a French household, stunning with original, impressive and functional time decoration at the same. This French apartment Baroque Eclectic modern interior design mix inexplicably combines contemporary style, classical motifs, the elements of pop art, eclectic style and luxury of the Baroque.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. ballroom in the first floor

The highlight of the French home interior have become wallpaper with unusual photo printing. Pattern with the image of stucco, moldings, chandeliers and other elements that are so often a component of the Baroque style, was harmoniously integrated into the interior of the modern room. In combination with mirror and glossy surfaces, illumination at several levels, and the original furniture. Such a combination of eras, styles and design ideas looks incredibly interesting, unique, but comfortable and functional at the same time.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design in the spacious hall room

If the room finishing is wallpaper, which depicts a fireplace, surrounded by rich stucco, it is hard not to create an interior that will remind museum room. After all, it would be right to set chairs and tables on the bent legs here; put a sofa with velvet upholstery and carved armrests, set candlesticks on elegant table-stand baroque. But the use of modern design furniture in a room with such a finish produces more spectacular impression. This is the moment when it for an eclectic style becomes the basic concept of space decoration.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. White artificially aged wallpaper

It’s unbelievable, but designer chair as if composed of honeycomb elements with a wooden frame and mesh netting as the basis is quite in harmony with the pieces of furniture on bent legs, with a glass top desk, which is the storage system.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design mix with unusual designed chair in the form of bee comb

The situation in the premises of the French styled household could be called baroque-minimalistic mix. Furniture is unusual, original, eye-catching but there is few of it. As a result, even a small acreage of the room is filled with the feeling of space, light and freedom.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. Home office in the overall style

In their love for the eclectic designers have stepped beyond the use of design furniture in a modern Baroque-style interior. Unusual floor and table lamps with a base in the form of a bottle of champagne, became the zest of interior, memorable touches in the original design.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. Dark bedroom with comb designed chair

In this French house there are a lot of wonderful, memorable, unusual things. For example, a white lounge – a space with dazzling snow-white walls and furniture, incredible lighting system and mirror the table-stands. Perfect, white, futuristic – such interior makes a strong impression.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. glass paradise and light creamy walls

An unusual photo-print of the wallpaper has been applied in the finish of the bedrooms. The spacious room have accommodated not only a bed with dressing area, but recreation segment, boudoir and a mini cabinet, which can be used as a dressing table. “Baroque” print on the wallpaper, painted white beamed ceilings, an abundance of glass surfaces and part of the wall made of pillows. It seems that such a mix can cause a mess in the interior. But surprisingly all the elements of this eccentric puzzle developed in a harmonious image of the room for sleep and rest.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. Studio bedroom with living zone

Unusual, snow-white, eclectic, creative – one can pick up a lot adjectives to describe the design of the sleeping area. It is important that the designers managed not to forget about the most important qualities that are usually imposed by homeowners to the interior of the bedroom. Soothing environment conducive to deep and quiet sleep, and comfort combined with visual appeal behind the flight of imagination, eccentricity and personalization of space.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. Light bedroom with soft paneled wall

Unusual finishing of walls and ceilings, an abundance of glass surfaces and original headboard – not the only “zests”, which were prepared for bedrooms by designers. Bright sofa, in the form of female lips with colorful lipstick became the focal center of the recreation area. Bathroom, located behind the curtains, affects with no less creativity in design. Bath location in the center of the room itself is a design refinement for our compatriots. This is due to standard bathroom space in apartment buildings is simply has not enough space for such a layout. Elegant tub with carved legs is worthy to become the center of attention.

French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. bedroom studio with the bathtub and soft frameless armchair in the form of lips

The use of moldings painted white for bathroom walls, as well as the use of aged mirrors, brings to the modern room interior for water treatment notes of rural life and retro style. While progressive plumbing and accessories with steel glance “pulls” design into modernism.French Apartment Baroque Eclectic Modern Interior Design. Industrial notes in the bathroom

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