Indian Interior Design Style. Exploration of Eastern Refinement

Indian style in the interior is a unique combination of simple forms and lines, modesty, and even asceticism with refinement and delicate taste. The design of the apartment or any other accommodation is complemented by golden objects, luxurious decor, elegant inlaid, and carved furniture. These are not all, but essential parts of Indian interior design style. Exploration of Eastern refinement is the main goal of today’s article as we want to understand what is so special about Indian dwelling’s decoration.

The room, decorated in Indian style includes national ornaments, rich textures, and magnificent drawings. Such an interior can often be seen in a movie or in a photo.

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Large living room in muted colors and with latticed door

General Characteristic of the Indian Style

There is great importance attached to the spiritual side of life, religious concepts and objects form the basis of orderly life in India. The house where Indian design dominates is necessarily saturated with orange, raspberry, turquoise hues, and their tones can rarely be found elsewhere.

Wallpapern with drawing in golden tint with Classic reddish sofa under the mirror

Items of furniture that make up the interior of an apartment are preferable to low in height and made with their own hands of teak (solid wood). Beds and sofas should be comfortable and soft, cozy for rest, and sleep.

The Indian home decor can basically build just around three or four main pieces of furniture, but their choice should be paid close attention to. Made-for-yourself interior items should be combined according to their texture, style direction, and necessarily in color.

Muted natural light through the fabric curtains for the living room with rug in the center

Indian style can be recognized in the photo and by the characteristic feature – furniture items can easily be transformed. Screen, doors, shutters, chairs, and tables can easily change their purpose if necessary. The décor of an apartment in India must necessarily contain elements of ivory, teak wood, wrought iron.

Indian styled interior represents items made of mother-of-pearl, brass, silver. Design often involves decorating rooms with colorful feathers. People in India usually make woodcarving, embossing, and create elegant objects made of metal with their hands. The house (or room), corresponding to the Indian style, is necessarily encrusted with bronze, silver, colored stones.

Multicolored bed coverlet and headboard curtain

The Indian modern design of the apartment is also special accessories:

  • paintings, where necessarily there are scenes from the life of the Buddha;
  • screens, decorated with pictures or photos of female figures;
  • sculptures that are of a religious nature (the Indian style is unthinkable without them);
  • figurines of birds and animals from clay, colored candles of various forms (usually a house in India is richly decorated with such things);
  • suspended from the door or in the window opening ringing knickknacks (no less characteristic feature of the Indian-style apartment);
  • a hookah (it is known in India since antiquity and until today necessarily enters any decor);
  • Fresh flowers or those made by own hands from the brightest natural materials (it should be remembered that the Indian interior is “floristic” in many ways).

Rugs at the floor and the wall

Details in Interior Design

Europeans often imagine the Indian style in the interior as a mixture of bright colors, fabrics, figurines, multiple mirrors, candles, and other attributes, some of which are made by themselves. Such a design can be seen in the photo, but the excessive diversity is not quite the right idea of ​​what Indian design is.

Indian Interior Design Style. Exploration of Eastern Refinement. Unusual rich colorful curtain decorations for red themed bedroom

The Indian house and its design really look colorful, but this riot of colors is not cloying, but thoughtful and correctly arranged. A real Indian home attracts with its warmth, home decor, coziness, and softness. The interior attracts, above all, with its open hospitality.

Indian interior assumes special attention to color compositions since it is the shades that play a leading role in decorating. Any small thing is analyzed, – how the colors interact, how they are combined with furniture and objects in the room. Color decoration should not negatively affect the mood of the owners.

Indian interior is about the right choice of color and pattern. Very popular in the Indian style is the color of the muscatel pumpkin’s pulp. It presents itself with a bright orange-reddish hue. The Indian modern house can also contain a bold palette of all shades.

It is a widely used juicy bright green color and all its shades in the interiors of this country. A room with a predominance of red tones is often found on the photo of housing in India.

Modern design for the living room

Interior in Indian style provides a special design of the walls. Huge size areas provide opportunities for artistic experiments. In the Indian interior, the walls are painted in golden, yellow, turquoise, light green. However, this brightness is not necessary. The style can be fully observed, if you use warmer or neutral shades, the decor will be highlighted with a sandy, dark-brown, tender orange shade.

Neutral color palette for the walls and colorful bed linen

In the interior must be present printed fabrics with bright floral ornaments, drawings of birds and animals. A traditional house in India is certainly adorned with an ornament of a special drop-shaped shape. This tracery is called “Indian cucumber”.

Printed fabrics with patterns are used as bed covers. Covers for pillows, curtains, curtains, drapes are usually sewed of them. Proper use of fabrics allows you to quickly arrange a house in a traditional Indian style.

In the design of the Indian house, a variety of arches carries a special decorative load. Mirrors, backs of chairs, sofas, and beds are decorated with the help of this element. The forms of furniture are simple but richly decorated.

The design of the furniture should reflect orient painstaking and patience. Decorative interior items are varnished, decorated with ivory, black mother of pearl, or openwork carving. Indian style in the interior must contain these minor, but important for the general direction, details.

Living room design with bright accents and flowers

Furniture in an Indian House

Round chairs with cushions, but without a backrest, low stools and benches are used for sitting. Back in the XIX century, unpretentious furniture from India was popular in European countries. Low bed (a frame with a woven plane for lying), which allows you to observe the traditional style is widely used in the interior. The design will look harmonious if the main pieces of furniture are combined in their shades.

Gloomy almost gothic interior of the living with bright colored walls

The following pieces of furniture are typical for the Indian interior:

  • there must be a low coffee table present in the interior. It is characterized by straight, massive legs, carved edges and most often has a glass top;
  • the interior of any house in India is inconceivable without a narrow and low cabinet with doors. Decorate the doors with metal or wooden inserts in the form of a lattice;
  • the nightstand is also the main detail of the interior. Painting a nightstand with figures of horses, elephants, girls in traditional robes or sketches from the life of the gods;
  • the interior looks good if it has a carved screen.

Figures of animals made from natural materials should necessarily be present in the interior.

Most often you can see miniature sacred cows, crocodiles, snakes, antelopes, elephants, and necessary graze in the growth of a man in most Indian homes.

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