Moving to Your First Apartment? Tips on What You’ll Need

Psychologists say that moving is in the third place of the most stressful events. When you just think about how much furniture, wardrobes, decorations, kitchenware, and books you have to pack, you may feel a slight panic. How to move successfully then? All you need is patience and a very good organization. Therefore, we give you some good tips on how to move without it being nerve-wracking. And we will start with the most effective tip – find someone great to help you, like moving companies in Salt Lake City. This is the only way to avoid moving into chaos and feeling unnecessary torture.

Moving to Your First Apartment? Tips on What You'll Need. The keys from new apartment

Get Organized on Time and Make Lists

Moving to Your First Apartment? Tips on What You'll Needб The checklist

You have probably noticed that people working in transportation and relocation agencies carry certain lists with them all the time. Making a list is the best way to remember everything and to know exactly when to make a certain move.

Moving arrangements should be started in a timely manner, as you will find yourself in chaos if you pack for a couple of days before leaving the apartment. Then your things will probably get lost or broken. So, a month before moving you should make a list of everything to pack, and what to do before moving. This includes getting boxes, sorting them, reporting the change of residence to all institutions that could send you letters to your old address, etc.

Don’t Start the Pack Too Soon

You shouldn’t immediately pack the things you may very likely need before moving. For example, it’s raining and you want to put on your boots but then you realize that they are at the bottom of one of your moving boxes.

First, start packing things that you think will not benefit you in the future. These include paintings, decorations, books, a wardrobe that is the opposite of the current season… You should start packing these things as soon as you decide to move. This will save you time as moving day approaches because on D-day there will be more important things to do than packing all the decorations.

Pack Your Things Room by Room

The best way to know exactly where your items are located is to pack them in rooms where they were previously stored. This will help you with the unpacking process and thus reduce the chance of anything being lost.

When packing, put heavy items on the bottom and lighter on the top of the box, so nothing gets damaged. The dishes are the hardest to pack, so always wrap each plate and bowl in a newspaper. Fill the holes around your packed stuff with polystyrene foam or newspaper. Strengthen the bottom of each box with duct tape. No box should weigh more than 25 pounds. Put the name of the room on each box.

Get Rid of the Excess Stuff

Moving is the perfect time to throw away or donate things you don’t plan to use. This is especially true for clothing. If you haven’t worn a specific piece of clothing at least once throughout the season, this is a sign that you should give it to someone who will wear it. The same goes for shoes. First, ask your friends if they need anything from what you own. What remains to donate to the Red Cross.

Separate the Box with the Most Important Things

Moving to Your First Apartment? Tips on What You'll Need. Boxes for personal things

This box will be valuable to you a few days before moving and a couple of days after. You will probably be too tired to unpack immediately, and on the same day, you will need a charger, towels, bedding, pajamas… So pack everything you would normally pack in this box when traveling somewhere. Label it carefully; it will be the first box you will open as soon as you move.

Will Friends or Agencies Help You With the Move?

Friends are great when it comes to carrying boxes, but when moving a sofa, table or piano, they probably don’t have enough experience, and these items can be damaged. Moving agencies say they are most busy on Saturdays, so make sure you book your moving date on time. When it comes to agencies, always do business with the trusted one.

Moving to Your First Apartment? Tips on What You'll Need. Unboxing your things after moving

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